Six Years by Kat Halstead

Brenda sat on the ELQ jet thinking about what Edward had said in his letter. She wrote once a year to find out how Lila was doing. This letter in which she had gotten had no mention of Lila. She had called and told him she was coming right away. She looked down at her son Michael thinking about how she would tell everyone. There were only four people she had told in Port Charles. She could not think about what could be so important that he could not tell her over the phone.

Six years ago she and Sonny were in a hotel room in the PC hotel. She thought about that being the last time she had made love to Sonny, it was the last time she saw him as well. She wondered if he was even still in town. Michael looked just like his father. If only she had the strength in her heart and sole to tell him. She glanced at her watch and down at the papers in her hand that gave her control of 3% of ELQ. Edward had insisted along with Ned, Monica, Alan, A.J, and Lila that she have it.

At the Quartermain mansion everyone new Brenda was coming. The only person on the Board that did not know was Sonny. Everyone was nervous specially Jessica-Anne. It would be the first time that she would meet her sister. She was happy that she had convinced her father Edward to get her back to Port Charles.

The board meeting is as wild or calm as it always is. Edward tries to calm Jessica-Anne down and so does her husband Nikolas. "Daddy, Iím sorry. Itís just that I am entirely a group of nerves. I will be meeting my sister for the first time." She turns her head and looks at Sonny. Trying to understand how she could have left him. "JA please just sit down. You donít want the kids to see you like this. Do you?" She looked up at her father as he finished his sentence. She gave a quick smile and sat down.

Lila began the meeting, "Is everyone ready to begin? If you are please be seated. Now as I call your name say Yeah if you want to sell Simlington Inc. Say Neah if you donít. Alan Quartermain senior." "Yeah." "Alan Quartermain Junior." "Yeah." Edward Lawrence Ashton." "Neah." "Edward Lawrence Quartermain" "Yeah" "Sonny Corinthos." "Neah." "Jessica-Anne Quartermain-Cassadine." "Yeah" "Monica Quartermain." "Neah" " Lila Quartermain, Neah. Now if there is anything else." She is interrupted as Reginald knocks on the door. Edward " Come in." Reginald, " There is another board member in the entrance, shall I escort her in." "I do not think that will be nessicary." Sonny "I thought you banned Tracy from town?"

Brenda walks in with Michael at her side. When he sees Lois he runs to her. Brenda "Hello, everyone." Edward rises and gives her a peck on the cheek. Brenda "Edward I would like you to keep voting my shares of ELQ. You know the only reason I am in town is that I thought something was wrong." She turns and sees Sonny. Michael goes to Brenda and says, "Mommy, why are we hear?" Brenda, "Michael I told you on the plane." Lila, "I think we should finish the meeting in 20:00 minutes."

Edward walks over to Brenda and says, "Brenda, there is some one I would like you to meet. Jessica-Anne could you come over hear?" Jessica-Anne walks over. "Daddy what can I do for you?" "JA I would like you to meet your sister Brenda. Brenda this is your sister Jessica-Anne." Brenda has a shocked expression. "This is what you brought me out of hiding for? Iím sorry Iím in shock . When it sets in Iíll be OK." " Listen this is not how I wanted to tell you. Not with the whole board here. Even though most of the members are family. I wanted to wait. I truly am sorry." After JA said that she walked over to Nikolas and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Sonny and Nikolas are talking. (Even though Nikolas is a Cassadine he and Sonny have become friends, Scary.) Nikolas, "I wonder what there talking about?" Sonny, "I have no idea, all I know is that Brenda is still the most beautiful woman in the world." "Sonny, I thought you could deal with this. She has been gone for six years. She could be leaving when the meetings over." "I know Brenda, I know the look in her eye when thereís something she needs to say. If only I knew what. I still love her with all my heart." "Sonny what if sheís moved on? She could be married? Did that ever cross your mind, or are you to busy thinking with your heart to be practicable?" "Maybe your rite Nik. But Iíll never know if I donít go and talk to her." At that moment Brenda leaves the room with Michael.

