Don't Give Up by Linda

*Note: The legal technicalities that I used in this story are a total dramatization. I have no idea whether it could actually happen. I just used it for story purposes.

Brenda is sitting on her sofa. She is reading a letter she received from Sonny several months ago. He had left her and Port Charles four years ago, and ever since that day she'd been getting letters from him every couple months. He didn't want to leave, but he had to. The murder charges against Brenda had been dropped, and Sonny asked her to marry him, but they never made it to the altar. Taggert turned all the evidence around to make it look like Sonny was guilty. Sonny fought to prove his innocence, but was convicted anyway. He escaped from jail and said a tearful goodbye to Brenda. She pleaded with him to let her come, but he refused. He couldn't take the chance that she'd be hurt. So he left. He sent her many letters, but she wasn't able to contact him. She only wished she could. There were so many things that he needed to know, and every time she read his letters she couldn't help but see how their life could have been. Brenda puts the letters away and heads upstairs. As she walks to her bedroom, she hears a noise in another room. She nervously runs into the room. She opens the door and smiles at the noise that had scared her. It seems that her daughter had kicked the covers off her. Brenda covered her up, and the four year old girl awoke.

B: Go back to sleep, Leslie.

L: I can't, Mommy. I had a dream.

B: Was it a good dream or a bad dream?

L: A good dream. I had a daddy!

B: (teary) You do have a daddy. I showed you pictures, remember?

L: Yes, but I dreamt that he was home.

B: I wish he was sweetheart. Now, go back to sleep. Little girls need their rest.

L: Okay. Goodnight, Mommy.

B: Goodnight.

Brenda kisses her daughter good night, and goes off to bed. She falls asleep thinking of a conversation she had with Mac a few months ago.


M: Have you heard from Sonny?

B: (annoyed) Mac, if I knew where Sonny was we'd be a family. He doesn't even know about Leslie. Besides, what makes you think that if I had heard from him I'd tell the cops.

M: Brenda, I'm not a cop anymore. I'm only mentioning it because the warrant for Sonny's arrest is about to expire. It was only granted for four years after his escape.

B: What are you saying, Mac?

M: I'm saying that in a couple of days, Sonny could walk into the police station, and he wouldn't be sent to jail. He would still have the conviction on his record though.

B: Is this for real?

M: Yes, if only you knew where he was.

B: You could help me with that.

M: (confused) What do you mean?

B: You're a P.I. You can track him down. I considered hiring you so many times, if only just to tell him about Leslie, but if he had known he'd have wanted to come back, and he couldn't.

M: What makes you think I can find him?

B: You can at least try. Please Mac, for Leslie's sake.

M: Okay, I'll try, but no promises.

B: Thanks Mac.

~*~*~*~*~*end of flashback~*~*~*~*~*

Months had gone by since that conversation and Mac still had no clues. He was waiting on his last source. He finally got the call. They said Sonny was spotted in the southern part of Costa Rica. Mac hopped on a plane and called Brenda with the news. She was extremely excited, but told no one the news. She didn't even tell Lois and Ned, who had reunited, or Robin and Jason, who were recently married. She thought that if she told people, she'd only be more disappointed if Sonny was not found. Mac was there a week before he got his first lead. Sonny had been spotted at a bar 20 minutes from Mac's motel.

Brenda was in the shower when her doorbell rang. She grabbed a robe and ran downstairs to get the door. She opened it to find Mac.

B: Did you find him? Did you tell him he could come home? Did you tell him I love him?

Sonny comes into Brenda's sight.

S: No, but I already knew that you love me!

Brenda's face lights up, and she begins to cry. She instinctively runs into his arms, holding on for dear life.

M: I'll be going now.

B: Thanks Mac.

M: No problem.

Sonny and Brenda walk inside, without breaking their hug. Sonny pulls back and kisses her passionately, as if he were making up for lost time. They pull back and look at each other.

S: (teary) Hey isn't that my robe?

B: (smiles) Yeah. It made me feel closer to you. I couldn't get rid of it. I was actually just in the shower.

S: (joking) Oh really. Maybe I should come back some other time then.

He pretends to leave, and Brenda grabs his arm.

