S&B FOREVER By: Courtney

This storyline takes place after Jax has told Brenda about him wanting
Miranda when he thought Brenda left him for Sonny.

B: Jax I have to tell you something.
J: You can tell me anything Luv
B: Well when me and sonny were stuck in the cave we had alot of time to
talk, we mostly talked about our feelings and our history. Jax, Sonny and I
made love.
J: What? That mad mobster forced you to do it didn't he.
B: No!!(they are now both Screaming at the top of their lungs) I made love
to him cause we love each other and he's the only one who understands me.
J: So I don't understand you
B: Not the way Sonny does
J: This is just great anymore surprises for me?
B: calm down Jax
J: Your right I'm sorry.
B: Please don't be mad but........
J: but what?
B: but actually there is 2 more things I have to tell you.
J: Go ahead, I promise I won't yell or scream
B: Well I'll start with the one that has nothing to do with me and Sonny
J: I appreciate that
B: when we were in the cave Harry said something to me.........he said that
his plan was working better cause he didn't have to set me up with drugs
like he did Sonny he said that I was addicted to the pain killers that I'm
taking for my hips.
J: What an idiot what he know?
B: please let me finish
J: okay go on
B: The whole time he was saying this I was thinking what a jerk he doesn't
know what he was talking about. But after the explosion when we were trapped
in the cave all I was thinking about was if I had gone to the drugstore
before all this I'd be okay That's when Sonny helped me realize Harry was right.
J: It's okay Brenda your not in denial so this won't be hard to over come
you can do it.
B: Thanks
J: What was the second thing you had to tell me.
B: Well you know when Dr. Meadows asked me if I was pregnant
J: Ya
B: Well it got me thinking that me Sonny had unprotected sex and that it's a
good chance if I'm Pregnant
J: I understand
B: your not mad
J: No I'm upset
B: I never meant to hurt you
J: I know
B: So I guess this is the end of "us"
J: yes, this may be the best thing that has happened to us all 4 of us
B: What do you mean?
J: I didn't tell you this but a few days before all this happened Miranda
asked me to meet her.......well she told me that she love me and she wanted
me back she also said she loved me as much as you love Sonny.........That
really stuck with me. What I'm trying to say is Miranda and I are going to
sort out our feelings just like you and sonny did in the cave.
B: You know I honestly do love you..........but as a friend a best friend
J: I fell the same way
B: well I'm going to call Ruby and see if she has an extra room for me.
J: Okay I'm to take a walk
Brenda goes over to the phone and calls ruby As she does Jax grabs his coat
and leaves.
B: Hi Ruby it's Brenda
R: Hi how are you feeling?
B: better how are you?
R: I'm fine
B: Listen the reason I called was to see if you had an extra room that I
could rent.
R: actually sorry I don't why did you and Jax break up?
B: Yes but it's a long complicated story
R: Sorry Brenda Luke just walked in I have to go bye
B: Bye
Brenda hangs up the phone. Great what am I going to do now? She says to
herself. The Phone rings She picks it up.
B: Hello
N: Hi Brenda it's Ned
B: Hi Ned how are you
N: Fine but more importantly how are you
B: Physically I'm doing fine
N: what's wrong you and Jax having problems
B: Well actually their is no me and Jax
N: I'm sorry to here that anything I can do
B: Actually ya could you help me find a place to stay
N: You can stay at the Quartermaine Mansion
B: Really
N: Ya
B: Thanks I'll be there in 2 ours is that okay?
N: Ya I'll have Reginald prepare your room
B: Thanks well I better start packing Bye
N: Bye

Meanwhile Jax ends up at Miranda's Door (Surprise Surprise) He tells her the
whole story and they make love. Brenda is finished packing so she decides to
call Sonny
S: Corinthos here
B: Sonny it's Brenda
S: Hey Brenda what's up
B: I moving back into the Quartermaine Mansion
S: you and Jax Not together anymore (He now has the biggest smile on his face)
B: No we are not
S: Sorry to here that
B: No your not your very happy to hear that
They both Laugh
S: So what caused the break up
B: I told him what happened in the cave and I told him that I loved you as a
lover and him as a friend and then he told me he felt the same way about
Miranda as I do about you It wasn't an ugly break up
S: So does this mean your available
B: No..... It means I am yours
S: I love you so much
B: love you to
S: so would like to go to dinner at Luke's tonight
B: I'd love to
S: I'll pick you up at 8:00
B: K I love you
S: I love you to Bye
B: Bye
They both hung up the phone with huge smiles on their faces. Brenda looked
at her watch and decided it was time to go over to the Quartermaine Mansion.

