Dreams Come True by Linda

Chapter 1

Sonny and Brenda arrived at Luke's after escaping the tear gas. He explained the situation, and Luke got them to a safehouse that he and Laura used to use. Luke dropped them off, but did not stay. Sonny and Brenda are checking out the place.

S: Not too fancy, but it'll do.

B: (sorrowful) I guess.

S: We'll be alright, baby, as long as we have each other.

Brenda cracks a small smile.

B: (walking toward the kitchen) So what do we do now?

Sonny smiles that sexy Sonny smile.

B: (grinning) Something else.

S: Okay, okay. {pause} I have been meaning to talk to you about something.

B: (intrigued) What?

S: (hesitant) Well…last week while we were in bed…

B: (interrupts sarcastically) That narrows it down.

Sonny smiles, and she shuts up.

S: (starts off loud) Like I was saying, last week while we were in bed, (looks at her) you said something that I can't stop thinking about.

B: Really, what?

S: You said…baby's room.

Brenda is shocked that Sonny would bring this up, and a little shy at the subject.

B: (reluctantly) Oh… I guess I was just thinking out loud. I mean I -.

S: No, no. Ever since you said that, I've been dreaming of you, me, and a child. Our child.

B: (surprised) Really!

S: I love the idea of us having a baby, but I-.

B: (sympathetically) You what?

S: ( takes her hand) Come sit down with me.

B: Sonny, you're scaring me.

He puts his hand on her face.

B: What's going on?

Sonny looks into her eyes and smiles. Brenda is reassured by this as Sonny begins to speak.

S: There's so much I want to say, starting with how much I love you. (Brenda smiles) I don't think you know how much.

B: I do honey, and I love you too!

S:I know, and I want to give you all the things that you deserve, like that house, our house. But I can't keep you safe, and that kills me. I mean look at where we are. We're on the run from a murder charge that's the result of a setup by my enemies.

B: Sonny…

S: Wait. Listen to me. I know that you chose to be here Bren, but I'll always feel this way.

B: If you're trying to break it off with me, it ain't gonna happen. I love you too much to let you go again.

S: Break it off? Not a chance.

B: Then, where is this conversation going, Sonny?

S: [pause] (jokingly) You want to know where this is going? You want to know where this is going? I'll tell you where this is going. (serious now) Brenda Barret, I've loved you for what seems like forever. I want to live with you. I want to have children with you. (Brenda's face lights up.) Brenda, I want to marry you. (Sonny gets down on bended knee and pulls out a small box with the most beautiful diamond engagement ring inside) Will you be my wife?

At this point, Brenda is smiling and crying at the same time. Her crying is preventing her from answering.

S: Is something wrong, Bren?

She nods her head no. Sonny gets up and starts pacing while talking.

S: I knew I should have waited. I guess it was stupid of me to think that I could actually be happy.

B: (barely audible) Yes.

S: What did you say?

B: Yes. Sonny, I'll marry you.

Sonny runs to her without stopping until their lips meet. They kiss passionately, and Sonny puts the ring on her finger. They kiss some more. He carries her into the bedroom, which is also the only other room in the place, and well you get the picture.


Chapter 2

The next morning, they wake up in each other's arms. Sonny watches Brenda admire her ring.

S: You like?

B: I love it. It's beautiful, Sonny.

S: I thought you would.

B: (turns to face him) You know we never did have that "baby conversation".

Right after she says this, she bursts out of bed and into the bathroom. Sonny becomes extremely nervous and follows her. She has just gotten sick and knows exactly why. Sonny puts his arms around her to hold her up.

S: Baby, are you okay? Here come lie down.

Brenda looks as if she is going to faint, so Sonny carries her to the bed. He lays her down gently and props up her pillows. He sits next to her on the bed.

S: Do you need a doctor? 'Cause I'll go find you one.

B: (smiles briefly) I don't need a doctor, Sonny. I know exactly what it is.

S: What? Maybe you ate something?

B: No, Sonny. (She places his hand on her stomach) I think…I'm pregnant.

S: (surprised and excited) No way. Really?

B: Yes, really.

Sonny looks down at his hand, and a single tear falls. He leans over and kisses Brenda's forehead. She is also teary.

S: We can't do this!

B: (looking very hurt) You don't want the baby?

S: Of course I do. I meant we can't raise a baby on the run. We have to clear you and fast.

