S&B: Puerto Rico Parts 1-7

by Suzy M H

Brenda sat down on the beach, the hot Puerto Rican sun beating down on

her. Looking out on the ocean, she remembered the last time she'd been

on this beach--making love with Sonny after out-running Rivera's men.

Had that really been over two years ago? Things had changed so much--yet

nothing had. What was that saying? The more things change, the more they

stay the same. Sonny and Brenda had both been married to other people,

but now Lily was dead, and Brenda and Jax...

Well, Brenda and Jax weren't together. She hadn't known the

magnitude of what was about to happen when he left for Australia to

settle things with Miranda back in December. She naively thought, the

past is the past; Jax and Miranda will let go of each other, and Jax and

her will move on. She'd never counted on Sonny nearly being killed, then

telling her he still loved her--or discovering that she had been blind

to think SHE ever could have stopped loving him.

Honour is highly overrated, as Jax and Brenda soon realized. He

loved her, and she loved him--but their souls could never belong to one

another, nor could all of their hearts. They had already been taken,

long before they met. And now...

Sonny had professed his love, but--in what must have been a good

day--he then stepped back and said he didn't expect Brenda to just fall

back into his arms...or his bed. So, there she was, in the one place

that held reminders of both the extremely good and extremely dangerous

elements of their past. It would have been wrong to stay with Jax when

she belonged to someone else; however, it would also be wrong to go back

to Sonny without carefully thinking through what she was entering into.

"Somehow, intense thought seems out of place in a place as...hot as


Startled, Brenda glanced up, shielding her eyes from the blaring

sun, to find Sonny standing before her. She smiled, shaking her head. "I

guess if you could track down a 'dead' woman, it wasn't that difficult

to find me, huh? I thought you were gonna give me some time."

Sonny feigned innocence. "Hey, what makes you think I came here to

see you?"

"You're unbelievable!"

"Yeah, so I'm told." He sat down next to her on the beach. Gone

were the Italian wool suits, replaced by a pair of tan chinos and a

light-weight vest. He looked so hot...

Brenda looked at him seriously then. "It took a lot for you to

come here."

He hesitated. "Hey, If I could stay in Port Charles...She was

avenged here; and the fact is, this is probably the safest place now."

Brenda glanced out at the ocean. "Safety's an illusion," she

whispered, repeating the words he'd told said after bringing Miranda to


"Is that why you came here? To remind you of all the reasons not to

come back?" Sonny asked.

"I came here because here was the best and the worst of us. Only

last time, I had no idea...I now know everything, Sonny. I'm not living

in denial anymore. I know your world, and what it means to live there."

She turned back to him. "I know that I love you with everything that I

am; I know that you love me. And I know that although I will never like

it, I can accept living in your world. But what I can't accept is you

not trusting me. I know you can't tell me everything. Hell, there's a

lot I don't want to know. But you and I can't do this if there's no

trust. I need to know that you've forgiven me...for the wire. And I need

to know that you feel you can trust me."

Sonny nodded. "I wouldn't have fought...or be fighting so hard now

...if I didn't. I love you...Brenda."

Brenda reached over and touched his face gently. "You fought so

hard it nearly cost you your life."

He smiled slightly. "Nobody said we did things easy, huh?"

"I'm gonna help you nail whoever set you up."

"No. I don't want you involved in this. This is my--"

"This is OUR fight, Sonny. And if you and I are together, it's all

the way," she said vehemently.

"You are so damn..." He stopped himself. What was it he had told

Miranda? "...but she has spirit and fire, and she goes after what she

wants..." He knew how futile it was to argue with her when she was being

'so damn stubborn.' "All right," he relented.

"Okay, now that we've got that settled...Can we forget about all

this heavy stuff for a while and just have some fun? I mean, we're here

in this beautiful place... together..."

Sonny flashed his dimpled grin. "I think that can be arranged.

Senorita..." He stood up, extending his hand and helping Brenda to her

feet. Once she was standing in front of him, he just gazed at her for a

moment, almost with an expression of amazement.

Brenda could feel it, too. They had been apart for over a year and

a half, and now...For the first time, there was nothing standing in

their way. No Rivera. No Lily. No Jax. No pride.

Sonny reached out and touched her cheek. "We don't have to rely on

memories anymore."

"Or dreams."

He picked her up and spun her around, holding her so tight she was

laughing and screaming all at the same time.

He set her back down at her insistance, looking at her with the

happiest expression he'd had in the longest time. "I love you,


"Yeah? Prove it!" she dared him.

