Bonded for Life by Stacy

*Sonny  and Tom were in the jail cell.  Tom was sitting on the bench and
Sonny had his hands around the bars of the cell and was staring out and
thinking that he had to get out of there before he went crazy.*

*Brenda walks in and stops as she sees what kind of shape Sonny is in*

S=(he looks up and canít believe his eyes)Brenda?  What are you doing here?

B=(she walks over to him and puts her hands on his)Sonny, do you think I
wouldnít after I found out you were in here?

S=(both of their heads move forward and bump one another)I can always count
on you to save me.

B=Sonny I was with Ned and I just had this weird feeling.  You know the
feeling I got the night of Lauraís funeral?

S=Yeah I know.  

B=(she puts her hands on his face)I will get you out I swear.

S=I believe you.  I tust you.  You know that donít you?

B=Yeah I know.  Are you okay?  

S=Well believe it or not I am better now that you are here.

B=(she smiles blushingly)Allright, allright.  Donít worry I will help you.

S=(he now touches her face)Itís okay brenda, as long as you are here with me
I feel better.  

B=who is in charge of letting you go?

S=Taggert I guess.

B=Great.  The one person who hates you the most.  Hey donít worry I will
handle him.

S=(laughs)How can I ever repay you for all youíve done for me?

B=Donít thank me yet I still havenít gotten you out yet.

S=It doesnít matter youíve done soooo much for me already.

B=and you for me.

*They both lift their heads up and stare into each others minds*

B=Okay you just hold on and I will go see what I can do

*Just as brenda starts to waslk away sonny grabs her arm*

B=What Sonny?

S=I just wanted to thank you.

*Brenda just shakes her head and smiles*

*Then walk in Taggert*

T=Look whoís here?  Isnít it the lovely misses Jacks?

B=Listen Taggert, what is it going to take to get Sonny out of here?

T=(laughs)Nothing that you do will get Mr.Corinthos out of here.


T=Because Sonny is a addict and I am going to get him.

B=Sonny is NO addict so why donít you and your little boys go find the person
that is pushing drugs out on the street and give up on sonny.

T=Oh you think you know him so well.

B=(smiles)I do BELIEVE me!  

T=(turns around and looks at Sonny)Boy have you got her snowed.

S=I donít think so, Brenda here knows me better than anyone.  

T=(turns back to brenda)Give me one good reason I should let him go.  Are you
going to take care of him?

B=Because you are holding Sonny in here for no reason except for your own
selfish reasons and yes I WILL take care of Sonny.
B=Now let Sonny out of here right now unless you want me to go call mac?

T=Why donít I call Mac myself? 

B=Well, you do whatever makes you feel better or whatever makes you feel like
a BIG man.

T=oh forget it.  Take him out of here before I change mind.

B=(smiles)I WILL!  Címon Sonny letís get out of here.

S=(whispers)Thank you.

*Sonny and brenda walk out into the park and Sonny sits down on the bench and
so does Brenda*

B=(she takes Sonnyís hands and hold them)Are you okay now?

S=Now that youíre here I am.


S=Just listen to me.  You are the only one for me.  Always have been always
will be.

B=Are you sure about that?  What about Lily?

S=Brenda, sweetheart.  Yeah, I loved Lily and I didnít want anything bad to
happen to her.

B=See, she was your world not me.(she looks down)

S=(he takes his hands and lifts her face so they are looking into each others
eyes)No, your wrong.  You know why I had to choose Lily over you.  At first,
it was because it was my only way to be free.  Then it was because she was
pregnant and I couldnít leave my child.  Donít you see, I was willing to risk
everything so we could be together.  I couldnít love Lily the way I love you.
 You have always had my heart completely and always will.(he takes her hands
off of her face)

B=Wow.  I guess I always knew you loved me.  It just sounds more real when
you say it.

S=Yeah well I do.

B=You know how I feel about you too donít you?

S=Yeah I know.

B=(she gets up from the bench and starts pacing)G*d I just donít know what to
do?  I mean I DO love Jax.

S=(also gets up and makes his way towards her)Brenda, you love Jax the way I
loved Lily.  

B=What do you mean by that?

S=Okay, I cared for Lily and her safety and I felt safe with her because she
loved me so much.  You feel safe with Jax too and you like it that he loves

B=Yeah, but I donít think he loves me the way I love you either.  I hate to
say this, but, I think the way I love you is the way he loves Miranda.

S=You know what?  I think you are right.

B=I just donít know if we could make it.

S=We will.  I would never let you go again.  Brenda, we are totally different
people than when we were together before.

B=I guess.

S=I mean being loved by others changed us.  It made us realize what love is
really about.  When we were apart we also developed a deep friendship.  But,
through it all our LOVE never died, not once.  If we can have love and we can
have friendship going for us I think we could have a good shot at making it
work.  That is, if you want to try?

B=Oh Sonny.  I donít know what I want!  I love you more than I ever thought
it was possible to love but I have gotten my heart ripped out by you so many
times I donít know if I want to risk that again.  

S=I am so sorry I hurt you so many times.  I promise if you give us another
chance I wonít hurt you again.  I love you, Brenda and I want to take care of

*Sonny makes his way as close as he can get to Brenda and reaches in and
gives her a passionate kiss*

B=(she pulls away)Sonny, I need time.  Can you understand that?

S=Yes of course I do.  I probably understand that more than anyone.  I wanted
you back when I was with Lily.  I tried to stop but I couldnít.

B=I know.  Remember when you told me you loved me and I said I wonít be back?
 Then you said that I would?


B=I keep coming back so maybe that means something.

S=What are you saying Brenda?

B=I donít know.  Give me some time.  I need to sort things out.  All I know
for sure right now is that I love you.

*Brenda walks up to Sonny and gives him a kiss and then walks away*

~1 week later~
*Sonny gets a phone call from a Mystery Guy*

S=(his cellphone rings)Yeah?

