The Loves of Their Lives by

This takes place after Sonny asked Brenda if she still loved him in the back
of his limo.

Sonny: "Brenda, do you love me, yes or no? If you say no I will leave you
Brenda: You know I can't lie to you and say I don't.
S: Then why are you still with Jax when you are in love with me?
B: Because I love him!
S: Brenda stop lieing.
Sonny reaches in, cups Brenda's face in his hands and kisses her, gently at
first but with growing passion. Neither one of them wants to stop. Slowly
he takes her blouse off and she lets him. Sonny closes the window so the
driver can't watch. Brenda slowing unbottons Sonny's shirt and looks at his
loving eyes. They make love in the back of his limo. It was better than
Puerto Rico. After it was over Sonny just looked at Brenda. He couldn't
believe how much he loved her.
B: I have to go.
S: Why?
B: I have to go back to my husband.
S: Brenda!
B: I'm sorry. This was a mistake. I have to go.
She gets dressed and walks out of the car. Sonny yells after her but she
doesn't look back. She doesn't want him to see the tears in her eyes.

When she gets back home Jax is there waiting.
Jax: Hi Bren, where have you been?
B: Oh I just had to go out for a minute. No big deal.
J: Well I'm glad you're home. Want to go out for dinner?
B: Acctually tonight I just want to stay here. I just want you to hold me.
J: I think I can handle that. I'll order in some food.
That night Brenda can only think of Sonny. She sees his face and see those
eyes that look at her with so much love. She knows in her heart that Sonny
is the only one she will ever truely love. She loves Jax, but more as a
friend than as a lover. She had to tell Jax it was over. He should be with
who he really loves and so should she. She decided she would tell him in the
morning. That put her at a little ease and she feel asleep.

The next morning Brenda woke up to an empty bed. Where could Jax be?
Jax walks up to Miranda's door with a dozen roses in hand. He knocks on the
door and she opens it and just smiles.
J: Well you look good this morning.
Miranda: You don't look so bad yourself.
Jax leans in and kisses her with more passions than he ever kissed Brenda
J: Have I ever told you how much I love you?
M: I think you proved that last night. You really should tell Brenda about
us. I'm sick of us sneaking around. I want you all to myself.
J: I am going to tell her when I get back home.
M: Good.

Sonny is in his apartment with his head in his hands. He can only think of
Brenda. How could she make love to him and then just leave? Didn't she know
how much he loved her?

Back at Jax and Brenda's apartment Jax walks through the door and Brenda is
sitting on the couch waiting. They are both a nervous reck.
J & B at the same time: We have to talk.
J: You go first.
B: (She takes a deep breath and then just blurts it out) I think we should
get a divorce. I am still in love with Sonny.
J: You do? This is great!
B: What?!
J: I'm still in love with Miranda. You don't know how glad I am that you
feel the same.
B: Okay then. I'm going to go over to Sonny's. Have your lawyers draw up
the papers as soon as possible.
J: Okay. Bye.
B: Bye.

Brenda stands outside Sonny's door not knowing whether to knock or not. She
decides that is what she came for and does.
S: Go away. I don't want to see anyone right now.
B: Sonny, it's me.
He gets up and rushes to the door.
S: Brenda, what are you doing here?
B: We're getting a divorce.
S: You and Jax?
B: Yeah. We decided that we should be with the ones we truely loved.
Sonny justs stands there stunded. Was this really happening?
B: Say something. (She laughs nervously).
S: What can I say? God I love you Brenda.
He reache in and kisses her. She drops her suitcases that Sonny doesn't even
notice and wraps her arms around his neck as he wisks her off her feet. He
brings her to the bedroom where he lays her gently on the bed. He just
stares at her not believing this is happening. They make love for hours on
end, making up for lost time. They fall asleep in each others arm with not a
care in the world.

