"For Stone: The Sequal" by Shari

Brenda sighed as she set the last of her bags down on the floor. Sonny came
up behing her and wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck.
Brenda giggled. "Its good to be home." She turned around and wrapped her arms
around Sonny's waist. She kissed his lips softly. "I'm gonna unpack, Ok?"
Sonny nodded. "I'll be up in a minute." Brenda picked up her bags and started
to walk away, but Sonny tightened his hold on her hand. She looked up.

"I love you." Sonny whispered. Brenda smiled. "Ditto." Sonny watched Brenda
slowly climb the stairs, then headed over to the phone and dialed a number.
"Yeah, Benny?" Sonny asked, looking up at the stairs. "Has the package
arrived? No, no, don't bring it here. Yeah, yeah, I'll, uh, I'll meet you."
He scribbled down an address. "See ya in two."
Sonny hung up the phone and called up to Brenda, "I have to go and get
something, sweetheart, I'll be back." He left in a rush. "Sonny?" Brenda came
hurring down the stairs, but Sonny was gone.

By the time Sonny got back, three hours later, Brenda had put away all her
things, making room in the spare walk-in closet, finding extra drawer space.
She then made some dinner, Spaghetti, salad and Italian bread because she got
bored. One taste of her delicious LOOKING meal made her want to throw up so
she dumped it and ran some bath water in the hot, two person, whirl pool
bath tub.

Brenda spread candles and inscence all around the room, and turned out all
of the lights. The tub was full off bubbles and sweet smelling bath gel and
perfume. She was casually lounging in the tub, eyes closed, headphones on,
singing softly to herself when Sonny came strolling into the bathroom. He
took one look at Brenda and he just melted.

Sonny cleared his throat real loud and Brenda's eyes popped open. She smiled

"Hey!" Brenda sat up. "I missed you." Sonny nelt down beside her, sitting on
the edge of the bathtub.

"I missed you too, sweetheart." As Sonny reached down to kiss her, Brenda
wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into the tub. Sonny
cried out, but Brenda laughed hysterrically. "Brenda, baby, I, uh, still have
my clothes on."

Brenda laughed. "I know. I can help you take them off if you'd like." Sonny
starred at her, laughing sweetly. "You have no idea how in love with you I am
at this moment."

Brenda sighed. "I can guess." She took off her walkman and lay it on the
floor. She helped strip Sonny, pulling his body against hers. She fell down
into the water, bringing Sonny with him. Her fingers treaded through Sonny's
hair, caressing his face, and his chin.

"You know how I love making love to you by candlelight." Sonny whispered to
her as he bit her ear. Brenda laughed. "I know." Taking a handfull of water,
she scooped it up and dropped it on Sonny's head. He laughed again. The began
to kiss again, with more and more passion.

After the bath, Sonny carried Brenda to the bedroom and made sweet,
passionate love to her all night.

When Brenda woke up the next morning, she was alone. She turned over,
expecting to see Sonny by the window, but he wasn't there. Slowly, she got up
and wrapped Sonny's robe around her naked body and made her way down the hall
to the stairs.

"Sonny?" She called softly. She checked the kitchen and the downstairs bath.
No Sonny. Brenda sighed. "Why does he keep doing this?"

Brenda sat on the couch all day, waiting by the phone, hoping that Sonny wold
call. After callig Luke, Mike, Jason, Luke's and Sonny's cell phone, she had
given up.

The phone rang and Brenda jumped up to get it. 'Hello?"

"Brenda?" Robin called. "Has Sonny come home?" Brenda started to sob. She
ran her fingers through her hair.

"No." She choked out. "He didn't. He hasn't called me or anyone else all day.
I'm so scared, Robin. What if-"

The door opened and Sony came strolling in. "Hi, sweetheart." He put his keys
down on the table and saw her tears. "Whats wrong?" Brenda kept her voice
neutral. "He's back, Robin. Call you later."

The second Brenda hung up, she started to scream.

"WRONG?!? What's WRONG?!? Guess, Sonny!! I wake up in the morning and you
aren't even there. You don't call me or anyone else all day and then you come
strolling in here like eyerything is OK. I have been going crazy. Where is
he? Is he okay? Is he hurt? Is he lost? Is he dead? God, Sonny! What the hell
were you thinking?"

Brenda wiped her tears away and walked over to th window. Sonny came over and
wrapped his arms around her waist.

Brenda pulled away. "Don't." She headed up the stairs. "I want some time
alone to cool off for a while."


When Sonny entered the bedroom, the shower was running. The bathroom door was
closed. He didn't dare open it. Instead, Sonny went over to the phone.

"Tiffany's New York, Neeci speaking." The woman answered the phone, her voice
very cheerful.

"Yes, I was wondering if I could stop by........."

Brenda turned off the shower, wrapped herself in a terrycloth towel and
opened the door to the bathroom just to hear the door slam downstairs.

Screaming in fury, Brenda threw the nearest object agaist the far wall. "Damn
it, Sonny!" She screamed.

Brenda went to see Robin at Mac's soon after her shower. "I can't believe
this is happening." Brenda sighed in frustration.
Robin smiled, rubbing Brenda's hand in between hers softly. 'I'm sure he has
a good explanation, Brenda."

"Sure." Brenda sighed. "No, Robin I can't do this. I won't do this. If Sonny
is going to keep running away, out that door without telling me whats wrong
or where he is going, then damn him. I'll leave him, I swear to God I will."

Robin frowned, shaking her head. "No you won't. Not without talking to him

"Why should I stay if we never see each other? This is the third time already
and we just got back together yesterday!" Brenda looked at Robin for

"Brenda," Robin sighed." Remember that time when you were shot at in the
shower and Stone got shot while he was protecting me?"

Brenda nodded.

"Remember how Stone had disappeared because he found out about beinsick and
he never told anyone? Being angry and threatening to leave him never crossed
my mind. I loved Stone, I still do, and I would of stood by him through

Brenda smiled. "I wish I was like you."

Robin looked confused. "How am I?"
Brenda shrugged. "You're so strong and confident. I'm never like that."

Robin shook her head. "You ARE strong Brenda." Brenda shook her head. "I
better go. Sonny could be back by now."

Sonny didn't get home until WELL after two o'clock. Brenda was asleep in bed.
When Sonny entered the bedroom and saw her sleeping, she looked so beautiful
that it took his breath away. Brenda stirred and woke.

"Sonny?" Brenda sat up. Anger filled her voice. 'Where the hell have you
been? I won't keep doing this if you keep leaving all the time. Sonny-"

"Shhh." Sonny put his finger up to his mouth. I got you a present." Sonny
puled out a baby blue shopping bag from behind his back and sat on the edge
of the bed. Brenda sat up and took the bag from him, eying Sonny
suspiciously. "You CAN'T buy your way out of this one, bub."

Sonny laughed, shrugging. "Open it." Brenda stared at Sonny again, but then
opened the bag and took out a matching baby blue square box.

"Tiffany's?" Brenda shrieked excitedly. Sonny nodded. He laughed when Brenda
shrieked with excitement and happiness. She opened the box and out fell a
black velvet ring box. Brenda started to cry as she looked up, shaking her
head. She clutched the box to her chest as she looked up at the man she loved
so much.
"Open." Sonny coaxed softly, suddenly very nervous. Brenda looked down and
slowly raised the lid of the ring box.
She started to sob when the beautiful heart shapped diamond ring shinned back
at her. The jewel were set on a sterling silver band. Brenda nodded her head.

"Yes!" She sobbed. "Yes!"
Sonny got down on one knee on the side of the bed. 'Marry me, Brenda." Brenda
nodded, 'Yes." She whimpered. "Help me--help me put it on." She managed.
Sonny took the ring out of the box and slowly slid it on her finger. Then he
raised it to his lips and kissed it softly. "I love you." He whispered.
Brenda wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down on top of her.
"I-I love it. Its so beautiful."

"I love you too, so much." Brenda sobbed. She caressed Sonny's face and
whimpered with joy and happiness when their lips met and they kissed with
passion and love.

Brenda awoke in Sonny's arms. He was smiling down at her. "Morning,
Brenda smiled back. "Morning." She sat up, wrapping the bedsheet around her.
She quickly looked down at her left hand and sighed with relief when she saw
that her beautiful engagement ring was still resting on her left hand. Sonny
laughed at her concern.

Brenda turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. 'Its real."
Sonny nodded. "Of course it is."

Brenda stared deep into Sonny's eyes. "It is. I'm really going to be your
wife. You have no idea how happy I am at this moment."
"Yeah, I do. Now come on, we have a wedding to plan!"

