Moving On by Kitty

Chapter 1:the first day of the rest of their lives.

Sonny paced back and forth in his apartment waiting for Luke and Jason to get

there to take him to the church. Today was his wedding day,he couldn't believe he was

actually going to get married again. He didn't think that he could ever have a life again

after Brenda died. That day she disappeared without a trace was the worst day of his life.

He didn't believe she was dead,but after seven years he had accepted that she was gone.

Oh how he missed her. He was going to marry Gina,she had tried to make him

happy,and she did love him,and he thought that would be enough for him. He knew he

could never really love Gina,not the way he loved Brenda,but she was Stone's sister,and

he would take care her. He walked over to his desk drawer and unlocked the bottem

drawer and pulleded out a picture. The picture was of him and Brenda on their wedding

day. What a beautiful day it had been,she was so beautiful,and they were both the

happiest that they had ever been. They were so happy for the first few months,and then

one day Brenda was going to a photo shoot and wasnever seen again. The police had

found her car a few milse down the road with her purse and all of her belongings. They

ruled it as a missing persons,but the police were certain that she was murdered,they had

just never found the body,but Sonny had never given up. He knew that in his heart that he

would know if Brenda was really gone. He searched for years,and then a few months ago

finally gave up. He had resigned himself to never seeing her again. Neverholding her,or

making love to her. How he missed her. Gina tried to make up for his loss,but she could

never replace Brenda in his heart,and she knew that,but she loved him anyway. Gina had

been with him every step of the way. She helped him search,comforted him when he was

upset. She was always there for him,and Sonny felt that this was the least he could do to

repay her. While he was still looking at the picture the doorbell rang and tore him from

his thoughts. Sonny went and answered the door.

"Hey man." Said Luke. He was standing with Jason outside the door.

"You ready to go Sonny?" Asked Jason. Sonny looked back at the picture of him

and Brenda on their wedding day and then looked at Jason.

"Yeah." Said Sonny quietly. "I'm ready."


In a dirty motel room on the outskirts of portcharles the desk person led a woman

to her room. When alone,she checked to make sure the door was locked,and that the

window shades were tightly closed. When she was sure,she took off her blonde wig and

glasses. She pulled out the Port Charles Herald and looked at the society page which had

Sonny and Gina's wedding announcement. She looked down at her hand and looked at

her wedding ring. Seven years,seven years she had been apart from her beloved Sonny.

part of her was glad that he was finally moving on,but the other part of her just wanted

her husband back. She knew she couldn't let Sonny know that she was alive,she knew

that she didn't have much time until he came looking for her. She just wanted to see

Sonny get married,she knew she had to.

Chapter 2: The Wedding Begins

Gina was in the upstairs of the church getting ready. She had a beautiful long white dress

with sleeveless shoulders,and the dress poofed out at the waist. Her bridesmaids

were,Robin,they had become very close since Brenda's death,Emily who was like a little

sister,and Carly who had become close friends with Gina a few years before.

"You look so beautiful Gina." Said Robin.

"You do." Said Carly.

"I agree." Said Emily. "I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful bride."

"Well you will be soon." Said Gina. "have you and Lucky set a date yet?"

"No,he just wants to go to Vegas and do it,but you know the Quartermaines,they

need to have a huge wedding." Said Emily.

"Yes" Robin lughed. "They would only accept a huge front page society


"I wish they would just let Luck and I decide what we want." Said Emily. "The

Spencers are so cool about it."

"Well thats uncle Luke for you." Said Carly. Over the past seven years Bobbie

had found out who she was,and they had slowly formed a string mother daughter bond.

"Well,when Jason and I got married,the Quartermaines were fine with it." Said


"Well thats because they have always like you,and they know that you are good

for Jason." Said Emily. "Oh,look at the time we had better get downstairs."


In the church Sonny was at the front with Jason and Luke. He knew that it was

time to move on,but something was strange about today,he thought that something was

going to go wrong. He just chalked it up to nerves though. The music begn to play.

First Brooke walked down the isle,lesely Lu was the flower girl,while Brooke was the

ring bearer. After that followed Carly,then Emily,and then Robin. Then the wedding

March began to play,and Guna walked down the islle on the arm of her father. She was

beaming at Sonny as she walked down the isle,and Sonny smiled back,but all he could

think about as Gina walked down the isle was Brenda on their wedding day. When Gina

reached the alter,and the preist began the service,Sonny's nerves began to calm. In the

back of the chuch nobaody saw the person watching the wedding. Brenda was hiding

behind the door watching the wedding begin.

"Dearly beloved,we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Michael and

Gina." Said the priest. Brenda watched as the ceremony progressed.

"Do you Gina take thee Michael Corinthos Jr. to be you lawful wedded husband?"

"I do." Said Gina happily.

"Do you Michael Corinthos Jr. take Gina Williams to be your lawful wedded

wife?" Said the priest. Sonny looked at Gina.

"I do." He said.

When Sonny said this Brenda let out an uncontrollable gasp. It was loud enough to make

everyone turn around. Brenda tried to turnand leave,but she was frozen in that spot.

Sonny looked at her,she had sunglasses on so he couldn't tell who it was at first.

