BY: joyjoy
General Hospital

Brenda has just moved out of her house with Jax. She calls the shrink
that Kevin has recommended. Brenda made an appointment with her.
She starts to think of the happenings in the cave, Purto Rico, and all
those other times. Then she remembers all the ³fun² times she had with
Jax. She tells herself not to do this and calls Robin.

R-Brenda, is that you?
B-I went to see Kevin....
B-He helped me realized Iım dependent on men and I moved out of the
R-Where are you?
B-Iım in a hotel room.
R-Did you and Jax split up?
B-No, we.....I, decided that I need to be alone and weıll get back
together when Iım better.
R-Does Sonny know?
R-Do you want him to know?
B-I donıt know. I donıt know what Iıll do if I see him again.
R-I have to go, if you ever need anyone to talk to, Iım here.
B-I love you.
R-I love you to.

We see Brenda hang up the phone. Then Sonny comes on the screen and
his phone rings.
S- Corinthos here.
R- Sonny, itıs Robin
S-Robin how are you, is something wrong?
R-No, I donıt know if I should have called...
S-Why? Whatıs going on.
R-Brenda moved out of Jaxıs earlier today.
S-On her birthday??
R-Oh my God! It is her birthday.
S-Do you know where she is?
R-She said sheıs in a hotel room, but she didnıt say where.
S-Thank you
R- Sonny donıt do anything stupid.
S-You know me.
R-I know.
S-I have to go, see you later.

Sonny calls up almost every hotel in PC and he finds her. She is at
the PC Hotel. Brenda is surprised by a knock at the door. She walks
over, looks through the peep hole, and opens the door.
S-Happy Birthday!
B- Sonny
B-Thank you and good-bye
S-(stops the door before it is slammed) Hay why
B-Iım sorry, Iım just going through a rough time.
S-Iıll help you.
B- Jax is still in my life
S-I guess you didnıt tell him about us then.
S-Iım sorry, I know this is hard for you
B-You really donıt know how hard this is, my life is falling apart.
S-I know how hard it is to have your heart in one place and your body
in another . I was married to someone whom I was happy with, but not
in ,love with.
B-I do love Jax.
S- Ya, I know, but you love me too.
S-You canıt tell me every time you close you donıt see US together in
the cave and feel so...........so...............
S- ya, so you do..
B-feel that way. Yes, but we shouldnıt
S-We can, youıre not even married to him, so whatıs holding you back
B-I......when Kevin asked me if I regretted making love to you, I said
no and I wasnıt lying, but I couldnıt tell Jax.
S-Figure this out and Iıll be around
B-I donıt know if I can come back to you.
S-Can you resist this?

They kisses and sparks fly she tries to resist, pulls back, but gives
in. Sonny pulls away.
S-Donıt forget me
B-(closes the door before he leaves and kisses him more passionately)
Who are you again?
S-Beats me.
B-I love you.
S-I love you, too, but I canıt take advantage of you.
B-Youıre right, I have to tell Jax about the catacomb event.
S-Is that what weıre calling it now.
B- Sonny
S-All in due time.
B-Iıll miss you
S-So will I.
Sonny leaves and Brenda thinks about how much she loves Sonny and how
to tell Jax about everything. She gets enough nerve and heads to their
old house.
B- Jax are you home?
J- Ya honey Iım right here.
B-We have to have a discussion.
J-ıBout what?
B-I didnıt tell you everything that happened in the catacombs.
J-you donıt have to say anything more.
B-Please donıt interrupt me, I have to get this out. I.............,
no, Sonny and I told each other things about each other and we made
love. I donıt expect you to accept this, but please let me finish. I
realized that I still love him. I love you, too, but it isnıt fair to
you. I need time alone, but I donıt want to string you along.
J-Do you expect me to just say, go back into his arms and his bed.
B-I am not going back with him. I have to get better first.
J-Get better, and then get hurt again. I wash my hands of the
situation. Every time you look at him, think of how you cheated on me.
B-Iıll be back for my things.
J-Donıt even say you still love me, it was all only a joke.
B- Jax

Brenda leaves and heads off to her hotel room to find Sonny waiting
for her. She walks over to him and hugs him.
B-I love you.
S-I know, I know. Iım not going anywhere.
B-Thatıs what I need to know. I need to try to do this myself.
S-You could tell me anything.
B-When I talked to Kevin, I realized that all my life Iıve been trying
to have approval of men in any way, because of how my father treated
S-Thatıs another thing we have in common, our fathers were both scums.
B-I know, donıt men suck.
S-I hate them all
B- Ya, I say we rebel
S-Story of my life.
B-Tell me about it.
S-I love you.
B-I love me too.
S-You better
B-Arenıt you going to kiss me?
S-I thought youıd never ask.

They stayed in and ordered room service. Sonny held Brenda until she
fell asleep. When she woke up she got worried.
B-We canıt, I have to do this alone.
S-Youıll never be completely alone
B-I donıt want to be alone, but......
S-You have to
B-Not necessarily, a dinner here a lunch there, we will be together ,
but not constantly. I need to be independent.
S-I will help you however I can.
B-Letıs pack me up and Iıll find a permanent place.
S-Donıt make it too permanent, when your better, God knows where
youıre gonna' live, the skyıs the limit.
B-Let me get better first.

Brenda goes to the therapist and is recuperating very quickly. Brenda
is off the habit and feeling great. Sonny is really supportive. It
takes her one month to get through the addiction and is going to the
therapist weekly, instead of up to 4 times a week. Her relationship
with Sonny grew stronger (as expected). Brenda is just coming home
from a therapy session.
B-Honey, are you home?
S-Where else would I be?
B-My shrink said that I am very stable and Iım showing strong signs of
self reliance.
S-Thatıs great.
B-I really miss you.
S-I miss you too.
S-Could you live with me yet?
B-I donıt see why not.
S-We could settle down, get a place of our own, and who knows what
will happen next.
B-Letıs just go get an apartment, first.
S-Before we leave, (He turns to her and kisses her with more passion
than ever)
B-Well, isnıt that just a little, beautiful preview
S-Didnıt Old Blue Eyes say it best, the best is yet to come.
B-I canıt wait.
S-Letıs get that place then.

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