Sonny goes after her. Hoping for an explanation. Brenda starts up that large stair case, towards the rooms Edward had setup. Sonny calls out, "Brenda! Wait just a moment. Will you. We need to talk. I need to know the answers to the questions you created." She turns, "Sonny, wait there Iíll be back in a second." She walks down the hall and into the room set up for Michael.

"Mommy, who are all of those people? I only knew Aunt Lois." Brenda looked at him as if looking for the answer. "Michael, they were the Quartermainís. Thereís your Aunt Monica, and your Uncle Alan, your Uncle Ned, Uncle A.J., your Aunt Jessica-Anne, and some of there friends. Also, Edward and Lila. Do you remember them they visited us last summer?" "Mommy, tomorrow you have to tell me who is who. OK?" "Deal." She kissed him on the forehead and tucked him in. She slowly walked out trying not to wake him.

As she walked down the stairs she saw Sonny sitting in the middle. "Hello Sonny. How are you?" He looked up into her eyes feeling the love that was still there. "Brenda Iím fine. Can we have that talk now. We need to talk. I have to know the truth." She looked at him, realizing that no matter how much or how far she ran, she would always love him. "First I guess you want to know the whole story." He nodded his head.

She looked down at her hand. Twisting the ring that he had given her for her 21st birthday. "Sonny, the night we spent together in the hotel was the best night of my life. When we woke up the next morning and I had to go and talk to Jax. I felt as if my world would end. Even with that felling I went to the suite and wrote a dear Jax letter. I was truly grateful that he was not home. As I walked out of the Hotel I had some kind of vision, of the future. You and me. It scared me. I got in the car and left town. I drove to New Jersey. I found a nice sized town and created a whole new life. After I had been there about 6 weeks I went to the doctor and found out that I was pregnant. I was not sure if I should tell you or anyone. About 3 months after Michael was born. I called Lois. She came and I begged her not to tell anyone, including Ned, Robin, you. I was afraid. Every thing went smoothly until my yearly letter from Edward. He wanted me to come back. He said he need to tell me something. He told me today. I already new, but it became real. You know Jessica-Anne? Well, she is my sister." Sonny looked at her stunned and then. He hugged her. "You're not mad. I keep your son away from you have never meet him." "Brenda, after you left, Taggert tried to kill me. Them about 2 years ago Doctor Dorman came back to get revenge. I am just grateful that I got rid of that part of my life before you came home.? I am a totally legit business man. I know that itís the only way to keep the people that I love safe."

As she looked into his eyes she smiled for the first time in years. Aside from when it concerned Michael. "Sonny, I never expected to come back. If I had I would have told you. You have to believe me." "Brenda, I have to tell you something. Today before you came, I talked to Lois. I pestered her to tell me the truth. She did." Brenda looked at him with love and happiness. "I know. Lois was talking to me on the phone when you came in. I asked her to tell you. Just how much did she tell you?" "All she told me was that you left and that you had to tell me that you live in New Jersey and that you would have to explain someone. I take it that is your son. I hope you are happy." She leaned towards the banister. "Sonny, Michael is the best thing that happened to me other than you." He held her face in his hands. They moved closer until they were in one of their hot passionate kisses that can only happen between them.

She pulls away and runs to the den. Everyone looks at her. They heard the whole thing. Plus A.J. was watching. Sonny walked in and over to Nikolas and J.A. As Lila began the meeting again every one was silent. Silent because of fear. No one was sure of what would happen next. The meeting ended shortly afterwards. Slowly everyone left the room. Except for J.A. and Brenda.

Brenda, "Iíve known about you for a while. I never expected to find you. Or to meet you." J.A. "I donít expect you to except me. It was hard for everyone when I first came to town 2 years ago. I waited to tell you until I knew I could handle it." Brenda looks at her sister with a look that says What happened to you to make you so defensive? "Listen Jessica-Anne did something happen to make you feel this way?" J.A. looks at her. "Itís a long story. Pretty hard to understand unless you hate the Cassadines." "Please tell me. It looks as if you need to tell someone." "Only if you really want to hear it." Brenda nods her head.