Brenda and Sonny arrived at Luke's later that day after stopping by Jake's to
see Jason. Surprisingly, Robin was there. Brenda showed off her engagment
ring excitedly. Robin was esctatic for her friends, and Jason and Robin both
wanted to be there when Brenda and Sonny sat down to plan the wedding.

"Hey! Corinthos, Miss Barret." Luke smiled at them as they walked through the
door. "Beautiful day-hey, Brenda, whats that on your finger?"
Brenda walks over to Luke and shows off her ring.

"Hey! Look at that bad boy." Luke put his face up close to Brenda's hand. He
smiled as he pulled away. 'Must be atleast 12 carats. You need
moneeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy for a 12 carat diamond ring." Luke hit Sonny on the
back. 'Congrats, my man."

Sonny smiled. Brenda turned to her fiance'. "I am going to go call a wedding
coordinator, OK?" Sonny nodded. Brenda nearly skipped into the office.

"Lucky man, you are." Luke poured Sonny a drink. "Stone would be proud."
Sonny looked up from his scotch. "You think?"

"Hey, yeah, come on man. That kid wanted you and Brenda to be together and I
bet you that he is smiling down on you laughing at how long it too you guys
to get together." Luke leaned against the bar.

"Yeah. I really miss him, you know. I wish he could have been here to be at
our wedding." Sonny looked up. "I haven't gotten to repay him for all that
he's done for me."
"He'll be there in spirit man. Has he ever steered you wrong?"

"Son-ny......" Brenda came rushing out of the office, calling Sonny in a sing
song type of voice. "You won't believe it. The wedding coordinators can meet
us in one hour. Oh, wait, where is Mike?" renda looked around.

"Luke's is closed until tonight, Brenda. Mike doesn't need to be here until
5." Luke smiled at Brenda.

"Right. I knew that." She turned to Sonny. "Come one lets go." She grabbed
Sonny's arm. "See ya Luke."



Brenda could barely control her excitement as Sonny pulled his NEW and
improved navy blue Jag up to the storefront of Victoria's Wedding
Coordination. Brenda hoped out of the car and waited for Sonny to lock it.
She linked arms with him and kissed his cheek. They headed inside.

A short blond woman and another woman, taller, brunette, walked up to them.
"The Corinthos party?" The taller one asked. She had a deep acent, Brenda
guessed that she was French.
Brenda nodded, sticking out her left hand just to show off her ring. "I'm
Sonny smiled. "Sonny." The women looked down at Brendas hand and were in awe
of the size of her diamond. "Wow!" The blond woman exclaimed.

Brenda smiled, "Thank you." The two women exchanged glances, then came back
to reality.
"Suzann." The blond said.
"Madeline." The French woman told them. She pronounced it Mah-da-line.

Brenda looked around the room. There were tables with all sorts of chinawear
and goldwear. There were weding bouquets and pictures of brides and their
dresses lining the walls. The room smelled of chocolate and red wine. Suzann
led Sonny and Brenda to a desk in the corner of the room. Madeline sat down
at it and smiled.

"You would like a summer wedding, would you not?" Brenda smiled. "Yes, yes we
Madeline nodded. "Superb'. Theese way, we can determine what kind of cake is
appropriate and what kind of sumare colors we can use for dresses, flowers,
Brenda nodded, "Great. Lets do it."
Suzann came over with a booklet.
"This is just an album of all of the weddings we have done and all the
choices that you can choose from. All of these are what is very, uh, 'in', I
guess you could say."
Brenda took the booklet from Suzann and opened it.
"You notice that there aren't any dresses, most brides are wearing gowns. The
bridesmaids are also. How many bridesmaids do you have dear?"
Brenda looked at Sonny. "Well, so far, I have two. My best friend Lois and

Suzann nodded. "Let me go get something for you, Brenda." Suzann walked away
to the back room of the shop and came back with some pamplets, business cards
and magazines.

"Here you are." Suzann ahnded Brenda the things. "The buusiness cards are for
wedding gowns, beautiful, beutiful wedding gowns." Brenda searched through
them. "Vera Wang!" Brenda exclaimed. "You have a business card of Vera Wang?"

Madeline nodded. "But of course. Madame Wang and I go way back. She designed
all three of my wedding gowns."

Sonny had to cover a laugh. He coughed instead. "Three?" Madeline looked
sternly at Sonny. "Oui. Three. And the third one was superb'."

"The first....two?" Sonny asked politly.
"Vera Wang!Wow, can you beliieve it, Sonny?" Brendawas still staring at the
card like it was some kind of prized possession.
"The first was horrible'." Madeline whined. "My first hooseband was a pig,
not entirely close to being a man."
"Ditto." Brenda mumbled.

Sonny laughed. 'What about the second, Madeline?"
Madeline shrugged. "Eet was ok, comme ci, comme sa. It was pink. Can you
believe I wore a pink wedding gown? Its unthinkable! Peenk is hardly my
color." Sonny nodded. "Tragic." He said sarcastically. He looked down at
Brenda and whispered softly, "Can we go now?"

Brenda nodded. "Lets go. Thank you." She got up and pulled Sonny out of the
store. "Well, what do you think?"

Sonny considered everything for a moment. "As long as Madeline steers clear
of me, sure, do whatever you want sweetheart. As far as I'm concerned, it is
your wedding."


Later that night, after hours and hours of intense, wonderful lovemaking,
Brenda fell asleep in Sonny's arms. The bedroom was dark. A shadow made its
way over to the bed. The person studied Brenda and Sonny, sleeping peacefully
in each others arms and frowned with disgust. He then noticed Brenda's ring,
shinning brightly in the moonlight. Reaching over slowly, he removed it from
Brenda's finger and slipped it in his pocket.

Then he slipped out of the penthouse as quietly as he had come in.

Brenda woke up in the morning, smiling with happiness. She could here Sonny
down stairs making breakfast. Slowly, Brenda slid out of bed and wrapped
herself in her purple Victoria's Secret satin robe. Brenda walked slowly into
the bathroom and brushed her teeth. It was just as she was putting it back in
the toothbrush holder that she noticed her ring wasn't on her finger. She
checked the other hand, not there.

Brenda began to panic. "My ring." She cried quietly, frantically to herself.
"Where is my ring?" Brenda searched the bed, pulling off all of the
bedcovers. She ran to her vanity and pulled out all of her jewelery, dumping
it all out on the glass topped desk. She spread it all out. No where. She
"No! Please, God, not my ring." Brenda ran across the room and pulled out one
drwer after another and dumped the clothes out on the floor.

Brenda slid over to her walk-in closet and tore down all of her clothes and
shoes, finding no ring.

"No!!!" Brenda screamed now. She ran into Sonny's closet and tore it apart
too. No ring. Brenda began to sob. "Please. Please. Please." She hightailed
it to the bathroom and pulled out all the shampoo and all of her makeup. When
everything had been dumped and double checked, Brenda screamed so loud Sonny
heard her over the sound of bacon, eggs, and ham in the kitchen. he turned
off the stove and headed upstairs. He ahdn't even gotten half way to the
bedroom, but he saw some of Brenda's and his clothes in a heap on the
hallway floor.

"Brenda, baby?" Sonny walked into the room and stopped when he saw his
fiance', face tore up in agony and sadness. She was sitting in her robe in
the middle of the floor on top of clothes, makeup, jewelry and bedsheets. The
vanistool was upside down. The matress of the bad was nearly on the floor,
the bathroom was a wreck, the dressed drawers were scattered throughout the
room, it was a disaster.

"Brenda?" Sonny asked. Brenda looked up, tears rolling down her face. She
shook her head, sobbing so loud that Sonny's ears were ringing. "'Baby?"
He sat down on the floor next to her. "What happened? It looks like a tornado
hit." Brenda sobbed even harder. "Brenda?"
She shoved out her left hand. "Where's your.....?"


Brenda and Sonny searched the entire apartment all day, and there was no sign
of Brenda's engagment ring. Brenda was convinced they were robbed. So she
called the PCPD and when she talked to Mac about her problem, Mac laughed.

"Is anything else missing?" He asked.
"No!" Brenda screamed into the phone. "Jus my engagement ring. Please Mac!"
Mac sighed. "You know that I can't do that. What am I supposed to do? Comb
the streets for a ring? Hav all patrolmen on the lookout for a missing
engagement ring?"
"Yes!" Brenda screamed. Then she quieted down. Sonny came up to her and put
his arms around her. "It would mean alot to me if you could-if you could do

"I don't know, Brenda." Mac sighed, sitting up. "Are you sure you didn't
just--misplace it?" Brenda ran her hands through her hair and closed her eyes
sighing as tears started to fall.
"No. Mac, please. I-that ring means so much to me."
"OK, I'llsee what I can do. But you, you stay calm and drink some tea. Check
everything again and call me back if you find it."