B: Sonny, will you just hold me for now?

S: There's nothing I'd rather do, baby.

They lay in each other's arms, the same way as in the morning.

B: I love you!

S: I love you, too!

Brenda smiles as Sonny kisses her neck. Brenda gets more into this, but Sonny pulls back.

S: Wait a minute. I mean, can we? Will it hurt the baby?

B: Lois once told me that it will only do the baby good.

S: In that case…

They go on to make love for hours and hours, just as beautiful as their first time.


Meanwhile, Jason and Mac have been searching to clear Brenda and find the real killer. A police sketch artist sketched the man a witness described and that's what they're going on. Jason decides to call Sonny with this news, but he can't use his cell phone number. He calls Sonny's spare cell phone (let's just say the cops don't know about it). We pick up on the tail end of the conversation. We don't hear Jason, only Sonny.

S: You got a sketch already?…Look man this has to be over and fast…There's a good chance Bren's pregnant, and she needs a doctor…She's okay for now. Jason, don't tell anyone not even Robin. I'm sure Brenda wants to do that herself. Okay?

Brenda walks into the main room from the bedroom. She's glowing.

S: Call me as soon as you get something new…Bye.

B: Jason?

S: Yeah. He says they might know who the killer is.

B: Really? That's great! So can we go home now?

S: Not yet. They still have to find this guy.

B: (disappointed) Oh.

Sonny comes up from behind and puts his arms around Brenda. She smiles and puts her arms over his. He kisses her neck.


Chapter 3

It's weeks later. Sonny is awake on the couch, and Brenda is sleeping on top of him. The phone rings and Sonny answers it quickly. He does not want to wake Brenda. It's Jason. They've found the killer and Brenda's been cleared of the murder rap. The PCPD has even dropped the flight charges. Taggert refuses to drop the charges on Sonny, but since there were no witnesses, he was laughed out of court. Sonny hangs up and debates on whether or not to wake Brenda. She looks so peaceful. He decides to wake her with a kiss, which she enjoys.

B: (groggy) Ummm…Why'd you stop?

S: I have news.

At the sound of this, she is wide awake.

B: Did they find him?

S: Yes, and not only that, but we've both been cleared of all charges. We can go home. Today!

B: Let's leave. Right now!

S: You're wish is my command.

She kisses him, and they leave.


Sonny and Brenda are walking down the hospital corridor. They reach Dr. Newman's office and enter.

Nurse: Good morning. Name please.

S: Brenda Barret.

B: Actually, put that down as Brenda Corinthos please.

Sonny smiles at her, and she kisses him.

Nurse: Have a seat. We'll call you when we're ready.

S: Thanks.

B: Thanks.


Sonny and Brenda are now waiting in an office. Dr. Newman enters.

Dr. Newman: The tests confirmed what you suspected, Mrs. Corinthos. (Sonny and Brenda smile at each other.) You're definitely pregnant.

Sonny takes Brenda's hand.

Dr. Newman: You should come see me once a month, until the last month. Then you should come once a week. And you should read these pamphlets, and here are your vitamin prescriptions. Brenda, you're in good shape and very healthy, so I don't foresee any problems. Do either of you have any questions?

B: Yes, when is the baby due.

Dr. Newman: From what I can tell, the due date is March 7th.

S: One year after the cave.

Brenda smiles.

Dr. Newman: I'm sorry. I didn't hear you.

S: Nothing, sorry.

Dr. Newman: Well, if there are no more questions I guess that's all.

B: Actually, I have one more.

Dr. Newman: Sure.

B: Um…when my best friend was pregnant, she said that…a…that sex was good for the baby, but I had to ask for myself.

Sonny smiles at Brenda's shyness.

Dr. Newman: Please, don't be shy. A lot of couples ask that, and the answer is yes. It's good for the baby and the mother.

B: Thank you.

Dr. Newman: You should make an appointment with my secretary on the way out.

B: We will. Thank you.

S: Bye.

Dr. Newman: Bye.


Sonny and Brenda are in the hospital elevator going to the car. Sonny's arms are around Brenda's waist.

S: You didn't have to do that, you know.

B: Do what?

S: You know, Mrs. Corinthos!

B: (smiling) Yes, I did.

S: (also smiling) Well it will be true soon anyway.

B: I can't wait.