MG=(in a deep voice)Meet me by the docks in 20 minutes.

S=Who is this?  I wonít meet anyone anywhere unless I know who I am dealing

MG=If you want to see your ladylove alive meet me there in 20 minutes.

*The MG hangs up the phone and Sonny knows he canít let anyone hurt Brenda so
he decides he has to go meet whoever this person is*

S=(as he is pacing the docks waiting for the unonimous person to come)Hello?
 I am here and I am waiting!!!

*The mystery guy shows up*

MG=Hello there Sonny nice to see you decided to show up.

S=Okay, fine, I am here. So, what is this about.  I do NOT want you going
anywhere near brenda.  If you do I guess I will just have to kill yaí.

MG=I wouldnít make threats if I were you.  Youíre really not in the position
to do that.

S=I do what I please.

MG=You just made a big mistake.  (he takes out his gun and shoots Sonny)

*Sonny falls to the ground and screams in pain*

MG=Thatís what you get when you threaten someone when you are in no position

S=(whispers)Who are you working for?  What do you want with me?

MG=I hope you die in misery.  Now that I have taken care of you, itís time to
move on to your ladylove.


*The mystery guy walks away*

*Brenda is not sure what to do about her personal life.  She decides to go to
the docks to sort out her feelings about Jax and Sonny*

*Just as Brenda is approaching the stairs of the docks she sees sonny lying
on the ground bleeding*


S=(looks over at brenda)Hi.  Fancy meeting you here.

B=ha ha sonny!  Címon letís get you out of here.  I am going to call a
ambulance right now.

*Sonny shakes his head*

*Brenda takes her cell phone out of her pocket and call the ambulence*

~Ambulence came and they are working on Sonny in the ER~

*Brenda is pacing out in the hall when Mike comes running through the ER

B=(sobbing)Oh Mike!

M=Hey donít worry Heíll pull through.  

B=He canít die.  I need him!  For godís sake I LOVE him!

M= Sweetie, heís strong he wonít die!

B=(crying)But what if...
M=He wonít leave you.  He loves you.  You know that donít you?

B=Yeah but I wouldnít admit it.  I need him to live so I can tell him and so
we caní be together if he still wants me after everything I have put him

M=I think he will be so thrilled that you have finally come around.  I think
you should stay here and tell him that when he can have visitors.

B=Are you kidding me?  I wouldnít even THINK of leaving him.  Not now.  Not

*The doctors are still working on Sonny and Brenda walks over to the ER door
and is sobbing as she looks in*

~2 hours later~

*Alan comes out of the ER*

B=(she follows Allan out)Is he going to be okay?  please tell me heís going
to be okay.

A=Right now itís tounch and go.

B=Okay.  Tell it to me straight.  What are his chances?

A=Well right now, itís a 50/50 chance.

B=I need to see him.


B=Please allan!

A=okay go in.  Talk to him while you are in there.  It might do some good.
 Remember when you were in there with him when he was shot up with heroin?
 Your presence did a tremendous amount of good for him.


*Brenda walks into the ER where sonny is laying there*

B=(holds back her tears and pulls a chair up to sonny and places her hand on
his hands)Sonny, baby.  You need to wake up.  Do it for us so that we can be
together.  So we can be where we belong, where weíve always belonged.  

*No movement from sonny*

*Brenda lays her head on sonnyís chest and just weeps*

B=(puts her head up)Remember when you came to me and told me you loved me and
I pushed you away and said that I choose Jax?  You knew I still loved you
right?  I have always loved you Sonny.  PLEASE come back to me.  After
everything we have been through we need this chance and we deserve this

*Sonny slowly opens his eyes and sees Brenda there with her hands touching
his hands and the scared look that she has on her face*

B=(tears flowing down her cheeks)Sonny?

*Sonny nods*

B=You came back.  You came back to me.

S=Like I said before, There is no such luck that you will get rid of me.  I
am here to stay Brenda so just get use to it.

B=I am so glad.  You have no idea how glad I am.

*Brenda caresses his face.  Sonny and Brenda are staring at each other.*

B=Sonny, Donít talk we can talk later.  I just want you to get your rest so
you can get well really soon.

S=Brenda I....

B=(she cuts him off)Sonny itís okay we can talk later.  We have a lot to talk

S=Donít leave.  

B=I wonít.  I promise.

*Sonny falls back asleep and so does Brenda on the chair next to him*

~The next day~

*Sonny moans as he wakes up*

B=Sonny?  Are you okay?

S=Yeah.  You stayed?

B=Did you think I wouldnít?  I promised you I would stay.

S=I know but I thought you might go home to Jax.

B=Sonny, we need to talk about that.

S=What?  What happened?

B=Well nothing yet but I want to discuss what I plan to do.

S=Why?  I thought you wanted to make it work or at least try.

B=Sonny.  Iíve been lying to myself because you were right.  I DO love you
and I never stopped.  You getting in this predicament scared the hell out of
me and it made me realize that I canít live without you.  Unless you have
changed your mind and you donít want to get back together?  

S=Are you kidding.  Brenda I love you.  I have wanted you in my life again
for the longest time.  Are you sure?  Is this what you want really?

B=Yes.  I have never been more sure about anything in my life.  Well except
the first time I knew I would always love you.

S=Oh baby I love you.  So, when are you going to tell Jax?

B=As soon as you get out of here.  I donít want to leave you.

S=(smiles)I can always count on you canít I ?


S=Thank you for saving my life once again.  You always seem to know what I
need and when I need it.

B=Well I donít know about that but I do know that you are always there for me

S=I donít want to ever lose you again.

B=You wonít I am also here to stay.  So get use to it.

S=Yeah?  I will hold you to that.

B=I am looking forward to that.


