Week 70: February 21 - 28, 2004

(Jason thinking) "Don't blink man, Don't blink...No matter how much it kills you, JUST STARE"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Jason: Brain, after I look up Dr. Claw in Book we HAVE to save Uncle Gadget!
Author: Jessica

Jason: (thinking) I knew it! I knew he would find a way to get back to Brenda!! True love will always prevail. Now I can get back together with Carly and get rid of Courtney the whiner. Thank God for small favors.
Author: Dee

Week 69: February 14 - 21, 2004

Sonny (talking to himself): Had to stay in Port Charles with a chick that looks like Brenda...couldn't have just jumped on the plane to Brenda...had to make things difficult...the hotel in London wouldn't have burned down..that's it...I'm going to London as soon as I get out of here!
Author: Heather

Honorable Mentions

I've got to get a hold of myself...I know I want Brenda, but killing Carly is just not an option. Ahh..what the hell...Brenda, I'll be on a plane in less than 30 seconds SWEETHEART!
Author: Reena

Sonny:OMG, That's Jax naked! I'm scarred for life ,I'm just gonna use this ax to put me out of my misery right now!
Author: Marie

Week 68: February 7 - 14, 2004

Sonny: Jax is it me or is this De Javu all over again?
Author: Kaitlyn

Honorable Mentions

Jax: Damn Corinthos, you look great, I mean Sam what are you doing with him?

Sam: Jax, Sonny and I were just going over a list of things to reward you with when you do one of your big boy things.

Sonny: Yeah Candyboy, you better go so we can ahem finish.

Jax: YEA!! Okay, make sure you but twinkies on the list too!
Author: Marie.

Sonny: Jax, we went through this with Brenda too... there will be no threesomes.... okay!?!
Author: Jessica

Week 67: January 31 - February 7, 2004

Alcazar: Carly's brain is about this big, just tell her your leaving and go see Brenda.

Sonny: Yeah, your right about that, okay I'm going to go see Brenda.

Alcazar: So you want me to tell her?

Sonny: Yes, I've already seen her once this week, and that is way too much!
Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions
3-Way Tie for 2nd

Here, we see Lorenzo showing us the size of his... *cough*... courage.

Lorenzo: It's only this big, Sonny.

Sonny: You call that big? (laughs)Lemme show you ya somethin'!
Author: Jessica

(Lorenzo) "Are you stupid or what?? I take Carly and you go get Brenda....Brenda...not Sam"
Author: Vee

Lorenzo: Ok Sonny I know I said I wanted Carly and everything and I would help you find Brenda if you give her 2 me... but Im THIS close from snapping. The women is physco, I mean look at this strand of my hair... ITS COMPLETELY GRAY

Sonny: Ugh poor guy... I feel your pain, I've gone through about a 1000 bottles of dye since I met her myself
Author: Lauren

Week 66: January 24 - 31, 2004

Sam: Take it back, take it back RIGHT now, or I'm gonna shove this in your eye!!

Helena: Okay, Okay, I'm sorry, you and Jax don't belong together.


Helena: And Sonny is the hottest man alive.

Sam: Glad we got that straightened out!
Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions

Helena: Brenda? Wait... you're not Brenda...

Sam: No, I'm not. And I'm getting a little tired of people confusing me with her.

Helena: Well, I can't imagine why. Brenda was a young, gorgeous woman who had two men fighting to lay the world at her feet.

Sam: Well, I'm not her.

Helena: So, who do you know here in town?

Sam: Jax and Sonny are the only people I know well.

Helena: (laughs) Here we go again!
Author: Jessica

(Helena) "Wow, so you're saying Jax is THAT skinny?, You poor girl!"
Author: Vee

Week 65: January 17 - 24, 2004

Scott: My heart... belongs to you Sonny. Why do you think I'm always arresting you? I'm like the little boy who pulls the girls pigtails...

Sonny: Sorry, Scotty... I don't swing that way...

Carly: I'll take flashes of Lorenzo over these images anyday.
Author: Jessica

Honorable Mentions

(Carly thinking) "Rats, now Scotty's gonna tell Sonny about my sex fantasies about him, Oh I'm doomed"
Author: Vee

Scott: No Sonny, you stay here with Carly, and I will go get Brenda.

Sonny: I think she would rather see me than you Scotty!

Scott: She's YOUR wife, see ya!

Sonny: Damn it.

Carly: So your saying Brenda's prettier than me?

Sonny: (annoyed) Yes Carly, I thought you knew, I'll see you later, I have some business to take care of. (leaves)

Carly: Brenda IS prettier than me, your right Sonny. Sonny?
Author: Marie

Week 64: January 10 - 17, 2004

(There was a tie in the voting for this week's Caption This! Both winners are displayed below.)

Jax: Ok I held up my end of the bargain. Here's a new license, under a new name. But if you get this one revoked, your a "bunny" out of luck!!