B: Don't you dare! {pause} You don't know how long I've waited for this moment.

S: Just as long as I have.

They hear a noise on the staircase behind them and turn to see what it is. Leslie is coming down the stairs. She looks so much like Sonny that he immediately knows she's his daughter. Sonny looks at her with pure joy on his face, and Brenda sees this. She goes and picks up their daughter and carries her to the couch. Sonny sits next to them. Before Brenda can say anything Leslie does.

L: (to Sonny) Are you my daddy?

B: (teary) Yes, he is baby?

For a moment, there is silence. Then, Leslie throws her arms around Sonny, who begins to cry.

B: Sonny. This is your daughter, Leslie Ann Corinthos.

S: Corinthos?

B: (smiles) She is your daughter. She had to have your name.

Sonny hugs Brenda with one arm, while holding Leslie with the other.

S: I love you more than I ever have.

B: I love you too.

L: What about me?

B: And we both love you. Right?

S: Right! Wow, look at what time it is?

B: 7:00 a.m. Who wants breakfast?

Leslie jumps into Brenda's lap.

L: I do. I do.

S: I could make something.

B: I haven't had time to go grocery shopping, so why don't we go to the Outback.

S: (to Leslie) Okay, but that means someone will have to get changed.

B: You need help, Leslie?

L: No, I can do it myself.

Leslie goes upstairs to get dressed.

S: (smiles) You should get dressed too. I could help you, you know.

B: (smiles) Could you really?

S: Oh yeah!

Sonny distracts her with a kiss while he picks her up. He carries her upstairs with Brenda screaming "put me down" the whole way.

Brenda enters the Outback later that morning and spots Robin and Jason.

R: Hey, Bren. Wanna join us?

B: Sure.

J: (to the waiter) Could we get another menu please?

B: (to the waiter) Could you make that two?

R: Two? I thought you just started to teach Leslie to read?

B: It's not for Leslie.

R: (intrigued) Are you seeing someone?

B: You could say that.

J: Where is he?

R: And where's Leslie?

B: They're parking the car.

R: He's with Leslie? You must trust him.

B: (smiles) Completely. Oh look. There he is.

Just then, Sonny walks in the door with Leslie in his arms. Robin and Jason are so shocked that they almost choke on their drinks. Sonny comes over, kisses Brenda, and sits next to her. Leslie is on his lap.

S: What's up guys?

R: Oh my g*d!

Robin gets up and hugs him. Jason does too.

J: We missed you man.

B: You missed him! I missed him!

R: When did you…? What about the cops?

Sonny and Brenda explain the whole story. They all eat breakfast. Then, Brenda takes Sonny to see Mike. Brenda and Leslie walk in first.

B: Hey, Mike.

M: Hi guys. Come give Grandpa a hug, Leslie.

Sonny walks in.

S: No hug for me.

M: Michael? I can't believe this.

S: Believe it, Pop. I'm back, (looks at Brenda) for good!

They all talk for a while and then leave to go home. Sonny and Brenda play with their daughter all day. Sonny cooks dinner. They eat and tuck Leslie in together. Sonny goes downstairs while Brenda and Lois talk on the phone. When Brenda comes down the stairs, Sonny is standing there with two glasses of champagne. Sonny hands her a glass, and they sit down.

B: I missed you so much.

Sonny smiles at her.

S: I propose a toast.

B: To what?

S: To us and our beautiful daughter.

B: I'll toast to that.

Brenda takes a sip of her champagne and begins to choke. Once she regains her composure, she begins to cry. Sonny takes the glass from her and pulls a diamond engagement ring from it. Sonny takes Brenda's hand and looks into her eyes.

S: This has been a long time coming, so I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Brenda, I love you more than I could have ever imagined. I want to be with you forever and be a good father to our daughter. {pause} Brenda Barrett, will you marry me?

Brenda puts her hands on either side of Sonny's face and kisses him.

S: Should I take that as a yes?

B: Yes! Yes, I'll marry you.

They begin to kiss again, more intense this time. They make their way to the bedroom and make love all night long.

It is now the next morning.

B: Umm…just the way I remember it.