Brenda through the cordless on the couch and started to break down. Sonny
pulled her into his arms.
"Hey." He said, trying to get her to look up. He took her over to the couch
and sat next to her. "Hey! Look at me. We'll find it. And if we don't, I'll
buy you whatever ring you want, even if it costs more money than the Unitd
States Government has, I'll get you a ring. I promise you. I won't let you
Brenda smiled through her tears. She caressed his face. "I love you so much.
You have been so cool with me." She looked down as her tears intensified. "I
feel so bad. That ring must have been so expensive." Sonny brought her face
"No price is to large for you, baby. I'll do anything, buy anything for you.
How about in the morning, we go back to Tiffany's and see if they got any new
diamonds in store for us, huh? What do you say?"

There is more, continued......

Brenda smiled. She looked down and sniffled, shaking her head. Brenda rubbed
her hands up and down her thighs and got up, sighing. "No."

Sonny was confused. "Huh?"
"No. I don't want to go to Tiffany's. Or anyplace else. I want THAT ring,
Sonny. THAT ring is my ring."

Sonny sighed. "Okay....... What if we can't find it. Come on, sweetheart.
Don't waist your time trying to find something that can't be found." Brenda
wiped away her tears.

"Ummmmmmm....." Brenda thought about it. "I don't know."

"Come on, baby. We can go to some-hey isn't that Venus person supposed to be
in New York this month? Maybe if you call we can get an appointment and make
a day out of it."

Brenda laughed hysterrically. "Vera! Vera! Not Venus!" Sonny smiled and
laughed. "I know. Anything to get that smile back on your face."

Brenda suddenly turned serious. "Ok, why not?"


Their appoinment with Vera wasn't until noon, so they stopped at Tiffany's
New York and headed inside. The room was bright, gold trimed glass cases
lined the room. Brenda headed over to one. Tucking her hair behind her ear,
she pointed to one of the rings.
"Look, baby, at that ring, isn't it pretty?" Sonny leaned against the counter
in front of her and looked down, smiling. "Cupic Zarconia is your type of
ring, huh?"

Brenda's eyes grew wide. "What?! That is not a cupic zarconia-.... Oh." She
noticed the intials CZ on the little white ticket next to the ring. "That
ring wsn't all great anyway." She frowned as she took Sonny's hand and lead
him over to the diamond case.

Sonny wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.
Brenda checked out each ring, necklace, braclet and earring carefully. She
stopped suddenly, taking in a sharp breath. She pointed down into the case.
"Look." Sonny looked down into the case. "Where?"

She pointed again as a saleswoman came up, smiling at them. She wore a blue
shirt that read Tiffany's. She had on a blue skirt.
"Oh, look at what a cute couple you two are." She smiled at Brenda's blushing
"Hi, " the woman stuck out her hand. "My name is Carol. Need help?" Brenda

"Hi, Carol. I'm Brenda and this is my fiance', Sonny." They all shook hands.
"I was wondering, Carol, if I could possibly see that diamond ring." She
pointed down into the case.

"Sure." Carol pulled a pair of keys from her skirt pocket and opened the
case, pulling out the ring. Brenda gasped as the woman took it off its stand
and handed it to Sonny.

Brenda was blinded by its brightness. She began jumping up and down, waving
her hands up and down exciedly. "Put it on, baby." Sonny tried but laughed.

"I can't until you calm down, sweetie." Brenda smiled. 'Yeah, yeah, sorry."
She put her left hand forward and Sonny slid on the ring. Brenda was awed.
She held her hand up to the light.

The ring was on a sterling silver band, a big, chunky diamond in the middle
that was so shiny it was reflected in Brenda's eyes. Surrounding the big
diamond were two smaller diamonds on either side. "Its perfect." Her eyes
sparkled as she looked back at Sonny and Carol.

"I think we found a winner." Carol smiled, leaning agaisnt the counter.
Sonny laughed. "Think so. Brenda?"

All she could do was nod. 'Yes. How-how much?" Carol laughed again. "Follow
me." She took them over to the cash register. She pulled out a thick book and
searched the book for a ticket number that matched the one on the ticket,
which she had removed from the case.

'That ring is $12,000." Brenda gasped, but Carol pressed on. "Now the only
reason that the price is that high is because this is the newest edition to
our Tiffany's Heirloom Line of Diamonds. We usually charge more for new
jewlery when we FIRST get it but............" Carol sighed. "For you guys,
I'll give you a three thousand dollar discount."

Brenda gasped excitedly, but Sonny shook his head. "We couldn't ask you to do

Carol put out a hand. "I INSIST! You guys are lucky, my husband paid over
half a mil' for my ring."

Brenda shook her head. "You're joking."

Carol shook her head. 'Not even. So what do you say?"


Brenda and Sonny walked out of Tiffany's, Brenda staring at her ring. "Its
gorgeous," Brenda sighed.

'So are you," Sonny smiled at her.
"Awwwwwwww." Brenda leaned over, right in the middle of 5th Avenue, took
Sonny's face in her hands and kissed him nice and sweet.

"Thank you." Brenda whispered as they pulled away. "I love it."
"I love you." Sonny whispered.

"Ditto." Brenda looked down at her watch. "Oh. Wow! 11:45!" Brenda ran down
the street toward the car. "Come on, Sonny! We have to drive all the way to
the Upper East Side. Its gonna take forever!"

Sonny laughed as he hopped in and started tha car. The sped away from
Tiffany's and surprisingly made it to Vera's penthouse/warehouse in a little
under twenty minutes.

Brenda and Sonny took the elevator up to the top floor. There were huge duble
wooden doors in fron of the elevator with words Vera Wang scribbled across
them. Music could be heard from inside. Brenda rang the bell.

Footsteps could be heard from outsie.

The door swung open and a tall, good looking Asian woman with straight jet
balck hair stood before them. She wore a pair of black flare slacks and a
white halter shirt with a single black and silver necklace hanging from her
neck. She wore no makeup, but she had big silver hoops hanging from her ears.
On her feet were three inch black sandals, her tonails painted white. Her
hair wast ied up with a white ribbon in a messy ponytail with wispy bangs
shaping her face and some wispy hair hanging out in the back.

She sure was a sight. brenda gasped. 'Ve-Ve-Vera Wang?" She asked nervously.
The woman smiled. 'The one and only." Vera stepped back to let them in.

"You two must be Sonny and Brenda." Vera shut the door and Brenda and Sonny
were BOTH in shock.

Miss Wang had an awesome fashion sense. Her apartment was decorated solidly
in black, white and gold. There were black leather couches, white carpets,
gold shams and knick knacks, there was a black entertainment system and the
walls were white with gold spray paint and spong paint designs everywhere.
That was just in the living room.The kitchen had a black and white marble
floor, gold seats and table etc....

There were huge windows on all but three sides of he living room. On the
fourth wall was he TV and two double doors labled Vera's Studio.

"How-how did you know?" Brenda asked, turning to Vera.
"I never forget a name." Vera went into the kitchen, opened the balck fridge
took out a coke and offered some to Sonny and Brenda. They each to one
graciously. "Besides, you two are famous. I read about your, uh, rescue from
the caves and the possible drug problem in Port Cahrles. Alot goes on in a
small town like that, huh?"

Vera led them across the living room into her studio. She sat them down on
two comfortable leather chairs and sat down across from them at her desk.
Brenda could hear the music coming froma room down the hall from Vera's

"Yeah." Sonny said. "You have no idea. Really, we, uh, made it into the
Vera nodded. 'Yeah. While I was in LA last month, I was rading the LA Times.
Page thirteen, second column, there you guys were."

"Wow." Brenda stared at Vera, amazed. "This woman might actually design my
wedding dress."

"So." Vera said, puting her coke aside. "You two called on me because you wan
me to possible designyou a wedding gown. Or atleast give you some input on

"Yes." Brenda said nervously.

"Well, Brenda, Sonny, lets see what we can do."


Vera, Sonny, and Brenda walked through Vera's warehouse where there were
fabrics, sketches, and pens scattered everywhere.

"Since you called yesterday, and since I am such a nice person, I sketched a
few ideas for ypou." Vera stopped at a tall cabinet in the corner of the room
and pulled out some construction paper sized card board sheets with sketches
of all different dresses, gowns, colors, sizes etc....

"This one." Vera said pointing to one big pooffed out dress, "is pretty
popular with some woman but I just can't see it on you. But here...." Vera
pulled another one out from under the pile and showed it to Sonny and

Brenda gasped. "Vera! I love it." She took the sheet from her and stared at
the dress.
"This dress?" Vera asked. "Brenda nodded. "Yes. Yes. Yes!"

