"Everlasting Love Overcomes Evil" by Marissa

(Sonny doesn't know Brenda's alive yet)

(He's a the PH)

CARLY: Soonnnyyy!
SONNY: What??
CARLY: I have to tell you something..
Sonny (sighs): What is it?
CARLY: I..I..I slept with Jason last night...and you're the father of Alexis's baby, not Ned.
Sonny: WHAT??!!
CARLY: But I told you the truth Sonny!
CARLY: NO, please, don't leave me, Sonny! I won't hurt you ever again! I swear!
(Sonny leaves the PH)

(He goes to St. Timothy's & thinks of Brenda)

Sonny (to himself): That's the biggest mistake I ever made..leaving Brenda at the altar..it ruined my life. I couldn't see it then, but I see it now. (sighs and puts his face in his hands)
(he hears the door open & shut; he turns around & there's Brenda.)
(he looks really really shocked)

Brenda: Sonny?
Sonny: Br..Brenda? Is that you?? Brenda (smiles; starts crying & runs to Sonny; she's in his arms): Oh, Sonny...
Sonny: Oh my God, Brenda...what happened?
Brenda: I'll explain everything later..I just wanna hold you right now. (Sonny nods his head; he looks into her eyes and knows that they belong together; he leans in & they kiss passionately)
Sonny: I love you, Brenda. So much.
Brenda: I love you, too, Sonny. Forever. (they smile)
Sonny: Forever. (Just then, CARLY walks in)
Sonny: CARLY..
CARLY: yeah, remember me? Your wife??
Sonny: Not for long.
CARLY: Excuse me?! (sees Brenda)
CARLY: Oh my God..Brenda? But..you're dead..I don't understand.
Brenda: I'm alive and well, CARLY.
CARLY: Oh my...Get away from my husband!
Brenda: I'll get away from Sonny when HE asks me to. (CARLY looks at Sonny)
CARLY: Sonny, please tell me you don't want to be with "that."
Sonny: Yes, I do want to be with BRENDA. She has a name, CARLY. Unlike you, Brenda doesn't lie to me. We love each other. We belong to each other. Besides, the only reason I married you was because of Michael & the baby you lost. I've never stopped loving Brenda...my marriage to you was a joke, CARLY. (Carly's crying)
CARLY: You know you don't mean that, Sonny.
Sonny: I do mean it...Brenda & I were just leaving..I'll expect you to be moved out by tomorrow. Bye.
Brenda: Bye, CARLY. (they leave..Carly goes to Jason's house and complains)

(At the docks, Sonny & Brenda are holding hands)
Sonny: Brenda? You never told me what happened.
Brenda: Let's sit. (they do) Four years ago, my mother drove me off a cliff. At the time, I thought I might have my mother's disease. A man named Luis Alcazar saved me. He told me I had my mother's disease after I had been tested. He made me live with him...I didn't try to escape because I thought I had nothing left. But last week, I found out that he had been lying to me all along. I heard him saying that I really didn't have the disease. So, I escaped from his yacht. I was engaged to Jax when the accident happened, but that was because...
Sonny: Because why?
Brenda: Because I knew I couldn't have you. I never wanted to marry Jax, Sonny.
You're the only one I ever loved.
Sonny: I feel the same way. (they hug)
Brenda: So, that's the whole story.
Sonny: You've been through so much..I'll take you home..back to the
cottage..you need to get some rest, Brenda. Okay?
Brenda: I'll get some rest later, Sonny. The best thing for me is to just be with you.
Sonny: (smiles) Yeah...I can't be away from you any longer, Brenda. I love you. You're everything to me.
Brenda: Same here, baby. (they kiss...Jax walks in)
Jax: Oh my God...Brenda?!
Brenda: Jax...
Jax: Brenda...what...I don't understand...
Brenda: I'm alive, Jax.
Jax: What are you doing kissing him?
Brenda: I love Sonny. I always have; I never stopped loving him, Jax.
Jax: What are you saying, Brenda? The whole time you were with me--both times--you never loved me??
Brenda: I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt anyone. But yes, I never loved you. I thought I couldn't have Sonny, so I tried to move on.
Jax: How could you do this, Brenda?
Brenda: What else do you want me to say?
Jax: Nothing! (storms out)
Sonny: Do you wanna go talk to him?
Brenda: Oh, no. He'll be fine. I just wanna concentrate on you know.
Sonny: (grins) That's fine with me. (she grins, too.) Let's go home, sweetie.
Brenda: Okay. (they go to the PH..Carly's not there.)
Sonny: Let me make you something to eat.
Brenda: Okay, thanks. I'm gonna go upstairs and freshen up.
Sonny: Okay. (she goes upstairs..she comes back down)
Sonny: Dinner's ready.
Brenda: It smells great.
Sonny: Not as great as you look.
Brenda: (smiles) That's so sweet.
Sonny: It's true, baby. (they kiss & hug..they eat)
Brenda: That was great, thank you, Sonny.
Sonny: It's my pleasure.
Brenda: What now?
Sonny: Well, I have a couple ideas. (smiles)
Brenda: (grins) Oh yeah?
Sonny: Yeah. (he carries her upstairs and they make love...CARLY sees them)
Sonny: Oh, hi, CARLY. I filed the divorce papers.
CARLY: You..you what? How could you?! How could you sleep with her!
Sonny: Because I'm in love with her.
CARLY: Fine, Sonny! Fine! I'll sign the papers! But you'll regret it! (storms out)
(Sonny & Brenda smile and go back to making love.)

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