"Well it all started when I was in Rome on a business trip. I met a young man. Nikolas. We fell in love and got married in Greece. A few weeks after we were married Nik had to go on a business trip to Athens. I stayed on the island. The day before he was to come home. Stefan came and told me he had died in a car accident. He had ashes with him. Sating that it was Nikís wish to be cremated. I cried for days. I left Greece and Came here to Port Charles. I found out I was Pregnant. I wanted to find my next of kin. I found Edward and the rest of my family, except for you. Lois explained why I couldnít find you. About 2 months after Laura-Delilah was born, I was out with Emily when I saw Nik. I had a total break down. So did he. Stefan told him I fell off a cliff. We kept it a secret until we could get Stefan back. After that we let the dust settle and we had 2 boys last may." Brenda looked at her flabbergasted. "That is difficult and long." Brenda walks over and hugs her younger sister. J.A. exits leaving Brenda alone with her thoughts.

The next day Brenda leaves Michael with J.A. she knows her destination; Lukeís.

She walks in hoping to find Luke. A voice comes from behind the bar. She turns and sees Robin. Robin does not see who it is at first but then runs to Brenda. "Bren. What are you doing back?" "I came back because it was time. What are you doing here?" "Iím running a charity event that will be hear tonight. What about you." Brenda looks away. After a moment of silence she answers. "I came to talk to Luke if he didnít leave town again." Robin looks at the floor as her eyes well up. "Bren. Heís in jail for trying to kill Stefan. He gets out in a month." "What did he try to kill Stefan for?" Flashing back to her conversation with J.A. "We kept it a secret until we could get Stefan back." Back to reality. Robin hesitates. " he, Nikolas, and Jessica-Anne were on Spoone Island. When Stefan pulled a gun on Jessie, Luke grabbed it and it went off. It almost killed Stefan." "Bren. Have you meet Jessica-Anne?" "Yes we meet last night, Mikeís with her right now."

As Robin and Brenda were talking Mike Corbin came in. "Robin, did that shipment of flowers come for tonight yet?" Brenda turned to see Mike looking at the clip board he had not noticed her yet. " Mike theyíll be hear at five." He looked up and saw Brenda standing next to Robin. "Brenda!! Is that you? I cannot believe it. Does Sonny know you are in town?" "Mike itís so good to see you again. I have something to tell you." He looked at her with confusion written al over his face. She took a deep breath and began, "How do I tell you this? Do you think you can handle being a grandfather, even though you missed almost six years of his life?" He looked at her with joy in his eyes. "You have a son? Who is the father?" "We'll if you are the grandfather then I think that means that Sonny is the father." She took a picture out of her purse. "His name is Michael Stone." Robin looked at Brenda with tears in her eyes. "When is his birthday?" "November 30th." Only the people Brenda told a Mikey new his birthday.

At that moment Sonny walked through the door of the club. He had heard his sonís birthday. FlashbackŗNovember 30th 1995. Stone " You and Brenda belong together youíll get back to each other." Reality. " Hello everyone." He looked at Brenda with love and pain in his eyes. " Sonny. How much of the conversation did you hear?" " All I heard was you say November 30th . The date stone died." "Itís also another important date. Itís our sonís brithday." " you never did tell me what my sonís middle name is. Will I ever know?" she looked at him with love, pain, and fear in her eyes. " Michaels middle name is Stone. Robin if you want to talk Iíll be at the Quartermaines." She exits leaving the picture of Michael. No one else notices, Robin and Mike go in the back leaving Sonny alone with the answers staring at him.