Finally Brenda was able to move,she turned do fast her sunglasses fell off. She turned to

pick them up,and thats when Sonny recognized her.

"Brenda?" Said Sonny so quietly that he was barely heard,but Brenda heard him.

"You,you're dead?"

Chapter 3:An interruption

"This,this can't be." Said a shocked Sonny. "You,everyone said,I-I looked for

years,and I,I never found you."

"Sonny." Said Brenda in a choked up voice. "I tried to get to you,but I

couldn't,he wouldn't let me,I tried."

"Who,what are you talking about?" Said Sonny. He wasn't sure if this was

reality,or a dream. Was this really Brenda in front of him.

"Hernando Rivera." Said Brenda. "He wasn't dead."

"What,I was there when he killed himself,I-I heard the gun go off."

"Did you see his body?" Said Brenda,with tears the tears now streaming down her


"No." Sonny whispered. "I didn't see the body,but he had a stroke how-"

"He was fine when he had his men kidnap me." She said. "They took me away

from everyone and everything I love,and I finally got away,and it was no use,and now

you hate me. You hate because I left you and,and I didn't mean to,I never wanted to

leave you." She said sobbing. Sonny finally came to his senses and realized that it was

Brenda,his Brenda,the woman he loved more than his life. THe woman he thought he

had loost forever,and she was here,right in front of him. Then he saw how upset she was.

He put his arms around her.

"Shh,shh." He whispered. "It's alright,I don't hate you sweetie,I could never hate

you,I love you,I never stopped." He rocked her back and forth gently,and let her calm

down. Gina was just standing at the altar completely shocked. Robin was shocked to see

her best friend alive,and well,as was Lois,and everyone there. Brenda finally calmed

down and pulled away from Sonny.

"I'm sorry,I should have stayed away." She said. "I wasn't going to let you know

I was here,I just wanted to see you happy,and then I was going to go back."

"Back." He said. "Why would you ever go back there."

"Because,he would come after you,I could never let him hurt you." She said

touching his face. Sonny stroked Brenda's cheek with his hand and smiled. This was

real,Brenda was really alive,and here standing in front of him.

"Brenda,do you want to go somewhere more quiet?" Asked Sonny.

"Okay." Said Brenda. She took Sonny's hand and they walked out of the church.

"What is going on here?!" Said Gina. She was angry,hurt,and confused.


They walked into Sonny's penthouse. Brenda went down and sat on the couch.

Sonny went and sat beside her. He just stared at her,in awe that after all these years she

was alive,and here with him.

"I,i don't know where to start." Said Sonny nervously. "Its been so long,I don't

know what to say."

"Well,I certainly interrupted something important." SAid Brenda.

"What?" Asked Sonny. "Oh right,the wedding."

"Yes,I am sorry I couldn't get away sooner,but I had somethings I had to take care

of before I tried to leave." She paused. "Sonny I-"

"Shhh. There is no reason for you to be sorry,and you don't need to tell me

anything that you're not ready to." He said softly.

"No,you have to know." She said. "You need to know because I need your help."

"What?" He asked.

"Sonny, I need you to help me get our daughter back."

Sonny looked at her with surprise. "Daughter?"

Chapter 4:

"Did you say daughter?" Said Sonny.

"Yes." Said Brenda quietly. "I found out I was pregnant a few months after I

was kidnapped.....we have a beautiful baby girl."

"A baby....a baby girl?" Sonny whispered.

"Yes,thats the only thing tha kept me going,if it wasn't for Adella,I think I would

have killed myself along time ago,but she needed a mother." Brenda said.

"We have a daughter,named Adella." Sonny said. He was just getting over the

shock about Brenda being alive,and now hearing about a daughter he never knew

about,this was a lot for him to take in all in one day.

"Yes,I'm sorry this must be a lot for you to handle in one day." She said.

"Well,we have to get her back,right now." Said Sonny. "W-What is she like."

"She's beautiful." Said Brenda. Talking about Adella always made her smile.

"She looks just like you." "Where is she?" Asked Sonny. "Did you bring her with you?"

"No." Said Brenda. "She is still in Puerto Rico,I had every intention of going


"Well we will just have to go back and get her." Said Sonny. "I'll call Luke and

Jason,and we'll head down there and get her back."

"Sonny,it won't be easy,theres something I didn't tell you." Said Brenda.

"What." Asked Sonny.

"Rivera has grown attached to her,he thinks of her as a little Lily,I try to keep her

away from him,but he does care for her,it will be hard to get her out." She said,with tears

coming to her eyes. "We have to get her out of there."

"We will honey,don't worry." Said Sonny. "I'll make sure everything is okay."

"I know." Said Brenda. "When you tell me everything is going to be alright I

believe you."

"And it always will be." Said Sonny. "From now on,I won't let anyone or

anything hurt you again,you have had a long day sweetie,you should go to bed."

"Okay." Said Brenda. "I'll go sleep in the spare room."

"No,you will go sleep in our bed." He said. "I know what you're thinking,you're

thinking that Gina has been sleeping in there...she hasn't no other woman has slept in that

bed since you've left." He paused. "Me and Gina had another apartment picked out for

when we got back from our honey moon,I don't think we'll be needing it now."

