Week 90: July 10 - 17, 2004


(Sam) "I"m telling you right now if one more stupid person in this town compares me to Brenda, I'll burn their damn house down too!"
Author: Vee

Sam: you see Jason, I am the new Brenda, I live in yur penthouse and annoy you, I am small brunette and gorgeous! So what is the problem? Why can't Sonny go buck wild for me like he does for Brenda?

Jason:Oh no, not another wanna be Brenda, first Hannah, then Carly, now Sam! I need to Talk to Sonny about these chicks! They will NEVER compare!
Author: Barbara

Honorable Mention

Sam: Wait a minute Sonny, so now your shipping me off with him?

Sonny: Well I've got to get to Brenda so I'll see ya later!

Jason: Damn I'm tired! First its Carly, then Brenda, now Sam! Sonny, quit shipping your women off to me!
Author: Marie

Week 89: July 4 - 10, 2004

Carly: Brenda, would ya stop calling here already?! I've got enough to deal with, with your look-a-like boinking my husband and now clutching her stomach to get sympathy...geez.
Author: Kiki

Honorable Mentions

carly on the phone with somebody.

C.ah yes so when can i come in for the hair colorin?well do u have any time sooner?i guess that will do.

C.then when can i come in for the plastic surger?

sam.carly let me talk to the plastic surgin.

sam.ahh yes i need to look like somebody

sam.u may know her.

plastic.and who would that person be?

sam.well brenda barrett of course.carly in the background saying "Sam you can't look like brenda because i have to and sonny can't love both of us"

Than all of the sudden you her fighting and screaming
Author: whitley

Carly: (talking to paramedics) Please hurry her constipation is really bad, you should see the look on her face and the way she's standing.... It is sooooo funny!!!
Author: Dee

Week 88: June 26 - July 3, 2004

Sonny: C'mon sister, please go get Brenda for me.

Nun: Okay Sonny, I can see how much she means to you. But, I already called your wife.

Sonny: Sister, I thought you were trying to SAVE me, not cause me further pain!!!!!
Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions

Mother Superior: Please don't die, I know your life sucks right now, I mean, your skank wife never shuts up and her son, Michael is poseessed by satan, but you can be happy again, just leave the ho and her kids, since they are not yours anyway and go to your soulmate already, she is in Paris right now!

Sonny: your right, I can't give up. I can divorce the loser instead! Thank you, for pulling me through this. Ahh Brenda, I'm coming!
Author: Barbara

Sonny: "...Brenda....Brenda...I have to tell her that she's the one. She's the one I'll always love."
Author: Jyothi Chandrasekhar

Week 87: June 19 - 26, 2004

Carly: C'mon man, I'll give ya a little if you kill Brenda for me. I will rock your world. I need her dead so Sonny will love me and only me!!! Please, I'm really good in bed. Why do you think I got with Sonny in the 1st place? Jason raved about me and since Sonny thought Brenda was dead, he got a little, but now she's not dead and I need her to be!! Please help a ho out man!! Sonny is my only life!! I'm desperate!
Author: Barbara

Honorable Mentions

(Carly) "Hey you, TeeHee, you think I"m prettier than Brenda don't ya??"

(Guard) "Um, yeah when my eyes are closed"
Author: Vee

Carly: Sonny said that we're going to the beach... and blah blah blah...

Guard: (thinking) No wonder why Mr. Corinthos sent her here to go off to Brenda...

Carly: ... and hes gona take me saling and...
Author: Mike

Carly: Hey big boy...will you do me a favour?

Officer: Forget it.

Carly: What if I show you some T&A?

Officer: I'd rather see T&A from the officer behind you - now let me get back to my crossword puzzle you chicken-woman!
Author: Kiki

Week 86: June 13 - 19, 2004

Justice: Look Sonny you know how the saying goes....once you go....

Sonny: Ya Ya...I swear, it's THIS BIG
Author: Lisa

Honorable Mentions

Justice: What do you mean I need to loosen up?

Sonny: Look at me; my coat's open, I don't have a tie on, one button undone. You know loosen up! It is hard to hide a weapon like this, though. But the ladies love my style.