At the Spencers house Laura is sitting with Lesley Lu and her Grand-daughter Laura-Delila. As Lesley is playing peek-a-boo with her neice someone knocks at the door. Laura rises to answer it. As she opens the door she seeís Brenda. "Brenda, what are you doing hear?" brenda is nervouse as she enters,but asks, " Laura, this may seem as if itís totally out of the blue but, um who was with luke that night on spoone island?" Laura had her usaul worried look on her face as she said, " Lasley will you take L.D. upstairs. I have to talk to Miss. Barrett alone." Lesley picks up L.D. and heads up th stairs. "Brenda why do you want to know? Why are you back?" " I asked you frist." "Listin I try not to talk about this around Lesley. Espicially scisn Lucky left town 3 years ago. Luke was with Nikolas and his wife Jessica-Anne. They wanted to frighten Stefan into telling the truth so they went to the island and Stefan had a gun. He amided it at J.A. and Luke grabbed it after it went off. the bullet hit Stefan in the shoulder. Now will you answer my questions?" "I wanted to know because J.A. is my sister and I heared about Luke from Robin. I came back because I realized that my son needed his father." Laura was happy and confused.

Laura and Brenda continued to talk until the doorbell rang. Laura went to answer as Brenda stayed in her seat. Laura opened the door not surprised as to who she found on the otherside. Sonny walked in. Brenda stode up, in a slight panic. " Hello Sonny. How are you?" Sonny walks over takes her hand bringing it to his lips. He then says " Iím fine. I had a feeling you would come here. I thought you might like this back." He hands her the picture. " Laura, Iíll call you so we can finsh our conversation." Brenda grabs her coat and leaves. Laura looks at Sonny knowing what heís thinking. " Sonny if you love her find away to show that your legit, and that you love her with all your heart and sole. She knows youíd be a great father. She loves you. Sheís only afraid. Whatís the one thing you never asked her to do?" Sonny thought back to the past. " I never asked her to marry me. I htought about it so many ways I just never could. There were to many obsticals, like Lilly, and Jax." He turns and leaves. His hand in his pocket touching the ring he bought for her six years ago.

Brenda later got an e-mail from Sonny. He asked her to meet him at there most romantic spot she could think of. She frist thjought of DC. Then of Purto Rico. Then it hit her. The Catacombs. She left Michael with Lois and Ned. Sonny stode at the entrance hoping she knew where he was talking about. He saw her coming. He turned to make sure that the candles and everything was ready. "Sonny. Are you in there?" She saw him and hugged him tightly. He got down on one knee. He took the ring from his pocket and held it tight. Then he started. " Brenda, I love you more than anything in this world. I have had this ring for six years waiting to ask you this one important question. Brenda will you do me the honor and become my wife so that we can wake up together and see eachother, and know where the other is. I love you. I always have and I will until there is no time left in this world." She moved towards him and wispered, " only if you promis to kiss after you put that ring on my finger." He put the ring on her nad they shared yet another one of there passionate kisses.

To Be continued.

Part 2:

Sonny and Brenda stood in the cave. They both had tears coming down there cheeks. Everything was perfect in that one moment in time. Then Brenda spoke, "Sonny, what made you propose to me when I betrayed you?" "Brenda, I have carried that ring with me every day for six years. I couldnít let you go. I have loved you from that moment in the car dealership. I have been waiting for you. I havenít even kissed another woman. I never will." Brenda turns away. Afraid to tell him that she had been involved with a man during there separation. "Sonny. I have to tell you something that may change the way you think of me." He looked at her confused. "What?" I was involved with a man in Summit. Thatís where I live or lived. I never expected to ever see you again so we got married. We divorced after 3 years of marriage. You have to know that you are the only man I truly Loved and still do." She looked him straight in the eye afraid of his reaction.

"Hey. I understand. I have just one question why did you divorce him?" "We divorced because Jax found me and told him that Mikeís father was or is a mobster. He wanted out. When he realized I didnít love him completely." She stood up. "Brenda thatís all in the past I donít care. But how did Jax find you and I couldnít?" "I saw him in New York and dropped my address book he saw my address and came to town." Sonny was afraid to talk. "Brenda, how soon can we be married. I donít care if you were married. All I care about is that you and I are together, and that Michael grows up with us both there for him." Brenda Kisses Sonny on the lips.

It has been 2 months from the day in the cave. Brenda and Sonny are looking at houses in the Charles Street area. "Sonny, what do you think of this house? It is just perfect. There are 4 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and 3 more extra rooms for whatever." "Brenda, If this is the house you want this is the house youíll get." She smiled at him, and then kissed him an the cheek. The next week the move in to the house.