Sonny and Vera laughed. "This dress it is."

Brenda sighed with exhastion as she and Sonny made their way into their
"Had fun?" Sonny asked, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Um-hm," Brenda mummbled. "I'm so exausted."

"Yeah?" Sonny took tiny love bites out of her neck. Brenda sighed with
happiness. "Yeah."

Sonny took her hand and stood in front of her. "Its time for bed." Brenda's
eyes grew wide as Sonny picked her up and carried her upstairs, Brenda
squeaing with excitement.

Brenda woke up in the morning, wrapped up in bedsheets. The sun was shinning
bright. She sat up, wiping the hair from her eyes, clutching the sheet to her
body. Sonny was awake, wearing black slacks, buttoning up his white shirt,
when he noticed her.

'Morning beautiful." Sonny leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Hi." Brenda watched Sonny put on his watch and tuck in his shirt. "Where are
you going so early?"

Sonny smiled privately. "That, my beautiful lady, is for me to know and you
to find out." He leaned over, kissed again and left the penthouse.

Brenda sighed, running her hands throughn her hair. The phone rang, Brenda
reached over to the bedside table, answering it.




Silence, then click.

"Jerks." Brenda mumbled, hanging up the phone.

Brenda got up, wrapped herself in her robe and carried the cordless down the
stairs. She started to make herself some toast, bacon and orange juice. She
sat down at the table, resting her feet on the chair across from her, turned
on the tube and tuned in to "All My Children".

She picked up the phone and seconds later it was ringing. "Lo?" Brenda
smiled. She would recognize that voice anywhere.

"Lois!" Brenda exclaimed.
"Bren?" Lois cried. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, its me." Brenda smiled at her best friends voice.
"I missed you. How are you?"

Brenda sighed. 'Where should I begin? The Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing
opened last month, Jax and I broke up, Sonny and I got back together, Sonny
and I got engaged, I lost my engagement ring, I went to Tiffany's and bought
$12,000 ring for $9,000. I got Vera Wang to design my dress, wanna come to
the wedding?"

"No way! Wow, Barret and Corinthos together once again, watch out." Brenda
"So, really, will you come?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Bren. My two best friends getting hitched.
I can't believe it."

"I know Lois-Lois?" The line suddenly went dead.

Brenda swore softly as she turned around to check the phone jack. The phone
cord was lying on the floor. Brenda put the cord back in, setting the phone
on the floor. As she reached down to pick up the phone, she saw a shadow of a
man holding a dinning room chair, raising it high over his head, aiming at

Brenda screamed as the hard wooden chair came crashing down. The food in the
kitchen started to burn and set off the fire alarm. Brenda lay unconscious on
the floor, hidden behind the server in the dinning room, with blood pooling
out under her. The penthouse filled with really thick smoke, really fast.


Sonny pulled up to to Harborview to see ambulances, firetrucks, and police
cars surrounding the building. He parked the car and ran to the entrance, but
a police man blocked his way.

"I'm sorry, sir, but you can't get inside."
"I live here."
"Sir, NO, there has been a murder on the penthouse floor. All residents and
staff have been evacuated."

Sonny was filled with panic. "I-I live on the penthouse floor!" The officer
moved him out of the way. "What apartment!? Hey! What apartment?"

The officer just ignored Sonny, moving away. There was a tap on his shoulder,
he turned around, hoping to see Brenda. It was Taggert.

"What the hell do you want?" Sonny snapped.

"Now, now Sonny boy, don't be fresh. Not escpscially aftr you just killed
your girlfriend." Enraged, Sonny grabbed Taggert by the collar and put his
face within inches of Taggerts.

'You mention Brenda again, Taggert, I'll kill you."

"Sonny!" He turned around and saw Jason, Robin and Mike running toward him.
"Stop in, Sonny. Your giving him what he wants." Jason pulled Sonny away
from taggert, who was smiling slyly.

"Where's Brenda?" Sonny asked. No one knew. "If she's dead........" Sonny
closed his eyes as tears fell. Robin wrapped her arms around Sonny's waist.

"Sonny!" They all turned to see Lois running toward them, tears staining her

"I was on the phone with Brenda." Lois started. "The line went dead and when
we got the connection back I heard her screaming, 'No' over and over again.
Then a long scream and silence. I-I did here the fire alarm go off and the
sound of a chair breaking. I called and called out to her, but she never...."
Lois started to sob.

A policeman came up to them all. "Is one of you Sonny Corinthos?" Sonny

"We found your wife."


Sonny, Lois, Robin, MIke and Jason all ran over to an ambulance that was in
the parking garage of the apartments. They saw Brenda, sitting on a stretcher
bed, with it half way up so she was in a sitting position. She had a bandage
on her forhead, shoulder, and wrist. Her eyes wer blood shot, her shirt and
slacks covered in dried blood. Tears fell rapidly down her cheeks as she
noticed everyone running toward her.

"Sonny." She whispered, her voice breaking. She opened her arms and Sonny
fell into them. He kissed her forehead where it wasn't bandaged and pressed
her against his body. "Oh God," Sonny moaned. "I thought I'd lost you."

Brenda shook her head. "Never. You'll never lose me."

Sonny looked away toward the doctor. "Whats wrong with her?"

The doctor sighed." She has a slight concussion, a broken AND fractured
wrist, and she needed 150 sttches in her shoulder, there is quite a big gash

Sonny looked concerned, he fingered her shoulder lovingly. 'So, uh what

"Well, " A police officer came up to them. "Apparently, the person who
attacked your wife here snuck through security, even the extra tight security
that you requested Mr. Corinthos, just in case of any trouble. There was food
on the stove in your kitchen and it began smoking. The fire was contained,
just on the stove. The whole building was evacuated but by that time, the
attacker had already escaped."

Lois stepped up. "Yeah. The line went dead-"

"It was pulled out." Brenda interuppted. "I was reaching down to put it back
in when I saw a shadow of a--man " her voice started to break "holding a
heavy wodden dinning room chair, next thing I know I'm on the, screaming for
my life, and--and-- everything just goes black." Brenda sobs quietly, still
frightened for her life.

"Someone told me that there was a murder." Sonny asked he officer, who
nodded. "A staff member was found stabbed to death on the elevator-"

Some firefighters walked up to them. "Residents are being allowed back in
their homes. There is very tight security in and around the building. If you
are heading into the building, please stay there until morning. All other
visitors MUST be reported to the front desk."

Lois, Sonny, Mike, Jason and Robin all headed up to the penthouse. Sonny
helped Brenda into her nightgown and fixed her some tea on the stove, which
surprisingly, was working. He told her to go to bed, but she was afraid to go
alone so they all sat akwardly in the living room.

"I want you to have a bodyguard." Sonny told Brenda. "No excuses. Wherever
you go by yourself, a body guard goes with you."

Brenda shook her head. "No, Sonny-"

Lois cut in. "Bren, please listen to him."

Jason sat down on the coffee table in frnt of Brenda. "Brenda, listen to me."
He took a deep breath. "You almost died. Now, if you have someone like Pete
or-or Joseph watching you, protecting you, you will have a better chance at
safety, until Sonny and I figure out who did this to you." Robin sat down
next to Brenda and hugged her.

"Jason's right, Brenda." Robin looked at her friend.

Brenda sighed, shaking her head. 'No! No, Sonny. So, so what, are our
children going to need bodyguards going with them to school, when they go on
their first date, on their honeymoon? No, no never."

Sonny tried not to scream in frustration. "Yeah, yeah, you know, whatever it
takes to, uh, keep you safe."

Mike nodded. "Please, Brenda."

"Fine." Brenda relented. "Fine. But I want to concentrate on th wedding
first. No bodyguards while we plan the wedding, at the wedding " she looked
pointedly at Sonny "and NOT on the honeymoon."

'Hell no." Sonny mumbled. Everyone laughed to remove the tension from the

Brenda ran a hand through her hair. "Thats right. I have a lot to do
tomorrow. Robin, Lois and I have to go to Vera's for dress fittings, and then
we have to go to Victoria's for cake descisions and things like that."

Sonny nodded. "Fine, fine. But you guys" he pointed to Lois and Robin "take
care of her, or I'll hurt you." He smiled.


'Zees cake?" Madeline pointed to a three tiered wedding cake. It had yellow
and purple flowers and yellow frosting. There was gold sparkly frosting along
the sides.
"Yes, how much?" Brenda asked.

"Well." Madeline checked the book. "Thees cake est about woon thousand,
twanty dollars, about a thousand extra for different flavors."