B=Sonny you were right.  We are real and the strongest thing I will ever
feel.  First you tried to fight our love then I tried to fight it.  Whatís
wrong with us?

S=Nothing baby.  For me, I fought it and then when I wanted to give in I
couldnít.  There was NO WAY I was going to let revera harm  you.

B=I know Sonny.  Itís okay.  

S=So what are we going to do with Jax?

B=Well when you get out of here tomorrow I am going to go talk to him.  He
knows where I am and is not pleased.

S=How does he know?  Did he come by?

B=No.  I called him and told him I was at the hospital with you and that I
wasnít leaving until you were better.

S=Oh.  I bet he just LOVED that.

B=No, but I donít care.  There is just no way I will ever love Jax the way I
love you.

S=Really?  Do you mean that?

B=Why would you doubt it?

S=Well I donít really but itís just nice to finally hear you say that.  I
canít believe I have you back in my life.  Do you know how long I have been
waiting to hear you say that?

B=Probably as long as I waited to hear you say that.

S=Yeah.  I canít wait to show you just how much I love you.



B=Well you will have to wait a little while because you need to recuperate.

S=Na, you have the power to heal me all by yourself.


S=okay.  okay.  I will heal first but I want you there with me.

B=Wouldnít want to be anywhere else.

*sonny smiles*

*Allan walks through the door*

A=So are you ready to get out of here?

S=(looks at brenda)Am I ever.

A=okay I will go get your paperwork and then you can you can go.


S=(he sees a strange look on brendaís face)Bren, whatíw wrong?

B=Oh nothing.  I just think it is time that I go talk to Jax now.  

S=Oh.  So what are you going to say?

B=I am not sure but I know I am going to say it is over.  I mean címon Sonny,
you and me we were just meant to be.

S=Thatís how I feel too.

B=Okay then I will bring you home and get you settled in bed and then I will
go see Jax and put a end to everything.


B=(smiles)Except for the new beginning of us.

S=I like the sound of that.

B=Me too.  Okay letís get you home now.

*Brenda helps Sonny up and after he gets dressed the leave to go back to
Sonnyís penthouse.

*Brenda helps Sonny into the penthouse*

B=Okay Sonny.  Youíre home.

S=Thanks.  Want to help me up to my bed?  (flashes those dimples)

B=Sonny.. Remember what I said?  You need to get better.

S=Okay.  Okay.  Just set me on the couch so I will be here when you get back.
 Hopefully you come back. (he looks down on the floor)

B=Hey.  Look at me, how could I not come back?  I want to be with you

S=Yeah I know.  See ya soon baby.

B=See ya.  (She walks towards the door and puts her hand on the handle and
turns around) Oh and sonny?


B=I love you.

S=(smiles)I love you too.

*Brenda leaves and makes her way over to jaxís penthouse*

B=(She knocks on the door)Jax?  Itís me.

*Jax comes to the door and answers it*

J=Oh you finally decided to come home.  Well, Well how is that mob boss
doing?  Is he still in the hospital?  


J=Well of course not you wouldnít leave him to dare come home now would you.

B=Jax, thatís not fair.

J=No, I will tell you whatís not fair.  You being away for days just to make
sure sonny is all right.

B=Jax I hate to say this but there is more to it than that.

J=I see.  Well why donít you inform me then.

B=Jax, letís sit down and talk.

J=(gets angry)No dammit I can talk standing up.  Just tell me what the hell
is going on!

B=I am so sorry but I canít do this anymore.

J=Do what brenda?

B=Us.  I am still in love with sonny.

J=Youíve got to be kidding me!

B=No I am not.

J=Heíll destroy you brenda.

B=Jax you of all people should be able to understand what I am going through.
 I know you still love miranda and would be back with her if we wouldnít have
been together at the time.

J=BRENDA!!!  I let miranda go so we could be together.

B=I know but... (hesitates)but Jax that was wrong.  You wonít be truly happy
unless you are with her and the same goes for me and sonny.  Miranda is your
soul mate and sonny is mine.

J=(tear falls down his cheek)Is this what you truly want?

B=(also crying)yes it is.  Iím sorry Jax.  I want you to know that I will
always love you.

J=Same for me.  Brenda just go before I refuse to let you go.

B=Jax you wouldnít.

J=I donít know.

B=I will come and pick up my things next week and please donít cause any
trouble okay.  Go to miranda and be happy.

J=(opens the door)Just go!

B=(she leaves in tears)Bye jax.

*Sonny is sitting on the couch in his penthouse wondering where brenda could
possibly be  because she had left a few hours ago.  He was just about to call
Jaxís penthouse and then he hears a knock at the door*


S=Whose there?

B=Itís me brenda.  Can I come in?

S=Please do.

*Brenda walks in the penthouse and walks over and sits next to sonny*

S=Baby are you allright?

B=Now I am.

S=Where have you been?  Were you with Jax this whole time?

B=Well after I left jax I went down to the docks to think.



S=Brenda I thought I told..never mind.  So how did it go with Jax?

B=I donít want to talk about that right now.  I just want to sit here with
you and hold you and take care of you.

S=I guess I could handle that.

B=(laughs)Thatís good because I am but I promise you I wonít make you suffer
through my cooking.

S=how nice of you.

B=(she gives him a hug)I love you.

S=oh baby I love you too.

*Brenda leans up against the couch and sonny lays his head on her legs*

*1 week later and sonny is fully recovered.  Brenda is staying at Kellyís*

*Sonny is thinking of brenda and decides to call her*

S=Bren, itís me.

B=Sonny.  How are you feeling?

S=Great!  I know we need to talk still so I was wondering if you would like
to go out for dinner?

B=With you?

S=Yeah with me.  Who else?

B=I wouldnít want to be with anyone else but you tonight.


B=I would love to go.  What time?

S=Does 8:00 sound okay?