Sonny laughed. "Oh, I love a challenge." He cupped her face in his

hands, just gazing into her eyes for a moment, then leaning down and

kissing her like only Sonny could.

* * * *


Luke glanced up from the receipts he was checking at the bar as

Jason walked into the club. "Jason. What's up?"

"Where's Sonny at?" Jason asked.

"You don't know? He went to Puerto Rico to find Brenda," Luke

replied. "I hope he ain't walkin' into a land mine."

Jason didn't acknowledge the last comment, seemingly lost deep in


"What's goin' on?"

"I got some information he's been looking for."

"The drugs?"

Jason nodded.

Luke considered for a moment. "Ordinarily, I'd say let's call him

and get his butt back here--"


"But I saw the look on his face just before he left for the

airport. His mind ain't on drugs right now, my friend; his mind's on his

lady. And lady love and lady LUCK don't always go together, y'know what

I'm sayin'?"

"As long as things aren't settled with Brenda, he's gonna be


Luke nodded. "And when things are this close to the edge,

vulnerable gets you dead. It's been three months. This'll keep another

few days."

Jason agreed. "What do you think's happening with them right now?"

Luke shrugged with a bemused smile. "Knowing Sonny and Brenda? I

don't know. But there's probably some broken furniture involved..."

Luke's was packed. There was nothing like a break from the snowstorms of

upstate New York to draw a crowd on a February night. Luke worked the

room, everyone commenting on how great it was that the Spencers were

back in town...and Laura was alive!

"Hey, Luke, where's Sonny?" Lucy asked inquisitively as Luke hit

her and Kevin's table.

Sitting down on the chair between them, he replied, "Puerto Rico."

Lucy scrunched up her nose. "WHY would he ever want to go back

there? I mean, sure it's beautiful and all...Hey, do you remember when

we all went down there for Miguel's concert? Oh, and Frank Smith was

killed. I really don't miss HIM! Those were the days, though, huh?"

Luke smiled with amusement at her rambling. "Yeah, those were the

days. I'd give anything to be battling Frank Smith now instead of these

damn Cassadines!"

"Luke, phone call!" Mike called over from the bar.

"Well, if you'll excuse me, Luce...Doc Shrink. Hey, drinks on me

tonight!" With that, Luke walked over to the bar and took the cordless

from Mike.

"Sonny," Mike informed him.

"Hey, Corinthos! What's the word?" Luke asked his best friend.

"Um, beautiful sunset, beautiful beach...beautiful Brenda..."

"I get the picture. So, it's official? You and the...illustrius

Miss Barrett are an item, once again?"

"Very true. Actually, that's why I'm callin'. What are the chances

of you and Laura grabbing Jason..."

"And Mike," Luke heard Brenda cut in in the background.

"Yeah, and Mike," Sonny relented. "What are the chances of you guys

flyin' down here for a wedding?"

"You're not serious," Luke said quietly, shaking his head to


"Never been more serious in my life," Sonny continued.

"You're really gonna do this, man?"

"Yeah, so get yourself down here...I need a best man."

"Consider it done, then. See you soon."

"Can't be soon enough for me. Later."

* * * * *

"Your turn," Sonny said, handing the phone to Brenda.

"Robin's gonna be thrilled! I can't believe we're doing this!" she

shrieked in delight.

"Hey, if you're having second thoughts..."

Brenda looked at him incredulously. "As if. Let's do it..."

"I have to go get ready," Brenda sighed as Sonny pulled her into his

arms for one last "one last" kiss. At this rate, they'd miss the


"They can't start without his," he reminded her.

Brenda relented, meeting his kiss. She still couldn't believe that

they were actually getting married! After all this time, they were

actually going to be together!

A knock at the door finally separated the two. Sonny groaned, and

Brenda laughed, walking over and opening the door. "Luke! You made it!"

"Think I'd let ya down, babe? Hey, Sonny. Don't you know this is

bad luck?" he kidded his friend, walking into the hotel suite past


"No such thing as bad luck, man," Sonny replied. He looked back at

Brenda with a grin. "Didn't I tell ya that good things happen to him who


"I didn't think you meant two years!"

"Just go with me here..."

She smiled. "All right, yeah. Well, I guess I'd better go get

ready. Luke, is Robin here yet?"

Luke glanced down at his watch. "The flight from Connecticut was

supposed to get in half an hour after us, so she should be here any


"Cool. Okay, then I'm outta here." She went to open the door.

"Hey, wait! Aren't ya forgetting something?" Sonny said, walking

over to her.