"Well, what flavor is this?" Lois asked, pointing to the cake.

Lois, Robin, and Brenda were at Victoria's, picking out wedding cakes. They
were sitting at Madeline's desk, looking over cake albums. They had already
stopped by Vera's to try on the bridal gowns, which had fit perfectly.
"Thees cake would propaply be le'mon or maybe even vaneela, I'm not acurate."

Lois looked confused. "Could you run that by me again?"

"No." Madeline told her.
"What?" Lois asked.
"No." Madeline repeated.

"Vanilla or lemon is what she said." Robin told Lois, laughing
"Yees, yees, le'mon." Madeline looked down at the book.
"Ooooohhhhh." Brenda said excitedly. "I love lemon cake. And chocolate and
vanilla and marble......"
"We'll take it." Lois said, cutting Brenda off.
Brenda opened her wallet and ripped ou a check. "How much?"

Madeline sat down at her desk and began typing on her computer. "Well, eet
would propaply be about...........sree sounsand dollars." Brenda's jaw

"What happened to $1000?" Brenda exclaimed.

"You said you wanted a cake with chocolate, le'mon, vaneela, and marble. That
is quite a lot of money, Ms. Barret. Cakes don't come cheap anymore."

Robin, Lois and Brenda all burst out laughing. "No!" Brenda said between
giggles. "I said I LIKED those flavors. I-we want a lemon cake."

"Oh!" Madeline blushed. "I knew zat. " She typed something into the computer.
"So, how many guest are there going to be?"

Brenda quickly answered, " 24 including bridesmaids."

Madeline nodded. 'Ok. the cake comes to a total of &1, 980. For about 80
people, case people want seeconds."

Brenda nodded excitedly, writing out the check. "Thank you!"

Lois, Brenda and Robin left the store. Brenda treated her two best friends
for lunch. They sat in the cafe, Brenda sipping a slushie, Robin eating a
BLT and Lois gulping down a double cheesburger, large fries and a large glass
of coke. Brenda and Robin looked amused, trying not to laugh at Lois.

Lois looked up in mid chew, a piece of bread stuck to her lip. "What?" The
bread fell on the plate and that was it. Robin and Brenda were in hysterrics.

Lois swallowed and wiped some crumbs off her lap, blushing at her friends
laughing. "Well, I'm sorry, I'm a mother OK? Half of my food goes to Brooke,
I hardly get to pig out anymore."

Robin was still laughing hysterrically, Brenda giggling. They were making
quite a scene. Brenda quieted down first.

"How is my goddaughter anyway?" Brenda asked, up the last of her slurpie.

"Fine. Ma was fussing over her yesterday, so I kinda tried to slip out of the
house after the phone call, but I was freaking out and she heard me."

"How are Gloria and Carmine, anyway? I haven't spoken to them in the LONGEST
"Good, good. They're worried about you and Sonny though."

"Tell them I'm fine." Brenda said to Lois as her cell phone rang. She pulled
it out of her purse.
"Where the hell are you?" Sonny screamed at her.
"I love you too, honey." Brenda sat back, tucked some hair behind her ear,
and raised her eyes at Robin and Lois, who had begun to attack her
cheeseburger again.
"Well?" Sonny pressed.
"'Well?' what, Sonny?" Brenda asked, mocking him.

"Where are you?"
Brenda laughed. "Calm down, honey. Lois, Robin and I stopped for lunch at
some cafe just outside of town. I'm fine."
"Brenda-" Sonny sounded like he was going to get into a long lecture.
"I'm fine." Brenda laughed over Sonny's worry. "Honest."

"Alright." Sonny sighed, relenting. "Just don't go anywhere else with out
checking in with me."
"OK, bye."

Brenda laughed again as she clicked her phone closed and set it on the table.
"He was worried about me again." She looked down at Lois, who was munching on
her burger with pure satsification.
"Lois, calm down, you're killing the poor thing." Brenda and Robin cracked up
"Shut up." Lois mumbled, smiling.
Brenda's cell rang again. She picked it up again. "Sonny-"
"Its not Sonny, little sister."
Brenda's jaw dropped again. "Julia!" Robin and Lois looked at each other,

"Hey! Sonny gave me your cell number. Getting hitched, huh?"
Brenda laughed. "Yeah...... Its so good to hear your voice. Oh, god! I can't
believe I'm talking to my big sister. Its been ages."
"Yeah. Were you EVER planning on inviting me to your wedding?"
"Of course." Brenda laughed. "But-what happened to London?"

"That didn't work out. Listen, Eric, Annabeth and I are just minutes away
from Port Charles, can we meet?"
Brenda screamed in excitement, but then quieted down because everyone in the
resturant looked at her.

"You and--and the baby? Eric too? Wow, yeah, yes, I mean. I'm not home right
now, I'm with Lois and Robin out to lunch. Where are you staying?"
Julia laughed. 'Where else? The Port Chuck Hotel. Give the place a ring when
you get home."

Brenda was estatic. "Sure! See you later."
Brenda closed her cell again. "That was Julia Barret Blanc, calling to tell
me she and her husband and daughter are minutes away from Port Chunky and
want to meet!"

"Julia?" Lois asked. "Wow."
Brenda nodded. "Thats why we have to go." She and Robin stood up, but Lois
was STILL trying to gobble down her burger. Brenda grabbed Lois' hand.
"Come on, Lo."
Lois tried to pull away. "But-the chesse- My burger!" Brenda pulled Lois from
her seat, threw some change on the table and yanked Lois out of the deli.
Robin followed, laughing hysterricaly.
"The burger can wait."

Brenda, Lois and Robin stormed into Luke's. "Sonny! Sonny!"
Sonny walked in the club from the office. "What is it baby? Hey, Lois,

Brenda ran over to her fiance', wrapped her arms around his neck and planted
kisses on his face. "Julia's back! She's due here any second."
Sonny pulled away. laughing. "I know. She told me her plans when she called
the penthouse."

Brenda, Lois and Robin sat at the bar. Luke and Mike came in.
"Hey! Party going on?" Luke went into the bar and poured himself a drink.
"Good to see you, Ms. Cerullo." Luke told Lois as he poured himself a drink.
"Ditto, Luke."

The door to Luke's opened, Brenda looked toward it excitedly. A tall,
beautiful brunette walked inside, followed by a tall handsome brown haired
man and a little girl clutching to the man. Brenda recognized the woman as
Julia. She just stared at her sister, amazed.

Julia had her hair layered, with big huge curls shapping her face. She wore a
baby blue suede dress, that ended a few inches above her knees, a matching
suede jacket, and matching high, HIGH heeled blue suede platform shoes. She
had a cute black purse slung loosly over her shoulder. But the MOST noticable
thing about Julia was the HUGE diamond ring on her left hand. It must have
been an inch wide.

Her husband, who Brenda recognized from a photo Julia had sent her, was
quite handsome. He had a nice crisp white shirt on and black pants.
Annabeth, Julia's four year old daughter, was wearing a cute black skirt, a
blue t-shirt and a black vest over it. Her brown hair was layered like her
mothers, but it was pulled away from her face in little blue flower clips.
She had blue nail polish on her fingers. They were a very good looking

Brenda got up. "Julia?"
"Hey, little sister!" Julia smiled brightly. Brenda ran over to her sister,
hugging her tight.
"It is so good to see you, finally." Julia said, pulling away. She noticed
everyone watching her.

Brenda wiped tears away from her eyes and took her sisters hand, tears
falling. Surprisingly, Brenda's voice was clear.
"Julia." She said. "This is Sonny, my fiance'. Luke; Sonny's friend and
business partner, Mike; Sonny's dad, Lois; my best friend, Robin; my other
best friend."

Julia wiped tears from her eyes. "Luke, nice to see you again." She smiled at
him, and shook everyone else hands.

"These wonderful people here," Julia said, gesturing towrd the man and little
girl, "are my family. My husband, Eric, and my daughter, Annabeth. You can
just call her Beth." Julia knelt down in front of her daughter. "Beth, baby,
say hi."
Beth just turned away. Julia smiled, picking her daughter up. She took her
over to Brenda.
Brenda was in awe. "This is my niece?" She asked.
"Thats her." Julia said proudly.
"She's gotten so big."
"Tell me about it."

Sonny looked at Brenda, Julia, and Beth, who was a younger version of Julia.
They looked like a family. The family that Brenda had been missing. She had
everything now.


Brenda woke up in the middle of the night, only to find Sonny gone. She
pulled on her robe and made her way through the dark bedroom down the stairs.
She paused when she saw Sonny looking out of the window, an arm propped
against the wall.
She sighed, wallked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, laying
her head against his back.
"Whats the matter baby? Can't sleep?" She mumbled against Sonny's robe.
"Hey, sweetheart." Sonny whispered tiredly. He turned around and embraced
Brenda, shaking his head.
"No, no, I was thinking."