Sonny and Brenda Have just gotten married. (why write it use your imagination for the ceremony.) At the reception every thing is going well, except for a few unexpected visitors. First as Sonny throws Brendaís garter to all the guys, Jasper Jacks catches it, ( like when Scotty caught Lauraís garter in 1981.) Then when Brenda throw her bouquet Julia had caught it. (She wasnít invited.) The most unexpected moment was when a Stone look-a-like showed up. Causing major confusion.

Two weeks after the wedding Sonny and Brenda come back to Port Charles to some really bad news. Jessica-Anne, Brendaís half sister has died in a car bombing. Brenda is distraught by the news of loosing her younger sister. As she stands at JAís grave she notices it has no dates on it. (like Lesleyís.) " Oh man Jessie, who did this to you. Why are you and Nik being torn apart again? He is not taking this well at all. I havenít seen anyone this upset except when I divorced Mitchell. God, I just pray that your alive somewhere and that your safe. I just wish that if you are alive you will come back to me. I need you here. I want you to be here for the birth of my next child. You have to be OK." She turns to walk away she has tears streaming down her face. She looks up and sees Stefan Cassadine standing behind her. " What are you doing at my sisters grave. Donít you have respect for the dead?" "Mrs. Corinthos, what if I told your husband about what you did to your boss in New Jersey." "You are making absolutely no scents." "I know that you killed your boss. I know that you had an affair with Mr. Jax, I also know that your not the angle you were before you left Port Charles." "Mr. Cassadine, if you even try, I will tell everyone what happened to Miranda and JA." She walks away. " Donít mess with me Brenda." " Why shouldnít I Dad."

Brenda is sitting at her desk looking at her real birth certificate, Mother = Marie Father = Stefan Cassadine. She cries at this news. She already knew but couldnít bring herself to admit it to a sole. She never even wanted the truth. She had discovered it by accident when she was in search of some old documents about her trust-fund. She had found them right next to the piece of paper that could permanently destroy her life. The phone rang, and she got up to answer it. At that moment Sonny walked in and over to the desk and saw her birth certificate. When she hung up the phone she turned to find her husband staring at it in his hands. He was shocked.

"Sonny, whatís wrong? Are you feeling O.K?" "Brenda, what is this? Is it a joke? Please tell me this is fake?" She had tears welling up in her eyes. "Itís the truth. Sonny my father is Stefan Cassadine." Her voice breaking. "I didnít know until I went searching for my trust-fund papers. I had never really needed to look for my birth Certificate. I was shocked and I was afraid to tell you." He went over and hugged her. "Brenda, just because your father is Stefan Cassadine that doesnít stop me from loving you." They then Kissed.

The doorbell rang and Brenda went to answer it. As she opened it she saw the mail carrier with a certified letter for her. She signed for it and closed the door. She opened it. As she read it she was completely shocked. It was a letter from JAís attorney requesting her, Sonny, and Michael at the reading of her will that afternoon.

At the Quartermain mansion everyone is in the den. AJ is staring ant the liquor. Monica and Alan were sitting in a coroner, Edward sat in his chair which he barely left scene he got the news of her Death. Emily sat next to the fire place, Jason stood at the door, Nikolas and the kids sat on the couch. Brenda, Sonny, and Michael sat in chairs. The Lawyer was standing. "I believe everyone is her except for Mr. And Mrs. Spencer, and Mr. Ward." At that moment the 3 of them arrived. Justice, "Sorry but the traffic was terrible." "I believe we can now begin." He puts a video in the VCR. Jessica-Anne, "Hello, I guess this means Iím gone. But let us not dwell. Each of you receives something, AJ you get three of my companies, Rosewood, Milson, and Romeo. I hope you donít drive them into the ground. To Laura-Dahlia-Leslie, Nikolas-Edward-Alan, Jason-Morgan-Justus, and Michael Stone, I leave each with $2 million which they will receive when they are 25 years old. To Sonny and Jason I leave you both 2 companies Each. So you can stay legit. To my father I leave the following scrapbooks. They are filled with photos and keepsakes of mine and my three children. To Emily I leave my cosmetics company Wallflowers. To Alan and Monica I leave $4.5 million. And to my sister Brenda I leave the rest of Quarters INC. To Nikolas I leave this True love will never die. Remember that. True loves always come back just look at Luke and Laura, and Sonny and Brenda. Oh and before I sign off I leave to Justus my Summer home in Santa Barbara. And To Luke and Laura I leave them with three Grand Children." The tape ends. This is not what they had expected. Slowly everyone leaves the room.