S: Me either, and I'm glad you asked about…you know.

B: I didn't want to leave anything to chance.

Sonny smiles, and Brenda smiles back. Sonny starts to kiss her neck as the elevator door opens. Jason and Robin are standing outside the elevator.

B: Robin!

R: Bren, hey. Are you guys okay?

S: Yeah, we're great.

B: We're perfect! (smiles at Sonny) Hey Jason. How are you?

J: Fine.

S: What are you guys doing here?

J: Robin has an appointment with Alan.

S: Oh.

R: What are you guys doing here?

Sonny and Brenda look at each other.

S: (to Brenda) Go ahead. Jason already knows.

B: Well, Robin. I'll start by saying that while we were on the run, Sonny and I …got engaged. (shows the ring)

Robin hugs Brenda and kisses her on the cheek. Sonny points to his cheek, and Robin kisses him too. Jason laughs.

R: This is great news guys, but it still doesn't tell me what you're doing here.

S: Well, tell her, Bren.

B: We had an appointment with Dr. Newman.

R: A doctor. Are you sick?

B: No. We're pregnant!

R: Pregnant? Congratulations!

They all hug again.

J: When's he due?

R: Or she!

B: He or she is due March 7th.

R: That seems like forever.

B: Tell me about it.

S: I know. I can't wait!

Sonny wraps his arms around Brenda's waist again. They say their good-byes and all depart.


Chapter 4

Sonny and Brenda have just arrived at Sonny's Penthouse.

S: Finally home!

B: We would have been here sooner if you hadn't insisted on going to the doctor first.

S: I had to make sure that the two most important people in my life were healthy.

B: (jokingly) Oh, and who would they be?

S: (playing along) Who would who be?

B: The two most important people in your life.

Sonny kisses her lips.

S: You.

He bends down and kisses her stomach.

S: And you.

Brenda smiles so big that a tear falls down her face. Sonny sees this and stands up so they are face to face. Sonny cups her face in his hands and kisses her.

S: I love you, Bren.

B: I love you too.

Sonny kisses her again, more passionately this time.

B: (in between kisses) Sonny.

S: Yes.

Brenda pulls away and looks into his eyes.

B: Make love to me.

With that, Sonny carries her up to bed, and they make love all night.


The next morning, Sonny is making breakfast while Brenda is in the shower. The phone rings and Sonny answers it. The conversation goes between Sonny and Jason.

S: (happy) Hey, Jason. How are you this fine morning?

J: Not too great.

S: Why? What happened? Is it Robin?

J: Robin's fine. Our source at the PCPD says that Taggert found a judge to press assault charges against you.

S: (trying to be optimistic) It's not good news, but there were no witnesses, so he's got no case.

J: Someone came forward, Sonny. I think Taggert paid him off. And he got Dorman's killer to say you paid him to kill Dorman.

S: Damn! How long?

J: A couple hours. The warrant's being written up now. They won't let you out on bail, and Brenda needs you.

S: I know.

J: What are you gonna do?

S: I'll get back to you.

J: Bye.

S: Bye.

They hang up the phone, and Sonny searches for a solution. All he can think about is Brenda and the baby.


Brenda has just finished her shower. She's wearing one of Sonny's button down shirts. Sonny does not notice her, and this worries Brenda. Sonny always notices her. She knows something is wrong. She has a bad feeling in her stomach, and it's not morning sickness.

B: Sonny, what's wrong?

S: We've gotta talk, baby.

Brenda goes and sits next to Sonny. He gets sidetracked at the site of her.

S: God you're beautiful.

B: Honey, what is it?

S: Taggert found a judge to bring me up on assault charges.

B: He's got no witnesses, Sonny.

S: Yes, he does. Jason said he paid off some guy.

B: Now what?

S: Wait there's more.

B: More?

S: Taggert got Dorman's killer to say I ordered him to kill Dorman.

B: (outraged) What?

S: They're getting a warrant for my arrest.

B: Warrant?

S: Yeah. And since we ran last time, they'll probably deny my bail.

B: Deny bail? Sonny I need you. We need you. (puts her hand on her stomach)

S: I know, baby. I know. I won't let us be separated. Now please calm down. All this stress is not good for the baby.

B: Okay. I promise. What are we gonna do Sonny?

S: Well, as I see it, we have two choices. One, we can stay and take our chances, which aren't good. Or two, we can run again, which I don't want to do.