Brenda rang the doorbell. Reginald answered the door.
R: Mrs. Jacks we've been expecting you
B: It's Miss Barrett and were friends call me Brenda
R: Okay Brenda I prepared your old room for you and I'll take your bags up
right now
B: Thanks I'm going to say hi to Lila I'll be up in a minute
R: Okay Mrs. Quartermaine is in the living room with the rest of the Family
B: Thanks
Brenda walks into the living the whole family greets her she explains the
whole situation to everyone and then exits the living room to find Emily
wandering around the staircase Drunk and completely baked out of her mind
she runs over and catches her and takes Emily up to her room she gets some
tomato juice and then goes to her own room to get ready for her date with
sonny. She's acting like a school girl she's so excited.

The door bell rings
R: May help you Mr. Corinthos
S: Yes I'm here to get Brenda
R: Just wait one minute I'll go get her
S: Thanks Reginald
Brenda comes rushing down the stairs
B: Sonny runs up to him and gives him a great big hug
S: Hey baby you ready to go
B: Ya I just have to get my coat and say good-bye to Lila
So she gets her coat from Reginald and goes and says good bye to Lila.
Sonny and Brenda go over to Luke's. They eat their dinner and are so
involved in each other they don't even notice Jax and Miranda walk in.
S: so do you want to come back to my place
B: I'd Love to
S: Shall we go then
B: We Shall
They get up from their table arm and arm. That's when they finally notice
Jax and Miranda.
B: Let's go over and say hi to them
S: are you serious
B: Yes I told you Jax and I want to Remain friends
S: okay
They walk over to Jax and Miranda's table
B: Hi Jax Hi Miranda
J&M: Hello
S: How are you guys? Enjoying your meal?
M: We're fine and My meals delicious how's yours Honey
J: Mine is Excellent Sweetheart
B: I'm going to be at the Penthouse to pick up the rest of my stuff I leave
my key on the desk is that okay?
J: That's fine
S: Well we really got to get going so Bye
J&M: Bye
Sonny and Brenda leave arm and arm. They go to Sonny's PH. They make
passionate love for hours. It is now 11:56 Brenda decides to call the
Quartermaines to tell them she won't be home and to check up on Emily.
Emily is fine
Brenda and Sonny go out for dinner every night for 2 Months and she has been
staying over night every too.
S: Brenda I have an idea
B: What is it honey?
S: You move in here
B: You mean it
S: Ya There is no sense staying at the Q's you haven't slept there once
since you moved in their
B: Okay I'll Bring my stuff over tomorrow
S: I love You so much
B: Prove it
S: Is that a challenge
B: Yes it is
They make Love for hours and hours. The next day Brenda moves in. Things
are pretty normal for the next few months. They are laying in Bed one day
and Sonny is thinking.
B: What are you thinking about sweet heart
S: Us
B: What about us?
S: You know I love you right?
B: Yes and I love you
S: I don't ever want to lose you
B: I feel the same way
He pulls out a jewelry box
S: Will you Marry me
B: Oh My god!!!!!
Brenda starts jumping up and down Screaming OH MY GOD!!!
After she settles down Sonny says
S: Is that a yes
B: YES of coarse I'll marry you
S: Really
B: Yes
S: So do you like the ring
B: Yes it's the most beautiful thing in the world
S: I'm Glad your happy Look at the inside of the ring
She looks it says S&B FOREVER
B: I love you so much!!! I have to call all our friends
S: You can do that later right now you can prove how much you love me
B: I love you
S: I love you too.