S: Baby, not even four years could change something this perfect.

B: True. Very true.

Brenda kisses Sonny's still perfect chest and makes her way to his lips. They make love over and over again.

It has now been a month since Sonny and Brenda got engaged. The wedding date is set for tomorrow. They planned a small wedding, just friends and family. They didn't want a big wedding because it would take too long to plan, and they had waited long enough. Brenda is about to leave to spend the night at Lois's house.

S: Tell me again why you have to spend the night at Lois's house.

B: It's a tradition.

S: Since when have we been traditional. Besides, you'll be bored.

Brenda smiles at him.

B: Lois and I will have fun.

Sonny smiles that sexy smile of his. You know the one.

S: Not as much fun as you'd have here with me.

Brenda smiles at him again. They hug. They kiss. Brenda leaves.

The wedding day is finally here. Everyone is ready, and the music starts. Luke's the best man, and Lois is the matron of honor. Laura and Ned walk down the aisle. Robin and Jason are next. Then, Luke and Lois walk down the aisle. They didn't have a ring bearer, but they did have a flower girl, Leslie. She walked down the aisle and looked as beautiful as her mother. Sonny gave his little girl a kiss before she stood in her place by the bridesmaids. Finally, Brenda was escorted down the aisle by Mike. Her eyes never left Sonny's. We pick up in the middle of the ceremony.

P (Priest) : Michael, do you take Brenda to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, in good times and bad from this day forward, as long as you both shall live?

S: I do.

P: Do you, Brenda, take Michael to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad from this day forward, as long as you both shall live?

B: (teary) I do.

P: Rings please.

Luke and Lois hand the rings to the priest.

P: Michael, repeat after me. With this ring I the wed.

S: With this ring I the wed.

P: Brenda, repeat after me. With this ring I the wed.

B: With this ring I the wed.

P: With the power vested in me, by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Michael, you may kiss your bride.

Sonny kisses Brenda for what seems like forever, but is actually only a minute. Sonny picks up Leslie, and the three of them head out of the church and into the limo. They go to Luke's, where the reception is being held. They have just finished the receiving line, and Luke is ready to make a toast. Sonny has his arms around Brenda, and Leslie is standing in front of them.

L (Luke): Can I have your attention please? It's time for the toast.

Everyone quiets down and takes a seat.

L: Well, there's only one thing I can think to say. It sure took you long enough to get hitched.

S: Brenda's always fashionably late!

Brenda playfully hits him. He mocks being hurt, and she kisses him. They go on with the reception. Sonny and Brenda don't want to go on a honeymoon and leave Leslie, so they take her with them to Puerto Rico. They stay for two weeks. When they get back, Brenda shows flulike symptoms. They dismiss it saying that she ate something bad.

B: Honey, I've been thinking about this bug I caught.

S: What about it, baby?

B: I was remembering the last time I felt like this. It was while I was…pregnant.

Sonny's face lights up.

S: (shocked) Are you saying what I think you're saying?

B: I'm saying there's a good chance that I'm pregnant.

Sonny hugs Brenda and twirls her around. Once he realizes what he's doing, he puts her down.

S: I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?

Brenda looks at him lovingly.

B: No, I'm fine. Don't get too excited though. I'm not even sure this is true. I'm gonna make a doctor's appointment.

It's the next day, and Sonny and Brenda have already gone to the doctor. They are curled up on the couch with Leslie watching T V. They're also waiting for the doctor to call with the test results. The phone rings, and they look at each other. Brenda answers it. Her expression is blank throughout the call so she gives nothing away to Sonny. She hangs up and turns to face her husband.

S: So. What'd he say?

B: The test came back…positive!

Sonny jumps up and kisses Brenda. He pulls back and kisses her stomach. Leslie looks lost.

L: Why are you so happy?

Sonny and Brenda sit by their daughter.

B: Well, sweetie. Mommy and Daddy are gonna have a baby!

L: A baby?

S: Yeah. You're gonna be a big sister!

L: Really? Wow!

Sonny picks her up, and they all hug.

About eight months later, Brenda has the baby. It's a boy named Michael Corinthos III. They live happily ever after.


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