The Loves of Thier Lives Part II

When Brenda awakes she see Sonny staring at her. He can't seem to keep his
eyes off the beutiful women is his arms.
S: Well good morning.
B: (Smiles) Morning.
S: Do you want some breakfest? You must be hungry after last night. You
must have worked up an apetite. (He's grinning from ear to ear)
B: Ture. I am a little hungry.
S: Well your wish is my command.
B: (playfully) Oh really.
S: Well if you want that you can certainly have it.
He rolls her on top of him and kisses her. They make love again.
By the time they get out of bed it is noon. Brenda walks down stairs to a
wonderful aroma. She's knows Sonny has been cooking, but she can't figure
B: What's cooking?
S: Well it's not yogurt and bananas.
B: (laughing) Good.

Jax and Miranda are in a heated argumment.
M: Jax, make up your mind!
J: You can't expect me to just forget about Brenda!
M: You choose me. If you want be with Brenda, then why are you here with
J: Because she's in love with Sonny. She doesn't want me.
M: Then forget about her! I love you Jax.
J: I know you do, and I love you.
M: Then why are we doing this?
J: Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.
M: What are you saying Jax.
J: I going after Brenda. I'm not letting that mobster ruin her life.
M: Fine Jax. I'm not going to stop you, but when she brakes your heart
again, don't think you can just come back to my arms. I'm sick of being
second best!
J: I'm sorry Miranda. I have to do this.
M: Goodbye Jax.
J: Goodbye.
She watches him leave with hurt and anger in her eyes. Why was she never
good enough?

It's been about a month and Jax keeps pressuring Brenda to come back to him,
but she refuses. He is at the penthouse trying to change her mind again.
J: Why can't you come back to where you belong. You belong with me.
B: For the last time Jax, I am with Sonny now and I love him. I want to be
with him, not you. Now leave me alone!
J: Fine Brenda, but when you are in danger again, don't expect me to save
B: I don't. Goodbye.
Jax leaves as Sonny walks down the stairs in a bathrobe. He has just gotten
out of the shower.
S: Who was that?
B: Jax, trying once again to get me away from the big, bad mobster.
S: What'd you tell him?
B: I told him l like dangerous men.
S: Good.
He reaches in and kisses her gentely on the cheek. Brenda's face turns a
greenish color and she runs for the bathroom. When she comes back downstairs
Sonny is looking at her.
S: What's wrong?
B: I don't know. I have just felt sick lately.
S: Why don't you go see Alan?
B: I was going to today. Do you want to come with me?
S: Yeah come on.

At the hospital Sonny is in the waiting room reading a magazine. Brenda is
being checked out by Alan is a room.
Alan: Okay. We'll just run a few tests but I think I know what's wrong.
B: What?
A: You'll know as soon as I know.
Brenda gets the tests done and walks out to join Sonny.
B: Hi. Alan told me to wait out here. The test should be done in about an
S: Okay. You want to go downstairs and get some food?
B: Okay.
He grabs her hand and they walk downstairs. When they get back Alan is there
A: I was wondering where you two went.
S: We just went downstairs to get some food. So what's the news?
A: Well I don't know how to tell you this but... You're pregrant.
S: (grinning, the dimples are flaring) She's ... Brenda!
He picks her up and swings her around.
S: I can't believe this!
B: Me niether.
S: Let's go out and celebrate. Anywhere you want to go.
B: Let's go to Lukes and tell everyone.
S: Good idea.
He kisses her dead on the lips and picks her up. He carries her to the
elevator with her laughing and crying the whole way.

A week has gone by and Brenda is at the penthouse reading a magazine. Sonny
walks is with an enormous grin on his face.
S: Brenda. I've got something to ask you.
B: (curious) What?
He walks over to her and kneels down in front of her. He takes a small box
from his coat and opens it. Brenda starts crying as soon as she sees it.
S: I don't think it is possible for me to love another person as much I love
you. You're a part of me. (He takes a deep breath) Will you marry me?
Brenda can't even speak. All she can do is nod her head. She pulls him
towards her and they make love on the couch.

7 months later Brenda is in the hospital having the baby. She ends up having
two little boys. One is called Micheal Stone Corinthos and the other is Luis
Ned Corinthos. They are married the next month and go on thier honey moon in
Puerto Rico. The kids stay with Lucy and Kevin as Sonny and Brenda make
Puerto Rico even hotter than it was the first time they were there.
Like the saying goes: Why settle for a spark when you can set the whole
world on fire?

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