Sonny puts his hand on her stomach. Brenda looks into his eyes telling him that her and the baby will be fine.

B: Let's go.

S: What?

B: If the choice is to stay and have you watch our child grow up from a jail cell, or to go and be with the both of you, I choose to go.

S: Are you sure?

B: I have to be.

Sonny kisses her forehead and picks up the phone. He holds Brenda tight as he calls Jason.

S: Jason? We're ready…We'll be down in half an hour.

Sonny hangs up the phone. Brenda goes to get dressed. Within half an hour, they're ready. They take one last look at Stone's room, and a tear falls down Sonny's face. Brenda wipes it away and kisses his face. Hand in hand, they leave the penthouse for the last time.


Chapter 5

Sonny and Brenda are in an old broken down car just outside the borders of Port Charles. Sonny is slowing the car down.

B: Why are we stopping?

S: (smiling) Look for yourself.

He nods forward.

B: Sonny. When did you find the time?

S: While you were getting dressed.

They pull over and get out. Robin and Jason are standing on the plot of land that Sonny bought for him and Brenda. Brenda runs over and hugs both Robin and Jason.

B: Hey, I missed you.

R: Are you guys gonna be okay?

J: I explained it all to Robin, already.

S: Yeah, we'll make it.

R: I'm gonna miss you.

J: Me too.

S: (joking) I guess we'll miss you too.

Brenda, who is teary eyed, hits Sonny in they arm. Sonny mocks being seriously hurt. They all laugh at him.

S: Sorry to break this up, but…

B: Already?

S: Sorry, baby. There's only enough time to say goodbye.

Brenda looks at Robin, and they hug real tight.

B: (to Jason) Take care of her okay.

J: I promise.

Sonny sticks his hand out to Jason, but pulls him in for a hug.

B: (teary) Sisters.

R: (also teary) Forever.

They hug again and all depart.


Sonny and Brenda are on the road again. Sonny is driving. Brenda's head is rested on his shoulder.

B: Where are we?

S: Brooklyn.

B: Brooklyn?

S: Bensonhurst to be exact.

Brenda looks surprised.

S: You didn't think we'd leave without seeing Lois and Brooke first, did you?

B: Oh Sonny. That's so sweet. I love you so much.

She hugs him.

S: Don't they all?

B: They better not.


They have just arrived at the Cerrulo's house. Gloria let them in and called Lois downstairs.

L: What is it Ma?

She notices Sonny and Brenda and runs over and hugs them.

L: What are you doing here? I saw the news. You should be out of the country by now

S: You know we couldn't leave without seeing you first.

L: But, what if you get caught?

B: That's why we can't stay long.

They chat for a while. They see Brooke. Sonny looks at Brenda.

S: Tell her.

B: No, you tell her I told Robin.

S: Okay. You see Lois, normally I would stay and face the charges, but I can't this time.

L: I don't understand. What's so special about this time?

Sonny looks at Brenda again.

S: I couldn't leave my fiancée while they put me in jail.

L: Fiancée!

Lois looks at Brenda's ring.

S: I have to be with the two most important people in my life.

L: Two? You lost me, Corinthos.

S: Okay. I'll spell it out for you. Brenda and I are not only engaged, but we're pregnant too!

L: What? Really?

B: (smiling) Yes!

They all hug, and Lois congratulates them.

S: Bren, it's late we've gotta go.

B: Yeah.

L: You guys be careful. And Corinthos.

S: Yes.

L: You take care of them or you'll have to answer to me.

B: Now he definitely will.

They hug once more, and Sonny and Brenda take off for an unknown future.


Chapter 6

It's early morning in Puerto Rico. Sonny and Brenda are sleeping soundly in each other's arms. You can see wedding bands on their fingers. The door to their bedroom opens. In walks a young boy, who appears to be four years old. He has Brenda's eyes and Sonny's smile. He jumps into the bed, and wakes Sonny and Brenda.

Boy: Mommy, Daddy I'm hungry.

B: (groaning) We'll be there in a second, Michael.

Michael goes into the kitchen. They live in a cabana in Puerto Rico. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Sonny and Brenda walk out of their bedroom. Sonny has his arms around Brenda. Michael runs over to them. As Sonny picks him up, you can see the joy in his face.

M: Mommy, teach me how to cook.