Next Time:
Preparing for the wedding
The Wedding
The Honeymoon

S&B FOREVER Continued
This is the day after Sonny asked Brenda to marry him. Brenda has already
called all her friends. Sonny has already called Jason, Luke, and Mike.
They are in his Penthouse.
S: Brenda can we talk for a minute
B: Sure, is something wrong
S: No
B: So What do you want to talk about
S: Well you know when we were in the cave we had unprotected sex and you
thought you were pregnant
B: Ya but unfortunately I wasn't
S: Well now that are we getting married I as wondering f you wanted a larger
B: Like a Baby
S: Ya
B: I don't know
S: Well I realize it will put your modeling career on hold are you willing
to do that
B: Ya that's not what I'm worried about
S: Well what are you worried about?
B: Not being a good Mom
S: You would great mom
B: You think
S: Ya
B: Well in that case yes I'd love to expand our family
S: Are you sure
B: Yes I'm So happy
S: I'm glad
B: So when are we going to get married How about September
S: That's only a month and a half a way
B: I know The sooner we get married the better
S: How about September 22
B: Why the 22?
S: It's my lucky number
B: Well the 22nd is okay with me.
S: So do you want to arrange it or do you want to hire someone
B: Let's hire someone
S: How about Katherine she did a good job of yours and Jax's wedding that wasn't
B: I don't care who does as long as I'm with you
S: I love you so Much
B: Prove it
S: Okay let's go upstairs
They make passionate love for Hours and Hours. The next day Brenda woke up
early and attempted to make breakfast Sonny rushes down the Stairs cause he
smells something burning
S: Brenda where are you?
B: Uhhh......In the kitchen
He rushes into the Kitchen
S: What's burning
B: Breakfast
Sonny just starts laughing
B: What
S: Nothing I just thought the penthouse was on fire
B: I'm sorry I was just trying to make Breakfast for you
S: Well it's the thought that counts
B: So you want to go to the grille for a late breakfast
S: Sure you get dressed I'll Start to clean-up
They go for Breakfast at the grille. Sonny looks concerned about something
but Brenda can't figure out what wrong
B: What's wrong baby
B: Sonny?
S: Sorry what did you say
B: I asked you what was wrong
S: Nothing I was just thinking
B: About what
S: The Penthouse
B: What about it?
S: Well if we are planning on having children I think we should get a house
B: Really
S: Well Ya It's not like we can't afford it
B: This is so cool
S: So have you seen any house you like
B: Actually yes there is a nice one for sale on Charles Street
S: After we're done here let's go drive by it
So after Breakfast they Drive by it Noticing There is an open house so they
go inside and look around. Sonny decides to make an offer and they get the
house. There Wedding day is nearing. There is knock on their door.
R: Brenda Sonny it's me Robin
Brenda opens the door and gives her a hug.
B: Sonny's not home but your welcome to stay and wait
R: I know Sonny's with Jason
B: I'll I know is he was going out to some Business
R: Brenda Jason and Sonny were both shot
R: They're at GH
B: Let's go
They both rush over to GH to see if their significant others are alright
They are in the waiting room for hours. They both look like Hell.
Alan walks out into the waiting area
A: Robin, Jason is going to be just fine
R: Can I go see him
A: Yes try to make it short he needs his rest
Robin rushes off to his room
B: what about Sonny is he okay
A: Well we have to operate
B: Why what's wrong with him
A: The bullet is still in him and we have to remove it. There is 50% chance
he'll be paralyzed
B: Oh god does he know
A: Yes I just told him
B: Can I go see him before the operation
A: Yes but keep it short
Brenda Rushes to Sonny's room
S: Hey Baby
B: Hi
They hold each other for what seems like hours.
B: You got to pull out of this
S: Don't worry
B: I have to tell you something it might lift your spirits
S: Is Jax dead
They are Both laughing
B: NO but are you ready to be a Daddy?
S: You mean your...Pregnant
B: I found out this morning and was going to tell you when you got home
S: I Love you
B: I love you to.
A: I'm sorry Brenda I'm going to have to ask you to leave
B: Just give me a minute
A: Alright
B: Your going to pull through this I love you
S: I love you too.
Brenda leaves the room and decides to go to Jason's room to fill them in.
J: Hey Brenda How's Sonny doing?
B: Not so well, They have to remove the bullet and there is 50% chance he
won't walk again
Robin starts to cry Jason holds her
B: Sony is a fighter he's going to make it and walk again, he has to for me
and our baby
R&J: Your Baby
B: Oh ya I forgot to tell you me and Sonny are Pregnant
Robin goes over and gives her a big hug
R: I'm so happy for the 2 of you
J: Congratulations Brenda
B: Thanks I'm going to leave you to love birds alone Bye
R&J: Bye
Brenda goes over to the pay phones and Calls Mike, The Spencer's, Lois and
Ned. Mike is the first one to arrive he runs over and gives her hug. Luke
and Laura, And Ned and Lois arrive shortly they all sit their waiting for
Alan. Alan FINALLY walks out
A: As far as we can tell the operation was a success we won't know if he'll
walk for a while, Brenda what you said to him really helped.
B: Can we go se him
A: Yes one at a time
They all go in and give him Support

2 weeks later
Sonny is being released from the hospital. They have now postponed their
wedding until Dec. 16. Sonny has been going to Physical Therapy (This
whole drawn out thing kind of like Katherine) It's November 22 and Sonny
walks. Everyone is so happy he is back to his old regular self by the 12th
of Dec. Brenda is now 3 1/2 months pregnant and is starting to show.

Dec. 16 The Wedding
They decided to hold the wedding at the Q's. (I've decided not to go through
the whole process of getting married cause it bores me)
Minister: I now pronounce you man and wife Michael you may kiss the bride.
S: With pleasure
They kiss
The reception is at Luke's It's so beautiful but Brenda and Sonny don't
notice cause they are to involved with each other. They have decided to go
to Calgary (Canada) For their Honeymoon. While in Calgary They take a few
day trips to Banff. They don't have all that much fun cause Brenda is
getting Morning sickness quite frequently.