"Oh, right..." She leaned over and kissed him, making it a kiss to

tide him over for the next couple hours. "See you on the beach."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

Brenda finally tore herself away and left.

Sonny closed the door with a sigh. "Today's the day, man!"

"You're really gonna do this?" Luke asked, still a little


"NOTHING is going to keep from marrying Brenda today. Nothing."

* * * *

"Did anybody else hear that?" Lois asked as she, Ned, Laura, Lucy,

and Kevin approached the elevators.

"Yeah, it sounded like a muffled scream," said Ned.

"A scream?" asked Lucy, instantly worried.

"Wait, don't you guys think you're just a little bit paranoid?"

spoke up Kevin. "Considering what happened last time you were down


"The elevator started going back up," observed Ned.

"Somethin's wrong. I can feel it." After the comment, Lois started

to hyperventilate.

"Sweetheart, take a deep breath. I'm sure everything's fine.

Kevin's right--we're just a little bit paranoid."

"Hey, guys, what's going on?" Robin asked as she, Jason, and Mike

all crossed the lobby towards their friends. "You all look like you've

seen a ghost."

"Everything's fine," Ned said, deciding that Kevin was in fact

right, and they had a wedding to get ready for, so they'd better get to

it. "Glad you guys got here all right. What do you say we all get ready

for Sonny and Brenda's big day?"

"Good idea," Laura agreed. "It's a beautiful day for a wedding!"

"I can't believe Sonny and Brenda are FINALLY getting married!"

Robin exclaimed excitedly. She looked at Jason. "See what I told you

about true love? It always wins out in the end."


The group turned at the sound of Luke's voice, as he stepped off

another elevator then headed toward them.

"How's the groom?" Laura asked her husband.

"Nervous--like every groom. Where's the bride, though?"

"What do you mean?" Lois asked, starting to panic again.

"She left a couple minutes ago to come down and meet you and Robin.

Sonny sent me down to make sure she had her ring."

"Well, she's not here!"

Lucy looked at Kevin, Ned at Lois, Robin at Jason...

"Luke, c'mon, we've got to go get Sonny," said Jason, instantly

worried about his boss. "They've got Brenda."

"WHO's got Brenda?" Lois demanded.

Luke and Jason shared a worried look, then they ran towards the

stairwell, knowing it would be faster than the elevators.

"What did Jason mean when he said THEY'VE got Brenda?" Lois asked

after the fact that Brenda was missing sunk in.

"I don't know, sweetheart, but I'm gonna find out," promised Ned,

running towards the stairwell himself.

"I don't like this," said Robin.

"Mike, do you have any idea what's going on?" Laura wondered.

Mike hesitated. "I know that Jason and Sonny had been closing in on

whoever set him up with the drugs, but--"

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening," Lucy recited like a


"Whatever's happening, Luke, Jason, Sonny, and my Nedley will

figure it out and make everything okay," Lois assured everybody after a

few deep breaths. "And Brenda...She's fine. I know she is."

"Yeah, so do I," Robin agreed with an unconvincing smile.

* * * *

"What the hell do you mean Brenda's gone?" Sonny asked


Jason and Luke glanced at one another, then back at their friend.

"Damn, I should have told you when I found out--" Jason started.

"Found out WHAT?" Sonny yelled.

"I think I know who set you up."

Sonny ran his fingers through his hair. "What's that got to do with


"Sonny, it was Harry. And I think he's got Brenda."

The anger that had been building in Sonny just intensified about a

million times. At the moment, he didn't care who had set him up--all he

cared about was the fact that Brenda was missing. "If anyone's laid a

hand on her, I swear I'll--"

"You'll what, Sonny?" asked Ned, walking in through the open door

of the suite. "What the hell have you gotten Brenda into now?"

"Don't start, Ashton!"

"Don't start? Someone nearly kills you, and now they've got


Sonny shut his eyes, pacing a couple feet, then stopping almost in

mid-stride. "If it's really Harry, he won't hurt her."

"Are you sure?" Jason asked.

"Yeah." Sonny slammed his hand down on the nearby table. "Dammit!

Why didn't I see this before? Of course. He was the one person who knew

about me and Brenda. He knew I'd go to her in the hospital, and he knows

I'll do whatever it takes now."

"So what are we gonna do about it?" Ned asked.


"Hey, Brenda's my best friend. You think I'm just gonna stand back

and let something happen to her?"

"Nothing's going to happen to her! We've come too far for something

to happen to her now. Okay, first we've got to figure out where he's got


* * * *

"Hey, careful with her!"