B: I think you're Daddy can handle that.

Sonny and Brenda both laugh.


Sonny and Brenda are laying on the beach watching Michael play in the sand. Sonny's cell phone rings. It's his source back in Port Charles.

S: Corinthos…Uh hm…Really…Finally got him…Thank you…Bye.

Sonny hangs up, and Brenda looks at him puzzled.

B: Who was it, baby?

S: Johnny, my source from Port Charles.

B: Port Charles?

S: Yeah. He said that Taggert was arrested for drug trafficking.

B: (nonchalantly) Wow. I thought he'd never be caught.

S: Bren, you don't understand. I've been cleared. We can go home.

B: (ecstatic) Home? I can't believe this. It's been five years.

Sonny hugs Brenda for what seems like forever. They break apart, and he kisses her. Michael runs over.

B: Let's go, honey.

M: Where are we going Mommy?

B: (looks at Sonny) Home!


All three of them are on a plane to Port Charles. Brenda has the aisle seat. Sonny's in the middle, and Michael has the window seat. Michael is sleeping with his head on Sonny's chest. Brenda is holding Sonny's hand with her head resting on his shoulder. His head is on hers. The pilot announces that they will be landing in 15 minutes. Brenda lifts her head and gets her things together.

S: Are we a little anxious?

B: A little. {pause} I wish we were able to keep in touch with Lois and Robin.

S: Me too, but we'll see them soon enough.

The plane touches down. Brenda is carrying two bags. Sonny is carrying a suitcase in one arm and Michael in the other. Sonny has a limo waiting, and they all get in. Michael snuggles on Brenda's lap, and Sonny puts his arm around them. In an hour they are outside Luke's. The parking lot is packed.

B: There must be a party or something.

S: Looks like.

They walk to the front door. Sonny is holding Michael, who is holding his teddy bear. Brenda takes a deep breath and opens the door. Inside, a sign reads "Welcome Home Sonny and Brenda". Sonny and Brenda are astonished.

S: How did you…?

J: Johnny called me.

Everyone notices Michael and congratulates the couple. Only Jason, Robin, and Lois knew. As Sonny and Brenda walk around to greet all of Port Charles, they notice the changes. They first greet Edward and Lila. They are the only ones who haven't changed. They then see Robin and Jason. They notice their wedding bands and know they got married. Robin tells them that her HIV is practically nonexistent. Bobby and Tony are back together. Their son Lucas, who is now 12, is there too. Sonny and Brenda don't really recognize the man Felicia is with, but we do. It's Frisco. He came back for good. Their daughters Maxie, 13, and Georgie, 8, are there. Mac and Katherine are engaged and have a five month old son named Robert. Nicholas and Gina are dating. A.J. and Carly have a five year old son named Andrew. They were married and divorced, but remained friends. Lucy and Kevin got married and have a two year old daughter named Dominique. Scotty comes to Port Charles with Serena frequently. Justus married Dara, who quit law and sings for L & B Records. Alan and Monica are amazingly still married. Their daughter, Emily, is dating Lucky, who is now 19. Lesley Lu grew up, and Luke and Laura have a three year old named Lisa. They had to keep the "L thing" going. Mike married Ruby. Ned and Lois remarried. Brooke is now 6, and they have a two year old son, Ben. He is named for Bensonhurst. They mingle for a while and then get time to talk alone. Michael is with his Grandpa Mike.

B: A lot of changes, huh?

S: Definitely!

B: Sonny, I need to tell you something.

S: What is it, baby?

B: Funny you should use that choice of words.

S: (confused) What?

B: While we were mingling, I made an appointment with Alan.

S: Honey, are you sick?

B: No, no. Sonny, I think I'm…pregnant again.

S: (shocked) Seriously?

B: (smiles) Yes!

Sonny grabs her hand and takes her over to the bar. Mike is there Michael. Sonny whispers something to his son, whose face lights up. Sonny climbs on top of the bar and lifts up Michael. Brenda cups her face in her hands, embarrassed.

S: Can I have your attention please?

Everyone quiets down.

S: I was just informed by my beautiful wife…

Brenda blushes.

S: Tell them Michael.

M: Mommy's gonna have a baby!

Everyone claps and congratulates them. They all go on to celebrate. Sonny, Brenda, and Michael all dance together before heading to the PH. All is right with Port Charles!


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