Next Time:
Brenda's accident
Jagger and Karen Come Back
Jax and Miranda Interfere

S&B Forever continued

Brenda and Sonny are now back in Port-Charles. They come home and Brenda
runs to the bathroom and throws up. The phone ring's
S: I'll Get it
B: Okay (Then you here a vomiting sound in the back ground
S: Corinthos here
Jagger: Hello Sonny It's Jagger is Brenda there?
S: Yeah But She's having some morning sickness can I get her to call you back
J: No I was just phoning her to tell her......well the both of you that I
got transferred to Port-Charles And Me and Karen are moving back
S: That's great when are you suppose to arrive here maybe we can take you
out for dinner
J: Well we get there Tomorrow at 3:00
S: Well Do ya need a ride to where ever your staying
J: We are staying at Kelly's and we are planning on taking a cab there
S: I'll Have a Limo pick you up
J: That's really not necessary
S: Come on It's not like I can't afford it
J: Alright, So how is Business
S: L&B is doing Fine
J: That's good
B: Sonny who's on the phone?
S: It's Jagger Sweetheart
B: Really
J: Listen I gotta go Tell Brenda I say Hi
S: Will do
J: Bye
Sonny hang's up the phone
S: Brenda how ya feeling
B: Just peachy
Brenda Sits on the couch with Sonny holding her
B: What did Jagger call for
S: Oh um.. Him and Karen are moving back here
B: Oh my god that is so cool
S: YA he got transferred
B: When do they get in?
S: Tomorrow at 3:00 I told them we'd take them out for dinner that okay with
B: Ya I'm so excited
Then Brenda gets up and runs to the Bathroom
It's the next day Brenda isn't feeling well so she decides to stay home and
Sonny, Jagger, and Karen go out for dinner
While at home she decides to go for a walk you know get some fresh air she
go to the park. Suddenly 2 men come up to her and hit her they beat the crap
out of her. Jax and Miranda walk by and notice there is a body on the ground
they call 9-1-1 They finally realize it's Brenda. They go to the hospital
with her and call Luke's assuming Sonny will be there.
J: Luke it's Jax is Sonny there
L: I don't know he's having dinner
J: Please Luke Brenda's in the Hospital
L: Just hold on a second
Luke calls Sonny over
L: It's Jax he says Brenda is in the hospital
S: What!!!!!!
Sonny Grabs phone
S: Hello
J: Sonny It's Jax Mirander and I were in the Park and saw someone on the
ground beaten up pretty bad we realized after calling 9-1-1 it was Brenda
She's at GH
S: I'm on my way
Sonny gets in his Limo races over to GH. Once there he spots Jax and Miranduh.
S: Jax where is she?
J: In with Alan
S: Thanks
J: So which one of your enemies did this?
S: Not Now
J: Yes now Brenda is in their fighting for her life again because of you
S: Listen to me this was probably just a mugging and it happened to be
Brenda If she would of stayed home with the Bodyguards
J: Well maybe if she wasn't with a mobster she wouldn't need to make sure
had her bodyguards
S: Listen she's with me cause she loves me and we are going to have a child
J: Great what are you going to have him killing people before he's out of
S: Listen Jax at least when she's with me she doesn't have to take pills to
convince herself that she lives me
J: You shut
S: Come on we both know the reason she was on those pills
With that Jax takes a swing at him he ducks and puts Jax wrist behind jax's back
J: I'm not going to let her die cause she's with you
S: That's funny cause she told me She rather live in my world and die than
live without me
J: She wouldn't of said that I know her
S: You don't know her
M: Jax I think we should go before security comes and gets us
J: Fine but I'll be back
S: Leave MY wife alone
Alan comes out
S: How is she how's the baby
A: They are going to be just fine
S: Thank god can I go see them
A: Of coarse but first I'd like to share some info with you
S: sure
A: sonny whoever did this knew she was pregnant and didn't touch her stomach
S: What are you saying
A: Well I know she was showing but she hid it very well so they had to know
her or been watching her for a while
S: Thanks Alan
Then Sonny walks into Brenda's room and sits down on a chair
S: Hey baby
B: Are you talking to me or her (points to her stomach)
S: You mean him
They both laugh
B: Who did this to me
S: I don't know but when I find out
B: Your going take him to the cops and let them do their job
S: Anyway what were you doing out in the park
B: I needed some fresh air, how did you find me
S: I didn't Jax and Miranda did
B: Oh
S: Let's concentrate on getting you and our baby back home
To Be continued........

Next Time
Sonny finds out who beat up Brenda
Brenda Finally has the Baby


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