On Spoone island Stefan is talking to Alexis. "I want to know who her mother and father are. I donít care what you have to do to get that information." "Damn it Stefan. I am so sick of your games. Why donít you just do to me like you did to Miranda and Jessica-Anne." Stefan stands and leaves.

Two years latter in Lainview Pennsylvania, a young woman is sitting in the hospital waiting room. Lucky comes out in a white lab coat. "Lorenzo, what has been taking you so long? Youíll have to finish if we are to get to Port Charles before midnight." "Anne are you sure you want to leave your cousin Max?" "Iím sure. besides you got a great job at the Hospital and I can start working for ELQ. Plus we can start to plan the wedding." As they leave Anne flashes back to when she was who she really is Jessica-Anne Holdon-Quartermain-Cassadine. She had faked her death with the help of Luke who had no idea where she was. Now she was returning with a new life and a new future. She stilled dreamed about being with Nikolas and raising there Children.

The next day at the ELQ board meeting every one sat in the Den. Thinking about JA it was 2 years to the day in which she had died. Reginald walks in, " Every one there is some one here to see all of you." He leaves to show DR. Spencer and his future wife in. The reason they came here is because itís the only place to find everyone, including Luke and Laura. When they come in Nikolas looks up and so does Brenda. Lorenzo, "Hello every one. I knew this is where I would find you all. I would like you to meet my fiancť Anne Holdon." Brenda looks at Anne and faints when she realizes who she is. Anne, "Oh my is there something wrong, is she O.K.?" Nikolas walks over and looks at Anne, she looks like JA but her voice has a slight mid-western accent. Her hair was a dark black. She wore glasses and she did not seem to be the same woman he had married. He just went over and congratulated his brother. Brenda had now awoken she now believed it was just a person with a slight resemblance to her dead sister. As the meeting ended Sonny and Brenda left so that they could go to there offices.

That afternoon at Lukeís Sonny and Luke sat at the bar talking when Anne comes in Luke looked up and motioned her to go in to the office. Luke being the only one who had know she was alive. "Damn it JA why in the hell did you come back to town? Plus you come back with Lucky. What the hell were you thinking?" "Luke I was thinking that this is the only way I can see my children grow and become adults. If they think I am there aunt then there will never be a question of whether there mother really loved them. I do love my children, I love my husband. You have to keep this a secret. If you donít who knows what will happen."

As they are talking Sonny overheard the entire thing. After Anne leaves Sonny enters. "Luke, how could you keep the fact that my wifeís sister is alive a secret from me. I will never speak to you again." "Sonny, it was the only way to keep her alive. Stefan threatened her. He told her that she would die and never live happily ever after with Nikolas. You have to keep this a secret even from Brenda." "Never! Brenda and I donít keep secrets anymore. Iím not about t start now." Sonny leaves.

In Sonny and Brendaís living room Sonny is sitting on the couch contemplating on weather or not to tell her about JA. Brenda walked in. "Honey whatís wrong?" "Brenda I have something to tell you. This will be a shock to your system. I donít know how to tell you." She sits down. She has a look of fear on her face. He leans against the fire place, and then turns to see her looking at him. "Brenda, today when I was at the club I overheard Anne and Luke talking. Anne is um sheís your Sister Jessica-Anne. Sheís alive. Brenda do you hear what Iím saying to you? Your sister is alive." Brenda looks up. "Dear god. How can she be. She died in a bombing." "She and Luke set it up. So that Stefan wouldnít kill her."