Courtney: Jax I know I'm suppose to run Sonny down, to keep him away from Sam, but Brian here just informed me Sonny skipped town and took the first plane out to Vegas, one way.

Jax: Vegas, what is he opening a new casino, recruiting more men to join "the family", opening a strip club??

Brian: Last I heard he got an annulment from Carly, and he was seen with a hot little brunette going into a wedding chapel. And they were talking about being soulmates and each other's only one true love!!

Jax & Cournty: Sam????

Brian: You two are the dumbest people in the world, Sam just left here two minutes ago!!

Jax: A hot little brunette, who can it be? Think Courntney, think!!

Courtney: Oh Jax you know I'm not good at that!
Author: April

Jax: Alright, give this to Sonny and tell him to stop asking me for Brenda's address. Did he give you a box?

Courtney: Yes, Jax, its in the back marked twinkies.


Brian: (thinking) Why can't *I* get a box of twinkies?!
Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions

Jax:You seen Brenda??? I found this near Harbor View Towers!

Brian:Your like the 20th person to ask that!
Author: Jessica

(Jax) "Here take my card, I can rescue you better than any man in Port Charles, but after the rescue I'll drop you so fast your head will spin"

(Brian thinking)"Yeah, mine is still spinning, How I loved that Candyboy"
Author: Vee

Week 63: January 3 - 10, 2004

Sonny: You know... you really do resemble Brenda quite a bit. How's that saying go? If you can't be with the one you love... be with someone who looks just like her...

Sam: Ummm... I don't think that's it.

Sonny: Close enough. Is the sofa ok with you?
Author: Jessica

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Sit down right here and let me practice on you how I will propose to Brenda.

Sam: Okay, but aren't you married to Carly?

Sonny: Don't remind me, that marriage will be over soon enough.

Sam: Good, cause you and Brenda are meant for each other, I don't even know why you married Carly.

Sonny: PLEASE, I really do NOT want to talk about her, it'll just put me in a BAD mood!
Author: Marie

Sonny: See that little suitcase..pick it up...walk over there...drop it...and then wait for me to help you pick it up.

Sam: Um...ok...but why?

Sonny: You want me to help have to help me. I want to relive my most precious memory....they day I met the love of my life.

Sam: I don't understand

Sonny: You wouldn' know what...just forget it...why settle for a cheap imitation when I can have the real thing..Pilot, turn this plane around..we're going to London.
Author: Robin

Week 62: December 27, 2003 - January 3, 2004

Sonny: Those are pretty. Are they for me?

Lorenzo: Sort of. My brother once mentioned they were Brenda's favorite. You take these and my private jet to Brenda and I'll take Carly off your hands.

Lorenzo feels a strong wind pass him and then realizes both Sonny and the flowers are gone.
Author: Jessica

Honorable Mentions

(Alcazar) "You know it's always been you"

(Sonny) "Yeah I know, but I got Jason"

(Alcazar) "I can give you more, please take me"

(Sonny) "But what will our name be, I sort of like Janny"

(Alcazar) "So we can be LorSon, SonLor, Lorny, CorinZar...anything, anything you want..please!!"
Author: Vee

Alcazar: So its set Mr. Corinthos, tonight I will kidnap Carly and you will set of to London to go be with Brenda.

Sonny: Yes, and give these flowers to Carly, she has such a small attention span that when she sees them she will forget all about being kidnapped.

Alcazar: Ah, excellent idea, see you later and try to pretend that you care when I take Carly.

Sonny: (rolls his eyes) Fine, but I don't have to like it!
Author: Marie

Week 61: December 20 - 27, 2003

Brian: Guys, Corinthos has a secret room with candles and pictures of this hot little brunette.

Lucky: That's Brenda.

Brian: Who?

Lucky: Brenda. Sonny's true love. Everyone in PC pretends they don't know about this, but we all know about the room and that he's in love with Brenda. I mean Carly and I are cousins and all, but I don't blame Sonny for being crazy. I mean if I had to put up w/her for this long, I be a little looney too.

Brian: But guys, there a least a thousand pictures, you don't think that's a little crazy?

Lucky: Hey, you're talking to Luke Spencer's son, crazy is normal to me!
Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Brian: So, what do you think made Sonny snap?

Lucky: Probably living with Carly all these years when he's really in love with Brenda. The fact he lost hold of her again last year didn't help either.

Brian: Damn... I'd snap too.

Cappelli: (thinking) Must shoot Sonny... must shoot Sonny... must shoot Sonny....
Author: Jessica

Brian: ZANDER, look at me when I'm talking to you! Where did they go?

Zander: Sorry, I get lost in Capelli's eyes, who?

Brian: Sonny and Brenda, where are they?!

Zander: They got away, you know how Sonny is, but you can tell Carly they probably won't be coming back, they looked very much in love.

Brian: Fine, (points to Zander and Capelli) you two make me sick!

Author: Marie

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