Justice: Man I wish I could be like you, Sonny.
Author: Dee

(Sonny) "No, really it's this big"

(Justus) "Really that big? Now I understand"
Author: Vee

Week 85: June 5 - 12, 2004

(Ingo) " OK now just wait one second, there is no way I'm doing a love triangle with a nun, Maurice we have to draw the line somewhere"!
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Nun: In the name of all that is holy, would you 2 please STOP SLEEPING WITH THE SAME WOMEN!!!!!
Author: Kiki

Nun: My children I am sorry, but I will not let you see her.

Jax: I will pay you whatever you want to tell me where Brender is.

Sonny: Sister, it is me she truly loves and we will be together whether you help us or not.

Nun: Alright, Sonny, you may go to her. Candyboy, you can just go.
Author: Dee

Nun: Please, please (to Sonny) kill me, I'd rather die than be with him.

Sonny: How about I just kill him?
Author: Marie

Week 84: May 29 - June 5, 2004

Rick: So, Sonny, I am trying to get Alexis into bed. Is she worth the effort.::::

Sonny: Well, she's no Brenda, but she gets the job done.::::

Rick: We all know that no-one can compare to the lovely Brenda, but now that Elizabeth is gone, I will take anyone--- Wait, anyone except Carly. That was close!
Author: Dee

Honorable Mention

(Ric) "So you see, clearly my hands are bigger than yours, cause I can't even fold them, so there!"
Author: Vee

Week 83: May 22 - 29, 2004

(Jason) "This one thinks she's a business woman, you think you're a doctor...oh my God, what did I get myself into with these two screwballs!"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mention

Jason: You're going to do what to Sonny???? A vasectomy!!! Carly you don't know the first thing about it.::

Carly: Oh come on Jase, how hard can it be? A little snip here and there. What else am I suppose to do, let him plant his seed in every ovulating woman in PC?::

Courtney: What's a vasec, a vasect.... Oh whatever it's called, what is it? Oh I'm so confused, what are you two talking about?::

Jason: Courtney why the hell are you standing like that?? ::

Courtney: I need to tinkle really, really bad::But before that, Carly that hair thig-a-ma-jig doesn't flatter you at all.::

Carly: Does it look that bad??? How can I let Sonny see me like this! Jase, do I look that bad, do you think I'm pretty?

::Jason: Oh brother, it's not enough I have to give up my entire life to constantly keep "THE FAMILY" together and i'm stuck here with dumb and dumber. How do I get myself into these messes?
Author: Marie

Week 82: May 15 - 22, 2004

Jax: boy, you really can fill that diaper can't you?::::

Morgan: (thinking): Please don't let this candy boy change me. He will do it wrong, I just know it.
Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions

Jax: When I look at this baby, I see Sonny, Sonny, he is sooo dreamy. (Courtney squints her eyes and looks at Jax) I mean, Brenda, I want Brenda.::Courtney: Whatever Jax, you know you will never have a chance with Brenda, her and Sonny are meant for each other.::
Author: Marie

Jax: Well, aren't you a big big boy!::

Morgan: But I'll never be as big as you, you hippo! Burp!
Author: Kiki

Week 81: May 8 - 15, 2004

Monica: Sonny the operation is almost complete.

Carly: Operation?

Sonny: It's the SWAN program...Sam will look like Brenda in no time!...
Author: Lisa

Honorable Mentions

Monica: Sonny, Brenda's in there waiting for you, that IS your child.

Emily: (thinking) That's really good for him, now he has a reason to stay away from Carly.

Jason: (thinking) Damn, this sucks, now he has a reason to stay away from Carly and I'm stuck with her!

Carly: (thinking) This means he has a reason to stay away from me, oh well, I still got Jason.

Sonny: (thinking)YES! I knew it,now I have a reason to stay away from her!
Author: Marie

Monica and Emily: So, this is the latest in fashionable attire. You people really need to get some color in your wardrobe.

Sonny, Carly, and Jason: You both know mobsters wear black and only black.
Author: Dee

(Leslie aka Monica) "Yes, I"m in a scene, this scene, so all you show hogs shut the f**k up and let me have my one damn scene!! Now where was I..oh yeah...about Michael....."
Author: Vee

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