Week 60: December 13 - 20, 2003

Jason: Jax, don't you see that Brenda won't come to you? You've waited for years, look at yourself, she's with Sonny and she's never coming back to you.

Jax: Yeah, I guess your right, what about you?

Jason: (points) Look, there's a twinkie!! (runs)

Jax: (turns) WHERE?! HEY, there is not!
Author: Marie

Honoarable Mentions

Monk: What's so funny?

Jason: Do you think you have anyone fooled? I can see through that disguise in a second? I mean come on you all but 5 feet nothing, slim and those eyes, I've looked into them before. And like Sonny has said, you're a hard person to forget. He'll die seeing your face.

Monk: You know, don't you?

Jason: Brenda come on, a monk, you couldn't think of anything better?

Monk (Brenda): But that's the plan. Sonny tells that old bag of a wife he's with he's changing his life. He's going to live among the Monk's and take a vow of silence, chasity and he's giving up his evil ways. Then him and I can be together, like we always planned and were always meant to be.

Jason: A monk? Comparing Sonny to a Monk is like comparing him to a hero, a cop, a soldier. Hey wait, that dumbass Carly already did that. You know this might work afterall!!!
Author: April

Port Charles Herald Headlines: AND THE CONTEST BEGINS ..... WHO WILL BLINK FIRST!
Author: Vee

Week 59: December 7 - 13, 2003

Luke: So you did this to yourself just to get away from Carly?
Sonny: That I did my man, that I did.
Luke: Smart man, Brenda's in the waiting room.
Sonny: Great, I knew she'd come, time to get the love of my life back.
Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions

Reunited and it feels so good!
Author: Mary

(Luke) "So ya wanna get back together?"
(Sonny) "Gee, I'd love nothing more"
(Luke) "Great, now lets go get Brenda back"
Author: Bri-Bri

Week 58: November 29 - December 6, 2003

Sonny: O.K. Carly let me explain this to you in a way you might understand it. It's called levels. Do you understand, Levels, it's spelled L-E-V-E-L-S. O.k. you with me now? Now I'll do this slow. My feeling for you are way down here, Brenda is way way up here. On a hotness level, you are still way down here, Brenda is still way, way up here. Now on an annoyance level. You are way, way, way up here and Brenda is way down here. Are you with me Carly, do you understand, am I getting through to you? Geesh, Michael gets it, hell even Morgan gets its!
Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: She is about this tall, really petite. She has dark brown hair and beautiful eyes. Basically, she is the opposite of Carly.
Author: Eve.

Sonny: Have you seen Candyboy, his head is about this big, and his AHEM, well you know is about (holds his thumb and index finger together) this big.

Man: Yeah, he just left with a short, brunette woman, she didn't look to happy. Sonny: Must of been Brenda, damn, he tried to show her his body again, I'm coming Brenda!
Author: Marie

Week 57: November 22 - 29, 2003

S-So you want to be my new Brenda

Sa-I am not trying to be Brenda who is she?

S- An angel sent from heaven

Sa- Jax says that you never loved her blah blah blah but I can tell you really do so I'll tell you where she is

Jax- Damn it Sam

S- Thanks for the help I love Las Vegas
Author: Kayla

Honorable Mentions

Jax: Damn it, Brenda is back with Sonny. Err..I mean Sam. He has all the luck

Sam: So what do you think? Do I look like her?

Sonny: You might be cute, but you suck as a Brenda substitute.
Author: Eve

Sonny: Short, Brunette, Beautiful?

Sam: Thanks

Jax: Let the games begin.
Author: Melisa

Week 56: November 15 - 22, 2003

Man in suit: So, you are pregnant, too??

Carly: What do you mean "too"?

Pilot: You big mouth!! That was supposed to be a secret!!!!!

Sonny: GREAT!!! Okay, Carly, it is time for me to come clean. I have been meeting with Brenda all along and she is having my baby, too!!!! Sorry sweetie but I belong to Brenda.

Carly: WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions

"Look,can ya get a new pillow, she's held that one so much, it's lopsided!"
Author: Vee

Sonny watches the suit argue with the pilot and thinks, "He's feisty. He and Carly could have a lot of fun together. I wonder if he'd take her off my hands? I'm already on a plane.... I could fly straight to Brenda!"
Author: Jessica

Carly: Sonny does love me, thats why he's coming to save me!!

Man: No, that's just what he wants you to think, he's really in London with Brenda.

Carly: WHAT?! NO, my HUZZBAND loves me!