The henchman glanced up after dropping an unconscious Brenda on the

couch. "Sorry, boss. But what does it matter?"

"It matters. Okay, Sonny. Come get her..."

* * * *

Sonny stared at the phone, as if he glared at it hard enough, it would

ring. Jason, Luke, Ned, and himself had been sitting around for hours,

looking at blueprints of the building, and a map of San Juan, trying to

figure out how they could have gotten Brenda out without being seen, and

where they could have then taken her. And they were getting nowhere. On

top of that, it was long after midnight, pitch black, and the chances of

them finding her before the light of day were slim to none. This wasn't

the wedding day he'd been hoping for, that's for sure.

"Let's go over this again," Sonny finally said, walking back over

to the round table the other three men were sitting at.

"Why? So we can get nowhere again?"

"Ashton, shut up!"

Ned stood up fiercely, shaking his head with a sardonic smile.

"This is unbelievable! And to think that for five minutes, I was happy

for Brenda! She was finally going to be happy because she was going to

marry the man she truly loved. I guess I'd temporarily forgotten that

all you've ever done is put her in danger!"

"I'm warning you--"

"Hey, both of you, cool down!" Luke cut in. "This isn't gonna get

Brenda back. We're all on the same side here, remember?"

Sonny and Ned both took a step back, both realizing Luke was right,

yet neither making an apology for their tempers.

The phone rang then, and Sonny's breath seemed to catch for a

second. A little nervously, he walked over and picked up the phone.


"Sonny. It's good to hear your voice, my friend."

"Just like a bad penny," Sonny muttered. "Harry, let Brenda go,

then we'll talk."

"No, see I'M calling the shots now, and YOU'RE going to listen."

"Like hell--"

"Do you want Brenda back or not?"

"If you've as much as--" Sonny was so furious, he couldn't get the

words out. He realized then that he had to listen--there was no way he

was going to risk losing Brenda. "Talk."

"That's better. You know, I tried making this easy for you. I came

to you a few months ago with a friendly proposition, but you turned me

down. But that's okay, because I had enough information to work my way

up. But then you started interfering...I think it's time we sit down and

talk about how this is going to work, don't you?"

Kansas City, Sonny thought to himself.

And this had turned into a game of revenge. Harry had turned his

loyalties over to Rivera, and what happened? Rivera died and Sonny got

all the power, and Harry had nothing to show for it. But all that was

going to change.

"Fine, we'll sit down and talk. But first, I want proof that

Brenda's okay."

"Fine with me."

There was silence at the other end of the line for a moment, and

Sonny started growing impatient. Then, "Sonny?"

Sonny closed his eyes. "Brenda. You okay, baby? Did they hurt you?"

"No, I'm okay."

"I'm gonna get you out, okay? You just hang on, all right?"


"I love you. Just trust me," Sonny said emphatically.

"I do--with all my heart," she said softly.

"Okay. Put Harry back on so we can finish this thing. Hey...how

'bout instead of gettin' married at midnight, we get married while the

sun's rising?"

But it was too late...Harry was back on the line. "Sounds touching.

Just listen carefully, Sonny..."

* * * *

"I can't believe Harry did all this!" exclaimed Robin.

Ned and Lois were both pacing, while Robin, Laura, Lucy, Kevin and

Mike were scattered around the Ashtons' suite, all waiting for some

word on either Brenda OR Sonny. The sun was up, the plan was in motion,

and it had now had been almost an hour since Sonny had left, Luke and

Jason in tow.

"I just hope everybody comes back in one piece," said Laura.

Kevin glanced at Lucy with an expression that said 'how did I ever

let you talk me into coming here?'

"Power corrupts," Ned muttered.

"You're one to talk," Lois replied edgily. She instantly

apologised, citing her worry for her bestest friend in the world. "Oh,

God...All I know is I am NEVER coming back here for a vacation."

"Amen to that," said Lucy.

* * * *

"There's two in front and one in the back," Jason reported to

Sonny, as him and Luke stood on the beach, a couple hundred yards down

the beach from the address Harry had given Sonny.

Sonny nodded, appraising the situation. "Okay, this is delicate.

Harry's gotta come out of this alive."

"He kidnapped Brenda," Jason cut in.

"Yeah, he kidnapped Brenda. But Silver dies, and Taggert's gonna

think he has even more on me. But we turn him in, and he'll talk about a

lot more than the heroin. Somehow, I've got to get him to disappear. So,

here's what we're gonna do..."