B=Sure.  I have some thinks to do so why donít I just meet you at lukeís?

S=Are you sure?  


S=Thatís fine with me.

B=Great.  Sonny, I am looking forward to seeing you.

S=Me too.  Now we can finally get things moving in our relationship but we
will take things slow like I promised.

B=Thanks.  I just donít want to make the same mistakes okay?

S=Of course.  I wonít let you go this time.

B=So, I will see you at Lukeís tonight k?

S=yeah.  I love you.

B=i love you too.

*Sonny is at Lukeís waiting for brenda*

L=So, man are you waiting for brenda?

S=Sure am.

L=So, have you guys spent much time together since you got out of the

S=Not really.  She came by to see me a few times.  The first few days though
she stayed with me.

L=She actually left you alone?

S=Yeah, but... you know she is a busy woman.

L=oh right sheís a model.

S=(smiles)Yeah.  I canít tell you how great it feels for us to finally start
to get things back on track.  

L=Well, itís about time.  You know, even through everything the one thing
that never changed was your love.  If you guys donít make it this time
around...well, I donít know.

S=We will.  Weíll make it.  Weíre different people now.  

L=Good luck, man.


*In walks brenda*

L=Well sonny it looks like your night is about to start.

*Sonny slowly turns around and takes a deep breath after he sees how
beautiful she looks.  Brenda is wearing his favorite red dress*

S=(he gets up and walks over to her)Let me help you with your coat.


*Sonny takes her coat and leads her to a table that is away from the rest of
the crowd*

S=(he gives her a kiss on the cheek)You look beautiful.

B=So do you.  

*Sonny and brenda sit down*
S=I donít even know where to start.

B=Well, then let me.

S=(smiles)if you insist.

B=yeah I do.  You know I want to take things slow and I want to live at
kellyís for awhile.


B=I didnít mean to say that you wanted to move in together right now.  I know
you are not ready for that.

S=Brenda.  I would be ready for it.  I want to make a commitment with you but
only when you are ready.  As long as we are together every step of the way I
will wait forever.

B=Well, I donít think you will have to wait forever.

S=Thank god.

B=Thanks so much.  You know, you really are being sweet.

S=You havenít seen nothing yet sweetheart.

*they both stare at each other with big smiles on their faces*

B=Why donít we eat and then go back to your place and talk.

S=Sounds good to me

*Sonny and brenda have finished eating*

S=(getting ready to leave Lukeís)See ya Luke.

L=Bye!  See you around brenda.  Have fun kids!

to be continued......

Part 10

~They are at Sonnyís penthouse~

S=(he opens the door for her)Let me take your coat.


*They both stare into each other for what seemed like hours*

S=Would you like to sit down?


*They  sit down and are as close as they possibly can get*

B=Sonny I was wondering if you would help me move my things into kellyís.

S=Sure.  Oh and whenever you are ready I want you to move in with me.

B=Are you sure?

S=Are you kidding me?  I want to be with you as much as possible.

B=I hope it works this time.

S=Sweetheart it will.  


S=I love you.

B=I love you too.

*Brenda looks down*

S=Hey, whatís the matter?

B=Nothing I just canít believe this is happening.

S=I know, but it is.  I promise I will never ever let you go again.

*Sonny leans in to give her a kiss for what seems like forever and when it
starts to get too intense brenda pulls back*

S=Iím sorry.  I know I told you that we would take it slow.  It just slipped.

B=(laughs)yeah I am sure.

S=So, do you want me to take you back to kellyís so that we can get you moved
in first thing tomorrow morning?

B=You want me to leave already huh?

S=Of course not, but if you stay here any longer I donít know if I can
control myself.  

B=Soon Sonny soon.


B=Yeah and I want it to be really special.

S=Oh, it will be.

B=Okay if you donít mind taking me home.  We can get things done tomorrow
morning at kellyís k?

S=Sure.  Letís go.


~Brendaís room at kellyís~

S=Well Ms. Barret here you are.

B=Yeah I sure am.  Thank you so much.  I had a really nice time.

S=Me too.  I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

B=I know what you mean. 

B=(she unlocks the door and stands in the doorway and sonny is leaning
against the doorway)I really appreciate everything you are doing and thank
you for letting us ease back into this relationship.

S=Anything for you.  

*Sonny leans in and gives her a kiss on the cheek*

B=(as sonny said goodbye she grabs his jacket)Sonny?


B=Come here.

*She makes her way over to him as he moves to her and she gives him a
passionate kiss*

*They both pull away breathless*

S=(whispers)see you tomorrow.

B=(smiles)see you.

*Brenda goes in her room and Sonny leaves*


~The next morning~

B=(the phone rings)Hello?

S=Hi!  Are you up?  

B=I know itís early so just bare with me.

S=yeah I thought it was early.  Do you want me to wait for awhile or will you
be ready in a hour?

B=You can come in an hour.  

S=Okay see you then.



*Brenda made plans to go pick up her things while jax wouldnít be there and
so sonny and brenda brought her stuff back to kellyís*

~Back at brendaís room at kellyís~

*There are boxes everywhere*

S=Look at all this stuff.

B=(laughs)Are you surprised?

S=No.  Remember when you moved into my apartment above Lukeís?

B=Yeah, you just about died.  I had so much stuff.

S=Yeah I remember.

*Sonny helps brenda unpack her things*

*Brenda sits on her bed and lays back*

S=(he goes over and sits right next to her)Oh is my poor baby tired?


S=Want me to cook you dinner tonight?

B=Sonny I have been meaning to tell you something.

S=I donít think I like the sound of this.

B=Oh, donít worry.


B=Itís just that I have a photoshoot and itís not in port charles so I will
be gone till the end of the week.

S=Iíll miss you.

B=Iíll miss you too.  I really need to go though.  I am so sorry.

