Week 80: May 1 - 8, 2004

Sonny: I'm totally innocent, she hit on ME! I was just sitting in my penthouse, she comes up and I had to push her off me!

Cop: Carly is this true?

Carly: YES! Alright, its true, I can't get any from the blind guy so I snapped and went to Sonny.

Sonny: Yes, I know I'm irresistible, but I only belong to Brenda.

Carly and Cop: WE KNOW!!
Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions

Carly-Aw man who farted???

Sonny-I didn't do it!
Author: Melissa

(Sonny) " I swear to God, I haven't touched her in months, even with the dark hair, she can't compare"

Author: Vee

Week 79: April 24 - May 1, 2004

courtney to jasons:What happend to you?!

Jason: ah last thing i remember is talkin to carly and remembering her asking me who i thought was prettier her or Brenda?

courtney: ah so Im guessing thats why you got knocked out
Author: Lauren

Honorable Mentions

Man, from Brenda to you... What was I thinkin???
Author: Reena

Jason: Ah, man - I just accidently saw one of Sonny's videos of his & Brenda's hot monkey lovin' I know what sex REALLY is - what the hell were YOU doing to me???

Courtney: There there Jason, let's go bake some cookies!
Author: Kiki

Week 78: April 17 - 24, 2004

Alexis: Kristina get away from ur dad... er Sonny, he probably want to steal u too

Sonny: No Id rather be with Brenda and our baby... er Morgan

Kristina: Take me with YOU! PLEASE!
Author: Michelle

Honorable Mentions

(Alexis) "OK Move Away from the Baby, Just back it up slowly, Don't make any fast moves, Just turn yourself right around and walk away, Tiptoe yourself right on outta here mister"

(Baby Kristina) "Just Breath Mommy, Just Breath!"
Author: Vee

Sonny: Come to daddy, little girl.

Alexis: Kristina, get away from that man, he's a very bad man, even though he's your father, you can't trust him.

S: So this little brat really is my daughter,and just when I thought I was fated to only have sons.
Author: Amanda

Week 77: April 10 - 17, 2004

Sam-I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!!!!! (laughs maniacly)Mine name is Brenda I tell you!! Now Sonny is all MINE!!!! MINE!!! MINE!!!!!! Because I'm his one true love!!!


Sonny to Jason-Someone's been smokin some funny crack. Where do I find these crackpots? Ship her somewhere else and find the REAL Brenda. Not some cheap imitation.
Author: Melissa

Honorable Mentions

Kelly Monaco doing her best Charlie's Angels impression - NOT

KM doing her impression of Vanessa Marcil on the island, when she pulled a gun on TK (Louis Alcazar) - DEFINITE NOT

KM praying that TPTB don't wake up and realize her character is useless - PRICELESS
Author: April

Sam: Look Sonny, I know you and Brenda were like this, but I mean there has to be a chance for us, right??

Sonny: Actually, no Sam, I've kinda been using you to get back with Brenda, see she's known about you and know she's coming back to Port Charles, isn't that great?

Sam: I'm about to put another finger up thats right next to this one!
Author: Marie

(Sam) "Oh Hi Sonny, you caught me, I'm trying out for the next Angel role, in the new Charlie's Angel movie, Don't ya think I hold my make believe gun real good?"
Author: Vee

Week 76: April 3 - 10, 2004

Co-Winners! (Sonny) "I'm telling you right now, Do whatever you gotta do, But get me as far away from her as possible!"
Author: Vee

Sonny: ...beautiful, caring and sweet. She's everything I could ever ask for in a woman.

Justus: If you are still so much in love with her, then why are you divorcing her?

Sonny: What in that made you think I was talking about Carly?
Author: Heather

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: If you tell anyone that I said anything nice about Carly in private you'll find yourself hangin' on a meat hook.

Justus: I understand.

Sonny: Bruised and bloody.

Justus: I understand.

Sonny: Then I'll force you to marry Carly yourself.

Justus: Whoa, that's cruel! I thought we were friends?! Wouldn't it be more humane to kill me?
Author: Jessica

Justis: See, Sonny, I told you Sam could never come close to replacing Brenda. Carly's dye job comes closer to that, at least she was never a prostitute.

Sonny: Justis, don't you know it's rude to point out others mistakes all the time. At least I never slept with Faith!
Author: Dee

Week 75: March 27 - April 2, 2004


Sonny-Carly why did you dye your hair? Carly-Well,I was um...trying

Sonny-You were trying to look like Brenda weren't you?


Sonny-How many times do I have to tell you this? You will never measure up to the beautiful,lovable woman that Brenda is. So why don't you go back to Stevie Wonder and let me get back home to Brenda.

Carly-Stevie Wonder?

Sonny-Hmm. That is an insult to Stevie isn't it? Go back to your blind wookie.
Author: Melissa

(Carly) "No it sort of like this, look straight at the floor, he does it like this"

(Sonny) "Well I think I do it better, he sort of tilts his head like this when he has the cane and walks like this"

(Lorenzo) "Ummm Excuse me, I can hear ya know, I'm blind not deaf!!!!!"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: It's over Carly... there's no going back.