* * * *

Brenda ran her fingers through her hair, her head throbbing. Where

was Sonny already? If he could get her out of Rivera's clutches, surely

Harry Silver would be a piece of cake!

* * * *

"Hey. Sonny Corinthos. I believe your boss's expecting me," Sonny

informed the guard at the back of the house.

The guard studied him warily. "Wait right here."

Sonny glanced down at the ground. "Right here?" he asked.

The guard glared at him and Sonny flashed him a grin before he

disappeared inside. A moment later, he returned, gesturing Sonny to


"Wish I could say it'd been a pleasure," Sonny said with a smirk as

he walked inside the house.

* * * *

"He's down for the count," Jason informed Luke, rolling the guard

he'd knocked out onto his back.

"So's mine. Okay, let's get Brenda."

* * * *

The frantic knock on the door started everybody in the suite. Lois

jumped up and ran for the door, opening it to find Brenda. "Oh, my

God--Bren! Thank God!" Lois hugged her best friend tightly, while

everyone else glanced up, flashes of temporary relief on all their

faces. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Ned and Robin walked over, both hugging Brenda. "You sure you're

okay?" Ned asked.

Brenda nodded. "Yes."

"Where are Sonny, Luke and Jason?" Laura wondered aloud.

"I don't know. Luke and Jason got me and sent me back. They said

they were going to help Sonny. But I don't know where he is..."

* * * *

"Harry, I think my offer's more than generous. Take the two mill

and disappear," Sonny said.

"Sonny, that is very generous. However--"

"Well, y'know, you could go to prison for nearly offing me and

running drugs into Port Charles; OR you could take a few slugs.

Personally, I'd rather you took the money and split. But hey, the choice

is yours." Sonny smiled slightly. "I am a little disappointed in you.

I'm not exactly sure what you thought you'd accomplish here. You

obviously didn't think this through, did ya?"

"I wouldn't be tossing out threats if I were you, Sonny. Remember,

I've got Brenda."

"Um...No, actually, I'VE got Brenda," explained Sonny was a

self-satisfied grin. "What, did you think me and my pals couldn't take

your guys? Or, were you under the impression that I'd come alone? Well,

either way, I've got my fiancee back, and I really have no more use for

you. So, what's it gonna be?..."

* * * *

"Where are they?" Brenda asked for the millionth time in half an

hour, pacing across the suite.

"If they got you out, they obviously know what they're doing. Just

have some faith," said Laura.

"Yeah. I just wish I knew what was goin' on."

* * * *

"You really think he's just gonna disappear?" Jason asked, as he,

Sonny, and Luke headed back to their car.

Sonny shook his head. "No, probably not. But people like Harry make

mistakes. It won't be long before he ticks someone else off, and chances

are, they won't be so nice as me. And I'm gonna be there to watch him go

down. But I've got enough blood on my hands 'cause of Harry; and he

knows too much. He knew that, but that's all I'll give him. This was all

a shoddy attempt at pulling rank, but I came out on top, and Harry knows

that." Sonny sighed. "It's been a long night. But we've still got a

wedding to get to. So let's forget about the Harry Silvers of the world

and get me married, huh?"

Sonny headed off toward the limo.

Luke, noticing a slightly bewildered look on Jason's face, said,

"Ever heard the expression, 'keep your friends close, but your enemies



"Sonny knows what he's doing, Jason. And y'know, he's right:

Harry's gonna make a mistake. I mean, how easy was it for us to get

Brenda? All he managed to accomplish here was to get Sonny's attention.

C'mon, let's listen to the man...We've got a wedding to get to.

Everything else will take care of itself."

Back at the hotel, Sonny couldn't wait for the elevator. He dashed

into the stairwell, and bolted up the eight flights. Reaching the

Ashtons' suite, he pounded on the door. A moment later, it opened and

there she was: Standing before him, the love of his life.

"Sonny!" Brenda said gratefully.

"C'mere, baby!" He pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly

against him. "I love you, sweetheart."

A moment later, Jason and Luke appeared, each walking into the

suite, into the arms of their respective significant others.

Sonny pulled Brenda out into the hall, and shut the door. "Are you

okay, Brenda? They didn't hurt you, did they?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm fine."

He cupped her face in his hands. "It's over."

"We both know it's never going to over. But I'd rather live with

that than live without you. Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

she asked.

Sonny flashed his gorgeous dimpled grin. "If it's half as much as I

love you, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. So, does this mean you

still want to marry me?"

Brenda wrapped her arms around him, then kissed him languidly.

"What do you think?"

S&B Puerto Rico '97 Continued

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