S=Sorry?  Donít be.  I will talk to you soon.  How about I cook you dinner
when you get back?

B=i would absolutely love it!  I will call you everynight.

S=You better.  When are you leaving?

B=Tonight.  I should pack so I can go to the airport.

S=Do you want me to take you to the airport?

B=If you want.  I would really like that.  I love you.(Brenda kisses him)

Part 11

~Sonny takes Brenda to the airport~

B=This is so hard.  I will miss you so much.  Donít find someone new while I
am gone.

S=Very funny.  I wouldnít have fought so hard to win you back if I wasnít
serious about us.  I will miss you too.  How long will you be gone again?

B=1 week.

S=Uh.  Well I will have to stay busy at the club.

*Flight to Hawaii is now boarding says a voice*

B=Well, thatís me.


*Brenda gives him a long passionate kiss*


S=Bye.  I love you!

B=(running)I LOVE YOU TOO!!!


~5 days later and Sonny is at Lukeís~

*Luke walks in*

S=Hey man.

L=Hey.  So, when is Brenda coming back?

S=She should be back in a few days.  I canít wait.

L=You miss her a lot huh?

S=You can say that again.  I just hope when she calls tonight that I can
actually talk to her.  It seems that almost every time I call or she calls we
get the machines.

L=Sorry.  You should go home then so you donít miss her call.

S=Sounds like a good idea.

~Back at Sonnyís penthouse~

*Sonny sees he has a message on his machine and pushes the play button*

B=(her voice on the machine)Sonny, sweetheart itís me.  I guess I got your
machine once again.  Are we on a different wave length or something?  oh well
just thought I would let you know that there is a change of plans.  Iím
coming home tomorrow.  I canít wait to see you!  love you .

*Sonny was excited that she was coming home a day early but was disappointed
that he missed her call once again*


~The next night~

*Sonny has made a special dinner for her arrival.  He has candles lit all
over the room and pasta cooking in the kitchen*

*There is a knock at the door*

S=(he opens the door)Brenda, youíre early.

B=I guess you werenít expecting me.  Whatís going on Sonny?

S=(laughs)Of course I was but I didnít think you would be home before I
finished getting everything perfect.  I mean címon who else would I do all
this for?

B=Iím sorry.  I guess I have just had a long stressful week.

S=i figured you would so that is why I decided to make you dinner.

B=The place looks beautiful Sonny.  Wow, look at all the candles.

*Brenda makes her way towards Sonny and they embrace in the most passionate

*They pull away breathless*

S=Shall we eat.


*They finish eating*

*Brenda gets up and starts clearing the dishes off the table*

S=What are you doing?

B=Clearing the table.  You cooked and I will clean.

S=Oh no you donít.  You take some wine and go sit on the couch.  You had a
rough week so you just go relax.

B=Sonny, itís okay.

S=Okay it looks like I will just have to bring you over there myself.  He
picks her up and brenda screams.

B=(laughing)Sonny what are you doing?

S=(he lays her on the couch)Here now you just sit here and put some music on
if you want and wait for me to finish cleaning up.  If you get up then youíll
regret it.

B=(smiles)Oh I will huh?

S=Sure will.  Trust me on that one!

B=Okay I will just sit until your done.  And Sonny?


B=Donít be long.

S=Oh, I wonít believe me.

*Sonny finishes cleaning up and grabs a glass of wine and joins Brenda on the

S=So, how did your shoot go?

B=(she is playing with his hair)Well, I donít really want to discuss that
tonight.  You donít mind do you.

S=(innocently)Oh, what do you want to do instead?


*Brenda moves close to Sonny and starts to kiss him passionately and when the
kisses start to get real intense Sonny pulls away*

S=Hold on.

B=(not understanding)What?

S=I thought you werenít ready for this yet and that you wanted to take things

B=Well, I know but being away from you for a week changed my mind I guess.  I
love you Sonny and I canít think of any reason to wait any longer.  I mean,
we know that we belong together.  So, can you think of any reason to wait?

S=(big dimple smile)Uhhh.....No.  I just want to make sure this is what you

B=Oh, believe me it is.  

*Brenda starts to kiss him again and as things get real intense yet once
again Sonny lifts Brenda up and carries her upstairs*

Sonny lays her gently on the bed and they unbutton each otherís clothes as
they continue kissing (which they never pull away from).*

*They make passionate love that night*


~The next morning~

*Sonny wakes up and looks over and sees that it really did happen and Brenda
is next to him*

*Brenda awakens and looks up at Sonny*

S=Hey, baby, good morning. 

B=Hey.  Good morning to you too.  Wasnít last night amazingly wonderful.

S=You can say that again.

B=Okay, wasnít last night amazingly wonderful.

*They both laugh and start kissing again*

Part 12

B=I love you so much.  Do you know how much I missed you while I was gone?

S=Yeah.  I really missed you too!  Iíve been counting the days until you came
back home.  When I got that last message on the machine from you I was happy
that you were coming home early, but I was also a little disappointed I
didnít get to talk to you.

B=Yeah, well I couldnít be away from you any longer.  You have that effect on
me, you know.

S=And you have the same effect on me.  You are the one thing in my life that
I canít live without.

B=I suppose I should go back to Kellyís, so that I can get dressed for my
meeting with Lucy today, about the shoot.

S=Okay.  I wish we were living together, BUT I know you are not ready for
that yet and thatís okay.

B=Not quite yet.  Then again, I didnít expect to come home and make love to
you.  I just needed and wanted to be close to you again.  Back where I
belonged.  So, just give me a little more time, okay?

S=Iíll give you all the time you need, sweetie.  I donít want to pressure you
into anything.  I have you with me and thatís all that matters.

B=Thank you.

S=No problem.

*They get up and get dressed*

B=Iím going to leave for my meeting now.  I will give you a call later.

S=What, no goodbye kiss?