Carly: But I dyed my hair to look like Brenda's...

Sonny: But it doesn't shine like hers...

Carly: I dated Lorenzo so you would try to save me... like you tried to save Brenda from Luis.

Sonny: But there's a big difference... Brenda is my soulmate. You are just my wife. You can divorce a wife... but not a soulmate... which is why I'm on my way to London.

Lorenzo: (thinking) It's a pity I couldn't have gone deaf too... Carly sounds so pathetic.
Author: Jessica

Alcazar:(to himself) Thank God I'm blind, now I don't have to see Carly's whiny face.

Carly: Sonny-

Sonny: Carly theres nothing left to talk about, it says right there in ink were divorced, sorry you can't change it.

Carly: Fine, but you didn't have to laminate it.

Sonny: Believe me, I did, see ya I'm off to London!
Author: Marie

Sonny: I told you Carly time after time, you're not Brenda. Now you go and dye your hair dark. It's not going to work.

Lorenzo: Brenda. Hey is that the hot little one that my brother was obsessed with. You were with her? You're the man Corinthos.

Carly: But Soooooony. I love you. You know what, you know what, you're my husband, I love you.

Sonny: Stop the whining, your annoying. Hey Lorenzo, I bet you wish you were deaf instead of blind, this way you didn't have to listen to her whine on day after day.

Lorenzo: Well, now that you mention it ..... But it's not so bad. I just stick ear plugs in my ears and since I can't see her, when I kiss her, she could be anyone I want her to be.

Sonny: Just sign the divorce papers, keep the kids, do whatever the hell you want. I going where I should have been all along ... to Brenda.
Author: April

Week 74: March 20 - 27, 2004

(Lucky) "It clearly says right here man that you married her 3 times, 3 times"

(Sonny) "There has to be some kind of mistake, give me that, I remember none of it, last I knew I was at the church getting ready to marry Brenda"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Isnt she beautiful... she sent it to me last night... u remember Brenda dont u Lucky?

Lucky: No sorry i came a day late, Brenda left Feb 19th i came the 20th
Author: Mike

Lucky: Okay Sonny, I have the information you asked for. Please don't tell Carly about this, she'll castrate me, like she did Lorenzo, if she knew I was helping you to find Brenda. Good Luck and say hi to her for me! We all miss her.
Author: Barbara

Week 73: March 13 - 20, 2004

Reporter- Our top stories tonight are local crime boss Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. has finally been reunited with his true love Brenda Barrett.

Mike-About time.

Reporter- Also the latest from Llanview, the Music Box Serial Killer has been caught! Commisioner Bo Buchannen with the help of Agent John McBain found him..........

Livvie-That's odd. He looks just like Caleb.
Author: Nina

Honorable Mentions

Mike: You know Sam I like to think of myself as a betting kind of man.

Sam: Well, I've been known around as a gambling woman myself.

Mike: Oh you mean like the treasure, the one you don't have.

Sam: Whatever! What's your point?

Mike: My point is, I bet you all the head and shoulders isn't going to make Sonny love you or stay with you. He's heart belongs to one woman and one woman only.

Sam: I know, I know. Carly, he's her soulmate.

Mike: Carly, that idiot? No, Brenda!! You see I taught my son to have a poker face. Never let them see you sweat. He's just biding his time with Carly, until he can slip away forever and be with his one true love, Brenda, and then no one will ever see him again.
Author: April

Mike: Why cant' you just be Brenda when I turn'll count to 3..and then if I wish really hard...

Sam: just really try...and I'll try too...I need Sonny to like let's give it a shot
Author: Lisa

Week 72: March 6 - 13, 2004

Carly:(singing) Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony--

Alexis: Carly, SHUT UP! (screaming) SONNY, stop canoodling Brenda, and Carly away from me!

Carly: stuck a feather in his hat and called it, WAIT, what did you say about Brenda? Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions

Carly: See Alexis I am taller than you! And Sonny loves me me me!!!Only me!!

Alexis (thinking): What an idiot! That's why he's on a plane to London as we speak to see Brenda, the love of his life!
Author: Barbara

Carly: Blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine. I can fly, I can fly.

Alexis (to herself): I always knew she was a witch, now if I just knew where she hid her broom!!!
Author: April

Week 71: February 29 - March 6, 2004

(Mikey) "5, yeah that's right 5, You'll be daddy #5"

(Courtney) "Good boy Michael, you can count up to 5"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Alcazar: I can tell your AJ's son, you have that little thing in your eyes like him.

Michael: Mister, your scaring me, I want daddy!

Courtney: Sorry Mikey, he's with Brenda, but I can go get Carly and--

Michael: NO, nevermind, I can't take anymore of her WHINING!!
Author: Marie

< Michael Im ur father, well ur new one.

But Ive already had... one... two...THREE daddys
Author: Mike

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