"I'm sorry Sonny." Said Brenda. "I know I ruined your wedding day."

"It's okay." Said Sonny. "I was marrying Gina for all of he wrong reasons

anyway,I-I didn't love her,I was just marrying her because I thought it was the only shot at

I don't know....something."

"But you should talk to her,I am sure that she is hurt,and confused right now."

Brenda said. "You should talk to her."

"I know,I was going to go talk to her,but I am not going to leave you alone."

Said Sonny. "I'll call Lois and Robin,I'm sure they really want to see you anyway....You

just go upstairs and sleep for awhile,I'll call you when they get here."

"Okay." Said Brenda. She stood up and walked upstairs. Sonny stood up and

started walking around,he was angry. He was angry that that sick old man took away his

wife,his whole life away frm him,and now he has his child. He could feel the anger

building up inside him,and he knew he had to calm himself down for Brenda's sake. He

knew that she was stil unsure of how to act around him. He knew he had to be

patient,and caring. She would eventually open back up to him,she just needed to get

used to being back home first,and to do that Sonny had to hold his temper. The bell rang

and he went to answer it. When he opened the door he saw Lois and Robin standing


"Hey,I was just about to call you two." Said Sonny.

"Wheres Bren." Said Lois.

"Uh,she's upstairs,I'll go get-"

"Lois,Robin!" Brenda shrieked. Lois and Robin ran to Brenda and they all hugged

eachother tightly.

"God,I thought I'd never see you two again." Said Bernda.

"I thought we'd never see you again either Brenda." Said Lois.

"I am going to leave you guys alone to get reaquainted with eachother." Sonny

paused. "Do you guys no where Gina is?"

"Shes at the church." Said Robin quietly. "Sonny,maybe you should go later,she's

kind of upset right now."

"No,I have to go explain things to her...I owe her that much." He said. "Will you

be okay while I'm gone." He asked Brenda.

"I'll be fine...go on."


Gina was sitting in the front pew of the church. How had this happened. This

was supposed to be her wedding day,the best day of her life,but it turned out to be the

worst. She heard the church door open and close behind her. She looked back and saw

Sonny standing there. Sonny walked over to her.

"Gina,we need to talk about some things." Said Sonny.

"I know,you can't go through with this." She said in a hurt angry voice. "Brenda

is back,and I guess you're kicking me to the curb right."

"Gina,It's not like that." Said Sonny. "I can't marry you,or be with you with

Brenda back...I love her,I always have,I-I never stopped." He said. "If Brenda would

have never come back,it still would have stayed that way,I couldn't have been any kind of

husband to you...not when I couldn't love you the way that yu should be loved,you

deserve better."

"Sonny,could you please leave me alone." Gina said,she was on the verge of

tears. "I can't deal with this right now,okay."

"Okay,I will talk to you later though." He said.

"Fine." Said Gina coldy. Sonny turned and walked out of the church. When

Sonny closed the door Gina slumped to the floor,and began sobbing. The door opened

again,only this time it wasn't Sonny,it was Nikolas. Nikolas and Gina had been dating at

the time Brenda disappeared,she fell in love with Sonny then,and eventually ended her

relationship with Nikolas,but Nikolas had never stopped loving her,and had always

waited for her.

"Gina." Said Nikolas quietly.

"Nikolas,what are you doing here." She said as she wiped the tears from her face.

"I-I heard what happened,and I was worried about you." Said Gina.

"Theres no need to worry about me,I'm fine." Said Gina,adn when she said that

she broke down again. Nikolas got on the ground with Gnia and held her while she cried.

"Everythings going to be fine Gina,I'll make sure of it." SAid Nikolas.


"OH she is so big now." Brenda marveled while looking at a picture of Brooke.

"yeah,and she knows alot about aunt Brenda,and she will be so excited to meet


"And I am so glad you're doing so well Robin." Said Brenda.

"Well the protocal treatment really works,the virus is almost undetectable,but

they are still reasearching so they don't kow if it is a sure cure of not,but I have never felt

better. They kept on chatting when Sonny walked in.

"Hey Sonny." Said Lois.

"Hey Cerullo." He said back to Lois.

"How did things go with Gina?" Asked Brenda.

"Well." Said Sonny quietly. "She's hurting,and I am the cause,but I think that

she'll be alright."

"She'll bounce back." Said Robin. "Don't worry."

"Well you look really tired Bren,you've had a long day,and you need to get some

rest. Said Lois.

"Okay,promise me that you'll come back tomorrow." Said Brenda.

"Nothing could keep us away." Said Robin. "Bye."

"Bye." Said Brenda,as she hugged both Robin and Lois.(Robin and Lois leave)

"What a day." Said Brenda. Brenda noticed that Sonny was just staring at her

and smiling.

"You've been gone for seven years and you still look the same." Said Sonny. He

walked over to her,took her face in his hands and gently kissed her. She responded by

putting her arms around hi and kissing back. Sonny picked her up,and carried her

upstairs. When upstairs they made love the whole night fulfilling all their dreams and

fantasies since they had been apart.

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