"Bout what?" Brenda pulled away. Sonny sighed, moving over to the couch.

"We get married in two days Brenda." Sonny told her.
"I know.' Brenda answered.

"This is our last night as just Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barret. The next
night we sleep together we'll be husband and wife: Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos."

Brenda looked confused. "Sonny I don't get it."

"I've been married before, Brenda." Sonny told her.

"I know. So have I." Brenda was afraid she wouldn't like what she was going
to hear.

"Yeah, but the only difference is my wife died, because of me."
Brenda shook her head. "That wasn't your fault."

Sonny sighed wih frustration. "You're not listening to me, Brenda!"
"I'm trying!"
"Don't try! Just do!"
"Fine! I'm sorry."

Sonny sighed. "Lily knew what my place was in the organization, she knew not
to ask questions, she was ready to live her WHOLE life in the mad mobsters
shadow. Me making headlines, me being questioned by the police, me being sent
to jail, she was ready for it all. Because she loved me. And that killed her.
Loving me, sticking by my side killed her."

Brenda shook her head. "Rivera-"
"No!" Sonny interuppted. "Me. If the same thing that happened to Lily happens
to you- Thats why we can't-we can't get married."

Angrily, Brenda ran over to Sonny. "You're not saying this! I won't believe
what I just heard."
"We can't, Brenda." Sonny said. "I almost didn't survive the first time. Not
"You can protect me!" Brenda yelled, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Right, Brenda, like I protected Lily?" Sonny looked at her.
"No! I won't let you do this to us." Brenda refused, shaking her head.

'Its already done." Sonny told her. "And it can't be fixed."

Brenda opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She let ot a long
"This-you are willing to just drop our future together like that?"

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"Its the only way." Sonny said, helplessly.
"No, its not." Brenda said, her face tear stained, red in pain and agony.
"Yes-yes it is."

Brenda shook her head. "Stone wouldn't of wanted this. He wanted US together,
Sonny, forever. He wanted us to forgive each other and move on with our
lives, TOGETHER. No matter what, be there for each other, support each other,
have children get married, the whole nine yards. He didn't want us to RIP
each others hearts out and then act-and then say 'Sorry, whats done is done,
I can't fix it'. Its wrong Sonny! Its wrong to propose to me the way that you
did, make me believe that I had a future as your wife and then--and then tell
me its over two days before the wedding and--and just EXPECT me to agree."
She took a deep breath.
"If you think for one second that I am going to call off this wedding, you
are DEAD wrong. Lily's dead, Sonny, there is no point in trying to kid
ourselves about that. Stone's dead too. But what they BOTH wanted for us was
happiness, wherever we could find it. We found it with each other, you know,
in each others arms. Thats where we stay. So do us BOTH a favor and SHUT UP.
I'm going back to bed."

Sonny watched Brenda storm up the stairs. Seconds later the bedroom door

Sonny joined Brenda in bed a few minutes later. He wrapped his arms around
her and whispered in her ear, "I think we woke up the neighbors."

Brenda smiled, turning over. "Well, since WE are awake, why not put that
energy to good use and........" She whispered something in Sonny's ear.
"I like the way you think, my dear." Sonny laughed. Their lips met in a
torrid, passionate kiss.

It was a gown, one with a train, about three feet long. The color was gold.
Brenda had her hair up in big curls with a gold sparkly tiara type crown
headband in her head with some curly tendrils shaping her face. She held
gold, white and purple flowers bouquet in her hand. The dress had a low
collar, flat sparkly gold shoulder straps, a full flared skirt, and in the
back the shoulder straps criss-crossed, leaving most of the back bare. She
had gold satin three inch high heeled shoes on, making her look taller.

Julia looked on, beaming brightly. "You look beautiful, Brenda."

Brenda smiled beautifully, doing a full circle, the skirt twirling around
her, then setting perfectly in place.

"I can't beleive it." Brenda gushed. 'I mean, look at me. I'm in my wedding
dress, on my wedding day, getting married to one of the most wonderful men on
the face of the earth and I'm surrounded by my sister and two best friends in
th entire world. Life doesn't get any better than this."

Robin and Lois smiled. They were wearing simple violet clored velvet gowns,
with trains and with matching elbow length gloves. All the womans hair,
makeup and nails had been done by a professional Vera had recommended.

Lois and Robin's hair were curled, with a rectangular diamond studded
barrette holding it in place, square in the middle of their heads. Their
hair fell on the side of their faces.

Julia, Brenda's Maid of Honor, wore a white gown, her hair down, but had a
thin diamond headband placed in it. Her gown had a train also. It had thick,
flat straps. She and Brenda were wearing matching diamond hearts, symbolizing
their newfound friendship. All maids carried bouquets with purple and white
flowers, but Brenda was the only one with gold flowers in hers.

The wedding was at a church in Rochester, the reception would be at Julia's
house a few hours away in the Hampton's. Brenda and Sonny were reluctant to
have their reception so far away, where people would get lost, but Julia
insisted. She wouldn't let them see the house, only Suzann and Madeline, who
helped her set it up. They hired professional caterers. After the party, a
limo would arrive, take Sonny and Brenda to the airport for their honeymoon
in Italy.

Ned knocked on the door. "Ladies, its time."


There were vines of purple, gold and white flowers going down the row toward
the alter. Brenda stood in the back nervously, on Ned's arm.

The harmony music began and little Beth carrying the basket full of white
rose petals walked down the aisle.
Robin and Mike were next. Then Lois and Luke. As the line moved, Suzann and
Madeline instructing it, Brenda's nervousness grew.

*Follow your heart*

"Thank you, Stone, thank you." Brenda whispered softly.

"Go Girl." Stone whispered back.


"I, Brenda Barret." Brenda sighed, looking deep into Sonny's eyes. "Take
thee, Micheal Corinthos, to be my lawful wedded husband. I promise to honor
him, love him, and keep myself only unto him for as long as we both shall

The priest looked at Sonny.
"I, Micheal Corinthos, take thee Brenda Barret to be my lawfully wedded wife.
I promise to love her, honor her and keep myself only unto her for as long as
we both shall live."

The priest turned to Lucky. "The rings please."
Lucky took them out of his pocket.

"Sonny, repeat after me. With this ring, as a token of my love and affection,
I thee wed."
"With this ring, " Sonny showed Brenda the two little diamond studded
baguettes he bought her. He slipped one on, then the ring, then the other
baguette. "As a token of my love and affection, I thee wed."

Brenda did the same.

The priest closed the bible, tucked it under his arm, and smiled. "By the
power vested in me by the state of New York I now pronounce you husband and
wife. You may kiss your bride!"

As Sonny took Brenda's face in his hands and sealed her lips with a long
sweet kiss, everyone stood up and began clapping. They pulled apart, Brenda
trying to fight back tears. She took her flowers from Julia and she and her
husband faced the people.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, may I FINALLY present to you Mr. and Mrs. Micheal
Corinthos Jr.!"
The pianist played "Here Comes the Bride" as Sonny, Brenda, Julia, Mike,
Jason, Robin, Lois, Ned, Lucky and Beth made their way down the aisle to the
back of the church. Once they were outside, Sonny picked Brenda up, twirlled
her around and kissed her softly on the lips. Their guests applauded as they
crawled into one limo and their wedding party crowded into another. The
guests headed to their cars, all ready to party. The limos sped away from the
curb, heading to Julia's in the Hampton's for some REAL partying.


Brenda's heart nearly exploded when she saw her sisters house. It was on the
Long Island Sound, a huge mansion, with a balcony in the back, a beautiful
tended garden. It was red brick, with a three car garage, a gate and a
gatehouse, there were vines crawling all over the house, a cobblestone
driveway, a black iron fountain, the works.
In the foyer there was a grand staircase with a huge picture window. The
stairs was decotated with white, gold and purple flowers, the whole house

Julia and Eric stood before Sonny and Brenda, arms wrapped around each other,
smiling brightly.
"Welcome home. Do you like it?" Julia offered a hand.
"Like it?!?!" Brenda shreiked. "Do I like it?!? Julia, this is a gift from
God. I-I love it here. Your house is just s-so beautiful. I'm speachless."

"I knew you would."


The reception was kickin'. Brenda and Sonny had already downed three glasses
of champagne EACH and were working on more. The party was being held on Julia
and Eric's beautiful veranda overlooking the ocean.
Julia had called professional wedding photographers yesterday and were able
to get them to come on such short notice. They were snapping away.