Guard: (thinking) Damn, I feel sorry for her husband, no wonder he told us to keep her as long as we can.
Author: Marie

Week 55: November 8 - 15, 2003

Sonny: So it says all I have to do is sign here and you'll get rid of Carly, and I'll be home free with Brenda, right?

Faith: Right, but Sonny--

Sonny: (yelling) DOES ANYONE HAVE A PEN?! I NEED A PEN!!!
Author: Katy

Honorable Mentions

Faith- See Sonny I told you Brenda was Better than that slut

Sonny- Why do I listen to those little voices in my head but I love Carly

Faith- Yeah and I'm the Queen of England
Author: Kayla

Sonny: What are you doing with a picture of Brenda?

Faith: I hold in my hand Exhibit A that proves you are insane and that you need to did the right thing by getting out of the mob!

Sonny: Huh?

Faith: You're telling me, you left her and married that twit you called a wife?

Sonny: Call it temporary insanity!

Faith: Temporary insanity? I call it like I see it, you are completely, totally, without any doubt, a complete wacko!!! This girl is hot!!! So Corinthos, what are you doing to do now that you're out of a job?

Sonny (with that dimpled smile): I'm going to Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!
Author: April

Week 54: November 1 - 8, 2003

Jax:Okay Brender, what do you think of my new look? Is it a fashion do?

Brenda: Definately, NOT, You already looked like a dog, but when you put that furry thing on, your just giving Sonny ANOTHER reason to make fun of you!

Jax: So does this mean you choose Sonny over me?

Brenda: What do you think Jax, he's a million times hotter than you and I actually love him!(thinking)(I hope he doesn't dance around again!)
Author: Marie>

Honorable Mentions

Jax talking to Brenda " So you see I CAN BE SONNY. I've already got the black hair done, now all I need is some brown eyes, some tanning minutes, and some nice suits!! Then will you keep me?

Brenda: *sighs* as much better as you look... you'll never be as good in bed as Sonny... and I GOTTA have the dimples!!!
Author: Lauren

Jax-Does this couch make me look fat?
Author: Melissa

Week 53: October 28 - November 1, 2003

Carly: That is TO FUNNY Marco, you think Sonny would leave ME for Brenda?

Marco: You know what's funny Sonny IS with Brenda right now, and you don't even know it!

Carly:(stops laughing)WHAT?!

Marco:(mumbling) Crap, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut you think I would know that, Sonny goes to see her ALL the time! Oh well, this bimbo needs to know anyway!
Author: Marie H.

Honorable Mentions

Carly -So your saying Sonny's not coming
Guard- That's right he's in Las Vagas doing business
Carly- Isn't Brenda in Las Vagas???
Author: Kayla

Carly: Why is everyone throwing me a going away party???? Am I going somewhere??

Everyone else: YES!!!! Anywhere else!!
Author: Dee

Week 52: October 18 - 27, 2003

Jason: Now Sonny follow my finger and repeat after me, I WILL FOLLOW MY HEART AND GO TO BRENDA.

(Sonny is already gone.)

Jason: Well, that was quick, time to go tell Carly why her husbands gone AGAIN!
Author: Marie

Honorable Mentions

J- Wait one minute you left Brenda the goddess For Carly the Slut what were tou thinking

S- Iwas drunk and out of my mind in grief of um um Oh i was just trying to make her jealous and then the slut got pregnate and you know will Aj push Carly down the stairs again

J- Good question let's go see and maybe he'll evrn take back the slut I've got for a wife too so Ican go back to Liz and you can have Brenda

S-Good plan I like the way you think
Author: No Name Given

(Jason) "Ok I'll show you once more....put your lips together and blow, that's how you whistle"

(Sonny) "Thanks man"
Author: Vee

Week 51: October 11 - 18, 2003

Brenda's Underwear: $20

Jason's Leather Jacket: $300

The look on Carly's face knowing the two men she wants (Jason and Sonny) rather be with Brenda: Priceless
Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Brenda: (thinking) Come on Jason, I have to meet Sonny in less than an hour.

Jason: (thinking) Okay Carly, shut up, Brenda has to meet Sonny in less than an hour.

Carly: Okay so tell Sonny I'll be here when he gets back from his business trip.

Jason: Will do. (FINALLY she shut up.)
Author: Marie

Carly: I don't care how much it cost you to get it made Jason, we are NOT standing that thing in up in the bedroom. I don't care how life like it looks!

Jason: It's only wax Carly it's not like it's real, and it's what he asked for...

Carly: You'll just have to get him something else for Christmas. ... Ooo I know, melt it down and make one of me instead! :D

Jason: ...maybe a nice tie.
Author: Audrey

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