B=(smiles)Oh, Iím sorry.

*Brenda makes her way over to Sonny and gives him a kiss*

B=Is that better?

S=It will do.  For now.


S=I  will be at the club.  So, give me a call there.

B=Will do.  Bye.



~At Lukeís~

*Luke walks in*


L=Hey.  So, did you talk to Brenda last night?

S=I guess you could say that.  She came home last night.

L=Really?  Thatís cool.

S=Yeah.  That is one word for it!

L=So, I take it was quite the special night.

S=Yeah.  Thatís all Iím saying.

L=(laughs)Oh, okay.  It must have been one amazing night.

S=Sure was.

*Sonny and Luke talk about Laura and the family*

*The phone rings and itís Brenda*

L=(answers phone)Lukeís.



B=Itís Brenda.  Is Sonny still there?

L=Sure is, babe.  Hold on.

B=No.  Donít tell him that Iím on the phone.  Iím on my way over there.  So,
donít tell him.


*Sonny is sitting at the bar with his back facing the door*

*Brenda comes through the back, so Sonny wonít see her*

*Brenda comes up behind  Sonny and wraps her arms around him*

S=(teasingly)Um....Who could that be?

B=(hits him playfully)What?

S=(he turns around and is all smiles)Hey, baby.

B=I finished the meeting.  So, I thought I would come and see you.  I hope
you donít mind?

S=Mind?  Are you kidding me, I am glad you are here.

*Sonny pulls her close and Brenda gives him a kiss*

S=So....What are your plans for tonight?

B=Hopefully spending time with you.

S=Sounds like a good idea.


S=I have to meet Jason at the docks regarding the business meeting he had
earlier.  Shouldnít take too long.

B=okay.  I will go back to my apartment and get ready.  Where should we go?

S=Letís go eat at the outback tonight.

B=Sounds good.  See you later.

*Brenda gives Sonny a kiss and then leaves*


~At the docks~

*Sonny is waiting for Jason*

*Mystery person approaches the docks and Sonny thinks itís Jason*

*Sonny turns around*

S=Itís about time you....

*Mystery person shoots Sonny*

*As Sonny falls to the ground Jason shoots the mystery guy, who also falls to
the ground*

*Jason doesnít know who the mystery guy is and what he wants with Sonny*

J=Sonny?  Can you hear me?

S=(barely able to speak)Yeah.

J=Where did you get shot?

S=Jason.....youíre late.

J=Iím sorry I was late.  We just got done with the meeting.

S=Oh.  Itís okay.  Call 911, I need a doctor.  I have a bullet in my chest.

J=Oh, yes, Iím sorry.

*An ambulance comes for Sonny*


~Brendaís room at Kellyís~

*She is getting ready for her dinner date with Sonny*

*She thinks about how wonderful her night was with him when she got back from
Hawaii.  She is so happy being with Sonny*

*The phone rings and itís Jason*

Part 13




J=Itís me, Jason.

B=Jason.  Hi!  Whatís up?

J=Brenda, Sonnyís been shot and is at GH right now.

B=What?  Oh, my g*d. 

J=Heís in ER #2.  Iíll be outside the room.  He is being operated on now.  He
has a bullet in his chest.  He wanted to wait until you got here so he could
talk to you, but he couldnít wait.  

B=Iím on my way.


~Jason and Mike are waiting outside the operating room~

B=(she comes running through the hall)Jason.  Mike.  Any news?

J=not yet.

B=(she starts to cry)I canít lose him.  Not now.

M=Sweetie, címere.

*Mike hugs Brenda*

M=He will make it.  He has too much to live for now.  He has you.

B=I know.  I love him so much.  I donít know what I would do without him.

*Brenda leaves Mikeís embrace and goes to the door of Sonnyís operating room.
 She flashes back to all the good times her and Sonny had*

*Jason touches her shoulders and that brings her back to reality*

J=Heís going to be okay.  Címon letís sit down and wait for the doctor to
come out.

B=(tears falling)Okay.

*Allan comes out*

B=(jumps up)Allan, how is he?

A=Brenda, I wonít lie to you. It could go either way, but itís too soon to

B=Can I see him?

A=I will let you go in, but thatís it.  Your presence might help him.

*Brenda slowly walks into Sonnyís room and pulls a chair right next to him*

B=(grabs his hands and holds them)Sonny?  Baby, can you hear me?

B=Please wake up.  You canít leave me, not now.  We have finally found out
way back together.  We have our whole lives ahead of us.  I love you, Sonny.
 Do you hear me?  I canít and I wonít live without you.

*Brenda lays her head on Sonnyís hands*

S=(he slowly opens his eyes and speaks weakly)Br....enda?

B=(she lifts her head and has tears streaming down her face)Sweetheart?  Hi.
 Donít leave me.

S=Itís okay, Brenda.  I am trying to hold on for us, for you.

B=(smiles)I know, baby.  Iím going to tell Jason to go get Allan.  Iíll be
right back.

*Brenda comes back in from telling Jason to go get Allan*

B=Okay, sweetie.  Heíll be here in a few minutes.

S=Iím sorry that I reuined our evening.

B=(laughs)Well, you can take me out when you get better.  You better make it,

S=I will.  I am trying really hard.

*Allan comes in*

A=Hi!  Brenda, can I ask you to step out for a minute, so that I can check
Sonny over.

B=Sure.  Sonny, I will just be outside, okay?  I will be with Jason and Mike.

S=Mike is here?


*Allan checks Sonny over and comes out to talk to Brenda, Jason, and Mike*

B=So, how is her?

A=He is doing very well.  He has a very good chance of making it.

B=(breaths a sigh of relief and gives Allan a hug)Thank you!  Thank you!

A=I knew that would make you feel better.

B=Can I go back in?

A=Yeah.  Actually it seems that you being there is doing a lot of good.