Luke stood up before the small group. "Its time for Sonny and Brenda to dance
their very FIRST dance as husband and wife."

Brenda smiled. "Sonny disagree with about every song I suggested so-"

"Wait a minute." Sonny interuppted. " I disagreed? ME? No, who was the one
"Sonny, shut up.' Brenda said sweetly.
"No!No, who-who was the one who REFUSED to listen to Keith Sweat?"
"Honey-honey I didn't REFUSE, I just don't want to listen to that song for
the first dance that we do. So, anyway, I suggested-"
"Wait aminute." Sonny looked at Brenda. "You sugested? This IS our wedding
right? WE decide TOGETHER who we dance to-"

"How sweet." Luke told his wife. "They're having their first lover's, uh,
what do you smart people call it?"
"Quarrel." Laura laughed.
"Yes, how sweet, they're having their first lovers quarrel as husband and
wife." Luke laughed at his own joke.

"Not true!" Sonny said. "We had three in the limo on the way over."

Brenda put a hand over her husbands mouth. "Its OK, he's just a little drunk,
he'll get over it. Anyway, as I was saying before I was interuppetd is that
my husband and I are going to be dancing to "The Nearness of You" because
that was the very first song that we danced to." She turned to Sonny. "Will
you shut up now?"
He nodded his head.

"Good." She took her husbands hand and led him to the dance floor. Brenda
wrapped her arms around Sonny's neck, his around her waist and the danced
sexilly to the song. The tuned out everyone and everything around them
anddanced with each other. Brenda took Sonny's face in her hands, caressing
it softly, and looked into his eyes. "I'm happy.' She whispered. "I have
never been as happy as I am now. This is so great."
Sonny kissed her nose. "Same here, baby."

The song ended and Julia pulled them off of the dance floor. "Cute." She
said, "Very cute. Anyway, the photographers want to get pictures of the
wedding party ONLY, so Eric is going to try to entertain them with his witty

Brenda laughed. "I'm sure." She looked around. 'Where to?"
Julia pulled them out of the veranda. "This way." She led them down some
cobblestone stairs into a garden. Luke, Jason, Robin, Lois, Mike, and Lucky
were already there. There were two photographers with a two cameras, each on
the tall camera stands.
"Oh!" One of them stood up. "Good. The newlyweds have just arrived. Now we
can begin."

Joe, one of the photographers, told them all to bunch together, Sonny and
Brenda in the middle. He took several pictures that way. Then he took
pictures of the women.
Brenda stood the middle, Julia and her clasped hands, anlong with Lois who
was on Brenda's right. Robin, since she was short, knelt on the ground in
front of them.

Then Joe and his partner Chris took pictures of he groom and his men. Sonn
had an arm around Luke and Jason and Luke had his arm around Mike.

Brenda took pictures with the men, Sonny with the women. Brenda was insistent
on getting pictures done with Mike. She had Joe and Chris take several of

Julia moved everyone upstairs to the balcony. Joe had everyone stand behind
Sonny and Brenda and throw up rice while they kissed softly. They got that
picture from the garden below. Then they removed alll the brdesmaids and men
and concentrated on the bride and groom. Two with them on the balcony

One with Sonny cradling Brenda in his arms like baby, one with Sonny
twirrling them around, three pictures of them holding hands, looking into
each others eyes, and the one that Brenda liked most: A picture of them
kissing passionately with the sun setting over the ocean behind them. The sky
was an array of colors, unusual for the east coast of the U.S.

They returned to the party, where everyone was ready to eat. The menu was
Chicken salad, Ceasar salad, Fetuchini Alfredo, Italian bread, Italian
falvored chicken, and for a little desert, Italian ice. Brenda had told Sonny
how much she loved Italy and all its food and customs, so Sonny made sure
that they had AUTHENTIC Italian foods at the reception and he told her he
wanted to take her there, because she had gone there for boarding school and
just fell in love.

Luke stood up again. "Toasts!" He called, and everyone groaned. They were
sick of Luke's toasts. "Hey, hey, I'm offened. Anyway, I would like to
propose a toast to the one man who should have been here tonight. Who under
other circumstances, wouldn't of missed it for the world. And even though he
can't be here in person, he's here in all of our hearts, he's here is spirit.
He watched Sonny and Brenda through it all. Hes the best friend a man could
ask for. To Stone!" Luke raised his champagne glass.
"To Stone!" Everyone cheered, clinking glasses.

The cake was half eaten, the candles on the table-the only source of light,
which Julia, Suzann and Madeline had thought would be more romantic-were
begining to flicker out, everyone was full. Julia had yet again whisked
Brenda way from her guests, this time to change.

They were in Julia's HUGE walk in closet. Brenda slwoly slipped out of her
gown and lay it on the table in the clloset. Julia helped her into her long
blue silk gown and matching jacket.

Brenda sat at Julia's vanity just outside of the 16x14' master bath and
sighed. Julia brushed her hair down, the curls waving back and forth. She
helped the curls shape her face.

Brenda looked down at her finger, sparkling with diamonds. "I'm so happy,
Julia smiled. "I know. It radiates of your face."
"Am I crazy? You know what Sonny does--you don't judge him?"

Julia set the brush down. 'If you love him--why shouldn't I?"
Brenda smiled, grabbing her sisters hand. "Thank you. I know if daddy was

Julia sighed.
"Don't start that again Brenda." Julia said. 'Daddy loved you-no matter what
he said to you."

Brenda stood up, shaking her head. "See thats-thats where your wrong. He
loved YOU, Julia. YOU were his favorite. He bought you Christmas presents.
Remember that Christmas just after Daddy and I got in that big fight? You
were 18 and l was 16. You got a car and I got a pair of socks. SOCKS.
Remember how he'd always remember your birthday and just forget mine?
Whenever I brought it up he'd either ignore me or lie and say that he DID
call me. What a joke."

Julia sighed. "Lets drop it. Daddy's dead, lets leave him there for now. This
is your wedding day. Be happy." Julia helped her sister up. "There we go, all
beautiful for your groom."

Brenda wrapped her arms around her. "I love you so much." Tears started to
fall. "Thank you for everything, Juls."

"No problem, now come on. Lets get out there!"


Everyone stood in the foyer, waiting for Brenda to throw down her bouquet.
Brenda was in the hall. "So yo have the keys to the apartment?"
"Yup." Julia nodded, waving the keys in the air. "I'll bring all of your
presents their, your dress, and the left over cake. Lois and Robin are going
to help."

"Good." Brenda looked around down the hall. "Just, uh, point me toward the
stairs an I'll be fine." Julia put her arms on her sisters shoulders, turning
her around. "THIS way."
They laughed as they walked down the hallway. "I don't see anything." Brenda
said. "Are you sure this is the way to the stairs? I have a plane to catch in
a few hours, you know."

Julia laughed. "Yes! The house isn't that big."
Brenda frowned as they walked down another long, neverending hallway.
"That because you are used to it. You know what you need? One of those you
are here maps. They work great for places like these."

Julia was in hysterrics by the time they reached the top of the stairs.
Everyone started to clap as Brenda waved brightly. "Should I do it?" She
called down there.
Brenda shrugged. "Alright, you asked for it." She turned around, raised the
flowers over her head, and dropped them down to the people below.

Brenda turned her head fast and ran down the stairs to see who caught it. She
laughed when little Beth caught it and ran over to Lucky, who was sitting in
a chair in the foyer and planted a wet sloppy one on him. Eric ran over to
her and pulled her away as everyone started to laugh.

Sonny made his way to his wife, grabbed her arm and they ran out of the
house, waving and cheering to their guests. They hopped into the limo and it
sped away.


Two hours later, the limo pulled up to the TWA terminal at LaGuardia
International Airport in Queens, New York.

They went through bag and security checks and were strolling down to the
gate. Brenda carried a little purse and pulled Sonny into a newsstand. She
bought two magazines, some candy and a Italian-English dictionary.

The she dragged him into the bookstore where she bought two books, THICK
"Since when do you read?" Sonny asked Brenda as they made their way to the
Brenda bopped him on the head. "Since I'm going to be flying over a big huge
ocean over night."
Sonny shrugged. "You've done it before."
Brenda nodded. "I know, but still after the big TWA crash last summer......."

Sonny laughed. "We can go on another airline if it makes you happy, but this
was the only flight that left tonight and had a considerably good price for
first class."

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"Trans World Airlines Flight 650 to Rome, Italy is now boarding at Gate 16E."

Brenda and Sonny stood up and gave the steward their tickets. They boarded
the plane and found their First Class seats. Brenda had the window and she
looked out excitedly.
"I can't wait." She whispered to Sonny.