Two days later on Spoone island Stefan is siting with Nikolas. Nikolas has forgiven his father for his deceit but not for what he did to his mother and wife. "Nikolas sit down, I have something to tell you. Brenda is your sister." Nikolas is shocked. He stands and leaves the room.

Anne is sitting in the park by the fountain. Brenda sits down beside her. "So Anne your from Pennsylvania. Tell me where did you live before Lainview. Did you live in Switzerland, Greece, Rome, how about Port Charles?" "Brenda, what are you talking about?" Brenda looks at her younger sister. "Jessica-Anne I know itís you. You donít have to pretend." "Brenda, I wanted to tell you really I did, but I knew if I did Nik would find out. If he finds out Stefan will know. If Stefan discovers Iím alive he will kill me and I wonít see my children grow up. If I marry Lorenzo I will see them as they become adults. You have to understand this is the only way I can keep everyone safe." "My father tried to kill you. Oh listen Iíll keep it a secret unless you do something stupid. If you do I will blow the lid off the entire thing Got it?" Jessica-Anne nodded her head. JA stood up and walked away leaving her sister alone.

As Brenda sat on the bench she looked up into the sky and spoke, "Stone, you know I wonít be able to keep this quite for long. Why in the world do things that make no scene at all happen. Like me having to lie to my brother, or me running from Sonny eight years ago. I donít know. I just wish I had some kind of answer." She stood and left the park.

Brenda was helping JA get ready for the wedding. Even though she new her sister really didnít love Lorenzo, and that there marriage would not be legal. All trough this she kept quiet. Then on the day of the Ceremony JA wrote Nikolas a note. As Brenda read it with JAís consent. She read it out loud.

Dear Nikolas,
As you sit in the church today I want you to think of how happy we were until the end. I will always love you no matter what happens and I give you my blessing to get remarried. I hope that you realize you are the only man who will ever have my heart.

I love you always;
Jessica-Anne B. Holdon-Quartermain-Cassadine.

Brenda re folded the note and left the room. She paced up and down the afraid to go and give this to Nik. She wanted to protect her Sister and Brother. But if she lied to one anymore she was afraid of losing both of them to hatred. She gathered all her courage as she knocked on the door to the room where Nikolas and Lorenzo were waiting. As the door opened she stepped in and handed Nik the note. Brenda, "Read it after I leave." Brenda left the room. As Nikolas unfolded the letter he looked at it and realized that it was JAís hand writhing and that the ink was still wet. Lorenzo looked at the note after Nik put it down. As he looked at it he noticed the signature. Lorenzo, "Dear god!!! Nik look at the Signature. It says Jessica-Anne B. Holdon-Quartermain-Cassadine. If you take away the Jessica and the Quartermain-Cassadine you Have Anne B. Holdon" Nikolas looked at the Note again. Nikolas, "Dear God, Sheís Alive and about to marry my brother." Lorenzo, " If sheís your wife have her. Iíll be able to move on go to her." Nikolas leaves the room in search for JA.

JA is alone in the room when there is a knock at the door. JA, "Come in." In walks Stefan Cassadine. Stefan, " Well hello Jessica-Anne." He grabs her by the throat and starts to drag her out of the room when Nikolas, Sonny, and Lorenzo come running. Nikolas Punches Stefan and Lorenzo and Sonny release her.

Two Months later Nikolas and JA have left Port Charles. Brenda has been having flash backs to what really happened in Summit. She wakes up every night in a cold sweat afraid sheíll wake Sonny.

Brendaís flashbackŤ
Brenda is in an Office when her boss comes in. He has been Sexualy harrsing her for months. As he leans in to kiss her she stabs him with a letter opener.

Brenda wakes up. Glad that she has not done this again.

Next time
Brendaís past comes back. Jagger and Karen come home. Robin leaves. Jeared Jax appers.