*Brenda walks into Sonnyís room*

B=Iím back.

S=I love you.

B=I love you, too.  So, stay with me.  Iím not leaving you, so you better
make it.

S=I will.

*Brenda sleeps on a chair in Sonnyís room*


~2 days later~

*Sonny wakes up*

S=Brenda?  You here?

B=Yeah.  Baby, Iím here.


*Allan walks in*

A=So, how are we doing today?

S=Pretty good.

B=I think heís looking better.  What do you think, Allan?

A=Well, Brenda, you being here seems to have done a lot of good.

S=You can say that again.  Brenda, is my life savor.

B=Oh, sweetheart.

A=So, are you ready to check out of here in a few days?

S=Sure am.

A=Okay.  I will check on you later/

*Allan leaves*

S=Brenda, you should go home and get some sleep.

B=(very persistant)No.  Iím not going anywhere until utís time to take you
home.  And when you do, Iím going to take care of you.  You might get sick of


B=oh, really?  Well, I guess weíll just see about that.  Just wait until Iím
there with you around the clock, taking care of you.

S=Hey, I canít wait for that once again, youíll be my nurse.

B=Wow.  You really have changed.

S=Sure have, babe.

Part 14

*The phone rings in Sonnyís hospital room*


J=Hey, man.  How are you feeling?

S=Better with Brenda here.  So, did you find out who it was that shot me?

J=Well, I donít recognize the name.  Maybe you will.


J=A guy of last name Johnson.  I couldnít find a first name.

S=Not familiar to me.  Did you find out any background on him?

J=Well, he was a cop in New York.  He got expelled because he turned into a
dirty cop.  Here is the interesting part, he was friends, or he knew Taggert.

S=Really?  Now, that IS interesting.  Do some digging on Taggert.

J=Okay.   Get better.

S=Bye, Jason.  Thanks a lot.

*They hang up*

S=Letís get back to our discussion.

B=Whatís going on?

S=Not quite sure.  Jason is doing a check on the guy that shot me.


B=You know, when I was in the hospital, I had a lot of dreams of me being
with you.  Some had you with me in the hospital room.  Everytime I woke up, I
was hoping you would be right there next to me, but evertime it was Jax.

S=I was around.  I mostly came around when you were asleep.  There wasnít a
day taht I didnít come and see you.

B=Really?  I didnít know you came to see me that often.  I always felt your
presence.  I remember one day when Jax came to see me and he told me that you
were with me.  I was asleep.  

S=I know.  It was hard, because I was suppose to be with lily.  I just
couldnít help thinking about you.

B=Yeah, I know.  I now understand.  Anyways, letís talk about something

S=sure.  Like what?

B=Well, how about you and me?

S=My favorite subject.

B=Oh, yeah?


B=So, I was thinking.  What do you think of us living together again?

S=(smiles with surprise)Are you kidding me?

B=No.  You, having this accident, has made me do some hard thinking.  Iíve
realized that I canít take it slow with you anymore.  I donít think we should
put us on hold any longer.

S=You donít know how glad I am to hear you say that.  Iíve missed you so much
and now I can be with all the time.

B=Yeah.  I hope you donít get sick of me.

S=It will never happen.

B=Iím glad.  I want to be with you always.

S=Me too.


~A few days later~

*Allan walks in Sonnyís room*

A=Hey!  Weíre sure looking good, arenít we?

S=It is all because of Brenda.

B=Oh, come on.  He gets all the credit for getting well.

A=Okay.  Here is your release papers.  You are free to go.


*Allan leaves the room*

S=Sure am.

*Sonny gets dressed.  Brenda grabs his release papers and they leave*


~At Sonnyís penthouse~

*Brenda is holding Sonny up as they walk in*

B=Do you want to lay on the couch or your bed?

S=My bed for now.


*Brenda takes Sonny up to his room and gets him into bed*

B=Do you need something?


B=What can I get you?

S=Well, all I need is you.  Will you come and lay next to me?

B=(laughs)Sure.  Are you sure thatís all you need?

S=Yeah.  Thatís all I will ever need.

*Brenda makes her way over to the bed andlays down next to him.  She plops up
on her elbow*

B=(she touches his face)Do you know how glad I am that you are back home?
 When Jason called and I got to the hospital, I told Mike I couldnít live
without you.

S=I couldnít live without you, either.  Iím glad to be home too, sweetheart.


S=So, when are you moving in?

B=When you get better.  That is, if you want me here that soon.

S=The sooner the better!

B=Okay.  Until then, I will be staying with you.  Until you get better.
 After then, weíll move my stuff in here.

S=I love it and I love you.

B=I love you, too.  I am going to go get you some soup, okay?

S=Donít be gone too long.

B=I wonít.

*Brenda leaves to go make some soup and brings it back for Sonny*

S=Chicken soup, huh?

B=Remember the last time I fed you this?

S=Sure do.  You were my very own nurse.

B=I am now, too.

S=Wouldnít want it to be anyone else.

*Sonny teases playfully while Brenda tries to feed him the soup*

B=Címon, Sonny.

S=Okay.  Okay.

B= Iím going to go downstairs, so that you can get some rest.

S=You can stay.  I can sleep while you are still here.

B=(she touches his face)No, you canít.

S=Itís up to you.

B=Iíll go downstairs for a little bit and then Iím going to come up here and
lay with you.  Is that okay with you?

S=Iíll be waiting for you.

B=okay.  I want you to get some rest while Iím downstairs.

S=Iíll try.

*Brenda gives hima kisson the his forehead and then goes downstairs*

*Brenda picks up the phone call Robin*

Part 15


~Robinís dorm~


B=Robin?  itís me, Brenda.

R=Brenda!  Whatís going on?  Is Sonny okay?  Jason wouldnít tell me anything.
 He just said that everything was fine!