He laughed. "Well, this is a LONG ride."

"I know, thats why it sucks." Brenda pouted and Sonny laughed hysterrically.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard Flight 650 to Rome, Italy. The duration
of this flight should be about 12 hours and 15 minutes, nonstop. We should
arrive in Rome at about 12noon, their time. This is a no smoking flight, so
please disguard any lighted smokes you may have at this time. Welcome aboard
Flight 650 to Rome, Italy, we should be taking off shortly."

Brenda rested her head against the board. "Can't we just leave yet." Sonny
leaned over out of his leather seat and kissed Brenda's lips. "Soon, baby,

Brenda wrapped her arms around Sonny's neck and pressed his head against
hers, kissing him passonatly. When they pulled away for air, the pane had
pulled away from the gate and the seat belt sign was flashing.

"Flight Attendents, please prepare for take off."

Brenda and Sonny pulled apart and fastened their seats as the plane made all
the usual noises, the wing flaps opened and closed, the engines were geared
up. Suddenly, Brenda was pressed back against her seat as the plane lurched
forward and sped down the runway. The plane lifted off of the ground and soon
they were flying high above the world, looking out below.


When the plane landed in Rome, Brenda was so excited that she nearly tripped
over her own two feet.
Grabbing her purse and Sonny's arm, she pulled him out into the airport.

"We have to find the car that I rented so that we can drive to our hotel."
Brenda nodded. "Bathroom break." She pulled away from Sonny and walked to the
rest room. It was nearly empty. She pulled out some eyeliner, lipstick, and
mascara and applied them carefully. She checked the brown paper bag in her
purse, made sure all the contents were inside of it, and zipped up her bag,
leaving the restroom.

Sonny was leaning against a column, reading a map. "Lets go." He took his
wife's hand, wrapped one arm around her waist and they walked to get their

After getting their bags and picking up a little VW bug, they hit the road.
They were both in awe over the great monuments. Brenda wanted to stop and
take rolls and rolls of pictures. But they had a long drive ahead of them.
They were REALLY honeymooning in Positano, a small mountain resort village on
the Mediterranian.

The busy city soon turned into a beautiful green mountainous country. There
were farms, ranches, and vineyards nestled deep in the valleys of the round,
green mountains. The sun was shinning bright in the sky.

By the time they got to their hotel, it was nearly five thirty. They had
gotten lost twice, heading toward France instead on the Mediterranian. They
realized they were going in the wrong dirrection when the mountain peaks
started to disapear in the clouds. They knew they were closing on the Alps,
and they didn't want to do that.

Brenda leaned against the check in. The clerk handed her they key and she
headed to the room, while Sonny discussed the fee and the recreational

Brenda slid the key in the door and qucikly ran into the room. There was a
balcony with white see-through curtainspuffing in the wind. The doors were
open and there was a beautiful view of the Sea. The bathroom had a huge tub
and shower. There was a huge bed, even bigger than the California Kings in
the U.S. Brenda carefully slid her brown paper bag out of her bag and dumped
the contents out on the bed.


Sonny whistled as he walked down the hall toward his and Brenda's room. He
was so happy. He was as happy as he could be. But he still couldn't get it
out of his mind, what he saw Jax and Dorman doing in the allyway. But for
Brenda's sake, he put it out of his mind.

He opened the door to his suite with his key and closed it, stopping in his
tracks when he saw the room. There was candles all over the room, all
different sizes. Rose petals, white, yellow, red and pink, were scattered
across the room, on the bed, the floor, on the dressers, everywhere.The sun
was setting outside. Then he saw Brenda.

The nightgown was beautiful. It was an ivory color, with a v-neckline. It was
tighter in the waist until it flowed all the way down to her feet. Her hair
was freshly curled. Her diamonds sparkled in the darkness. She was sitting on
the desk in the room, her eyes placed seductively on Sonny. She pointed to
him and bent her finger, signalling for him to go over to her.

Sonny walked over and planted himself in front of her. He took her cheek in
his hand, massaging it gently. She tilted her head back, her hair falling
straight back. He kissed her neck, working his way up to her mouth. Their
mouths fused together passionately. They tasted each other, sipped at each
other. Sonny's mouth returned to her neck before slowly making its way down.
She slipped off her nightgown and Sonny picked her up, carrying her to the
bed. Brenda's tears fell back into her hair as she ripped off Sonny's shirt
and kissed his chest. The only sound coming from the darkened room was their
deep breathes. Sonny and Brenda made love over and over into the night,
sparing none, revealing everything.

Brenda woke up in the morning, a smile on her face. Sonny dropped a few rose
petals on her face. She looked up and saw him smiling down at her. He told
her to open her mouth and when she did, he placed a strawberry in it. She
chewed softly. When Brenda finished, she reached up, wrapping her arms around
Sonny's neck and kissed him passionately. They made love again.

For the rest of the week, they never left their room. Not once. But the night
before they were leaving to go back to PC, Brenda dragged Sonny out to dinner
at a resturant with a beautiful view of the Mediterranian. It was glorious.
The honeymoon made in the stars.


Tow days later, Brenda was at Wyndams, trading a gift she had recieved from
the Quartermaines, when she saw Miranda at the register. At first she didn't
recognize her, but then as Brenda lay her stuff next to Miranda on the
counter, she realized it WAS her. Miranda was talking to the saleswoman as
she signed a check.

Brenda overlooked it at first, but then she did a double take. It couldn't
be. Miranda was left handed. And resting nicely on Miranda's hand was
Brenda's old engagement ring. She was speechless. How did she get my ring?
Who did she get it from? Was she the one who stole it?

"Tha-that's my ring!" Brenda exclaimed, pointing. MIranda looked down at her
hand, shaking her head.
"No, no, its MY ring, Brenda."

"Don't lie to me," Brenda snapped, taking Miranda's hand. "I want it back."

Miranda pulled her hand away. "Get off of me, Brenda! Its my ring! Jax gave
it to me."
Brenda, in an angry rage, slapped Miranda nice and hard across the face. "You
bi-" Someone grabbed Brenda's hand from behind her as she readied herself to
slap Miranda again. She looked behind herself and saw a uniformed security

"Get off of me!" Brenda screamed. "Get off of me! Don't you touch me! Do you
know who I am? I'll sue this store for everything you're God dam* worth if
you don't let go of me! Stop it! She's the theif! Nooooooooo!" Her face was
red and puffy as the guard took her away. Her hair was waving back in forth
in her face, she was mad.

Brenda was sulking in the office when Sonny came down to get her. He kissed
her sweetly on the cheeks, then turned angriliy towards the guards.

"Why are you holding my wife in here like this?" He demended.
"Sir, your wife was seen attacking a woman in the store."
"Not just any woman." Brenda mumbled. "Miranda Jameson."

Sonny was surprised. "Miranda? Why?"
"She was wearing my ring, the one that I thought that I'd lost. She had it
on. She stole it!" She looked at Sonny, waiting for him to get mad too, but
instead he laughed.

"Miranda didn't steal your ring Brenda."
"Yes-" Sonny shook his head.
"No. I found it in your jewelery box, safe and sound."

Brenda swallowed hard. "No."
Sonny laughed. "Yup." He turned to the officers. 'Can you let her go now,

The gaurd nodded. "Just stay out of trouble next time."

Brenda nodded. "I will. Thank you officers."


Brenda woke up the next day and began to cry. But not with sadness, with joy.
Sonny left a note on the table saying he had a meeting. Brenda quickly got
dressed and drove to the PC Bridge. She wiped her tears away as she looked
out over the railing and smiled.

"Happy birthday Stone." She whispered. "The big 20. Its kinda hard, though,
being with out one of my best friends in the entire world. I wish you could
be here, flesh and blood, so I could hug you and tell you that I love you.
That I will always love you, no matter what happens." She took a deep breath,
"I know what you wanted for me and Sonny. A life. A future. Together. It just
had to be the right time, in the right way. I needed to learn, we BOTH needed
to learn from our mistakes. You helped us with that. Lily did. You've kept on
helping me every since. Thank you, Stone, thank you. You really helped me see
things clearly. I love you for it."

Brenda looked up at the sky, raising her hand toward it. She took a deep
breath before looking back down at the water. "August 19, 1997." She said.
"Two years. It's been almost two years with out you. I've survived. Robin has
too. Sonny as well. The only reason is because we know you would have wanted
us to. We know your looking down on us, smiling and laughing, beliving in us
like no one else could. So even though you're gone Stone, you'll always live
in my heart. And as the years go by and you go from 20 to 21 to 22, I'll come
here, to this very spot, and thank you for all that you've done. Cheers to
you Stone. Today, tomorrow, always."


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