Part Three:

Brenda sat in her office at Quarters Inc. She had been flashing back to her years in Summit a lot lately. She went back to work. As she worked she went to check her e-mail. She had only used this address for business, But when she check she had noticed some very personal mail:

Dear Brenda,
I hope you know what's it's like to have your past come back to destroy you? I'll be in Port Charles soon so expect to hear from me again.


Brenda stared at the screen. She was frozen by shock and fear. She realized that it could be someone just trying to pull a particle joke and so she tried to hide he fear. She deleted the letter and stood and left her office. She was thankful she had a meeting with Magflow Inc.

Brenda sat in the board room of Magflow. She was there aswell as the president of Magflow. They were waiting for a represnitive from J&J Jacks Inc. Brenda wasn't sure about seeing Jax again. At that moment Mr. Jared Jacks walks in. Brenda, "Jared, what are you doing here? Why isn't Jax here?" Jeered, "One question at a time doll. I'm here because I was the now that wanted Magflow. Jax isn't here because he disappeared six months ago. It's not as if you would care." Brenda slid back down tin to her chair. Was this the past in whitch was talked about in the e-mail. It couldn't be or could itÖ

Two days later Sonny was in his office at Jefferson Inc. He was sitting at his Computer when his e-mail signal went on. He clicked on it. When he saw it he was shocked: He read it outloud in his mind:

I am your wives past. I am her future. Don't do anything to persuade me to go further then I already am going to.


Sonny sat on the couch afraid to move. He was afraid of what was happening he was afraid of losing what he had won or gained over the past ten years. He thought of how he had waited for six years just to marry Brenda. But now he found out she was keeping something from him. If only he knew what.

It was raining out when a tall man with dark hair walked up in front of the PC hotel. He had a reason to come to Port Charles. That reason was revengeÖ

Four days later Brenda and Sonny were walking trough the park with there son. He was about to turn 7. Mike was excited about the fact that his grandson was around. He and Sonny had made up and were very close. Brenda had become a quite woman. She was keeping something from Sonny. She was afraid to tell him that she had seen Jared. That wasn't the only thing. She had a feeling something was about to happen something that would destroy them.

As Sonny pushed Stone (which is what he called his son.) on the swing Brenda sat on a nearby bench. Little did any of them know of the Man watching from behind the bushes. He watched and then he said in a distorted voice, "That should be me not Sonny." He then walked away back towards the hotel.

Later that day when Brenda was looking through the mail. She found Three letters, one from Jagger, one from Jax, and one from Mitchell. She went on to read the letter from Jagger.

Dear Brenda,
Well you may be surprised to hear from me. I wanted to let you know that Karen and I will be coming home to Port Charles. WE would love for you to meet us at Kelly's at 2:30 on May 7th . We really have missed you, and Port Charles.

Your Friend;
Jagger Cates.

Then she read the one from Jax.

Dear Brenda,
I just thought I should warn you that I'll be in town in a few days. I'll arrive on May 7th. I'll be in town for business between our companies. Jerry got kidnapped again so I have to take care of business.
Jasper (Jax) Jacks

Then she took the envelope from Mitchell, she was afraid to read it. He was such a different part of her past. Jagger and Jax were in some way part of the same. They were her Port Charles past. Mitchell was her Summit past. The one she wished to forget. But how? He wanted something she could tell just by looking ant the envelope.

Dear Brenda,
I believe that we have some unfinished business concerning our daughter Joan. The two of us will be in Port Charles May 7th. I hope that this isn't an in covalence but Joan is almost 5 years old. She needs to know you and her brother. I don't care if your new husband is a mobster. She needs you. Besides, I have recently be diagnosed with a fatal heart disease, she needs to know you before I die.

Mitchell P. Dukeson.

Brenda sat there in total shock. Mitchell and Jax were going to come face to face again. She knew that it couldn't happen because if it did Sonny would know the truth. She went to the fire place and threw the letters in. The only person she would be happy to see would be Jagger and Karen. They hadn't seen her since she married Mitchell. They had know the truth. They promised to keep it a secret. Brenda thought this would be a secret she would take to the grave. How could she deal with this when She was under so much stress from the company. It was about to be taken over if she didn't start paying attention to what she was doing.

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