B=Calm down, Robin.  Sonny did get shot, but he is doing okay now.  He is
home now.  I am staying with him.

R=Oh, good.  I was so worried and I couldnít come and see for myself.

B=Everythingís fine.  I also had another reason to call you.


B=As you probably know, me and Sonny are back together.  I am moving into
Sonnyís place as soon as he gets better.

R=(excited)Oh, Brenda.  I am so happy for you.  I always know you and Sonny
were meant to be.

B=Yeah.  I know you did.

R=I really appreciate you calling me.

B=Yeah.  I better go check on Sonny again.

R=Okay.  Talk to you later.




~Upstairs in Sonnyís room~

*Brenda does a few more things before going back upstairs*

*Brenda heads upstairs into Sonnyís room and sees that he is sound asleep*

*Brenda smiles at Sonny.  She is standing in the doorway and thinking of how
lucky she is that Sonny made it through the accident*

*Brenda walks over to where Sonny is sleeping and sits right next to him.
 She plays with his hair while watching him sleep*

*Brenda, then gets up and walks over to the window.  She starts thinking of
what it will be like when she moves in*

S=(he wakes up)Brenda?

B=(she turns around)Iím here.

S=can you come here?  Please.

B=Sure.  Is something wrong, sweetheart?

S=Of course not.  I just want to be close to you.

*Brenda makes her way to Sonnyís bed and lays right next to him*

*Sonny grabs Brendaís hand and their fingers intertwine.  Brenda, then lays
her head on Sonnyís shoulder*

S=Iím glad you are here with me.

B=Me too.  I wouldnít want to be anywhere else.

S=I canít imagine my life without you in it.

B=Well, you wonít have to imagine.  Iím here with you as long as you want me
to be.

S=I want you to be with me forever.

*Brenda smiles*

B=I called Robin earlier.

S=Thatís good.  Did you tell her everything is fine?

B=Yeah.  I told her you were in the hospital, but now you are at home and I
am taking care of you.  I also told her that I was moving in here after you
get well.

S=What did she say?

B=She is so excited for us.  She said she always knew we were meant to be

S=(smiles)Iím glad that she is happy for us.  Sheís right.  She always knew
we belong together, forever.

B=Yeah.  Sheís smart.


~3 days later~

*Itís the morning and Sonny is still sleeping, but Brenda is up and is
downstairs on the phone with Lucy*

*Phone rings*


L=Brenda, itís me Lucy.

B=Hi!  Whatís up?

L=When are you going to be able to do this shoot?  I mean, I know you need to
be with Sonny while he is recuperating.  How is he coming along anyways?

B=He is coming along great.  I should be able to do it sometime next week.  I
just wan to make sure heís well first.

L=I understand.  I will give you a call next week and wish Sonny my best.

B=Thanks.  I appreciate your understanding.

L=Yeah.  I understand.  Especially after what I went through with Kevin.  I
understand you need to be there for the man you love.


*Sonny came downstairs*

B=Hey, baby.


*Brenda walks over and gives him a gentle hug*

B=So, how are we feeling?

S=Ten times better.

B=Iím glad.

S=Letís go sit down on the couch for a second.


*They go and sit down on the couch*

*Sonny grabs Brendaís hands and kisses them*


S=I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me this week.

B=It was my pleasure.

*Sonny smiles.  He, then reaches in and gives her a gentle kiss*

B=I love you.

S=I love you, too.

*A tear falls down Brendaís cheek*

S=(he wipes her cheek)Hey, whatís wrong?

B=Nothing, I just realized for me what it would mean if  I lost you.  I came
so close and Iím afraid.

S=I know.  I was scared because I didnít know if Iíd get the chance to be
with you forever.

B=Iím glad you can.

Part 16


~The next week~

*Brenda has gotten a call from Lucy the day before and Lucy told her the
shoot was the following day*

*Brenda get up and takes a shower*

*Brenda is getting for her shoot in the bathroom as Sonny is waking up*



S=Where are you?  

B=In the bathroom.

*Sonny walks in the bathroom and wraps his arms around Brendaís waist*

B=You are definately getting back to your old self.

S=Sure am.  Where are you going?

B=I have my photo shoot today, remember?

S=Thatís right.  I think I am going to go to the Club today.

B=Sounds good.

S=You look beautiful.

B=(smiles)Thank you.  I better go.

*Brenda heads downstairs and Sonny follows her to the door*

*Brenda and Sonny are standing in the doorway.  Sonny gives her a kiss*

S=See you later.  Have a good shoot.

B=Thanks.  I will see you later.

*Brenda leaves and after Brenda disappears into the elevator, Sonny closes
the door*


~At Lukeís~

*Sonny walks in~

L=Hey partner!


L=I see you have recuperated nicely.

S=(smiles)Yeah.  Brenda took really good care of me.

L=I bet she did.

S=Yeah.  So, whatís up?

*Luke and Sonny talk over some things about the Club.  Sonny does a little
book work*


~Studio for Brendaís shoot~

*Lucy is at the shoot*

L=Okay/  Weíre almost done here, Brenda.  Itís coming along very well.  You
have quite the glow these days.

B=You can owe that all to Sonny.

*Sonny walks in justa as he hears Brendaís comment*

S=What about me?

*Brenda turns around with surprise that he is there*

B=(joyful and runs over and gives him a hug)Sonny?!  What are you doing here?

S=I came to see my girl at work.  Is that okay?

B=Yeah, but are you sure you want to stay?  It might be a little boring for

S=Boring?  Are you kidding me?  I wouldnít miss a chance to see the most
beautiful woman in from of the lens.

B=(laughs)I wouldnít go that far.

S=I would.

*Lucy comes out*

L=Okay, Brenda.  Are you ready?  Oh, Sonny I didnít know you were here.  Are
you staying?

S=I just got here.  Yes, of course I am staying. 
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