Week 50: October 4 - 11, 2003

Carly to Mikey (not seen): O.K. sweetie, now do you think Mommy is prettier than this woman in the picture

Mikey: Aww, mom, you did this to me when Daddy's friend Brenda came back.

Carly: Yeah, but Mikey you told me Brenda was way prettier than me, in fact you also said she was hot. By the way, where did you learn that word from?

Mikey: I heard Daddy and Jason saying it. And Daddy's always yelling at you for lying. I didn't want to get yelled out so I just told the truth! I don't want to play this game anymore, its boring

Carly: Just this once more, I promise I won't ask you again.

Mikey: O.K. mom your prettier. Are you happy now?

Mikey (under his breath): AJ was right, she is a psycho!!!
Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Carly: Sonny It was so werid I was in the cemetary tonight and I saw LILY!!! She gave me a message that said your true love is puerto rico and to meet her their at 8pm tonight... but the funny thing is Im right here!! haha

*door to pent house slams*

Carly: Sonny? uhh sonny I said Im right here
Author: Lauren

Carly: Sonny, you know that Brenda is not my favorite person, but how could you have left her for this?
Author: Robin

Week 49: September 27 - October 4, 2003

(Alcazar typing) "Yeah, I'm a Sonny and Brenda fan, they rock...SCUM Sucks"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Lorenzo (goes to a soap opera message board): I knew it! I'm not the only one who thinks I should be with Carly.
Author: Heather

Lorenzo:(Looking at pictures of Brenda) No wonder Sonny said she's like pills to him..She's enough to make anyone addicted to her.
Author: Rose

Week 48: September 20 - 27, 2003

Carly: Sonny, I opened your mail and this was in it. The postmark is from Europe. What the hell is going on?

Sonny (not seen): Gulp!!
Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Sonny (thinking): Hmmmm, Brenda's sonogram baby picture that we saw in Europe together last month was waaay cuter than this one - has Carly been sleeping around with less attractive men again?
Author: Kiki

Carly(thinking): I've finally got the one thing to hold over Sonny and prevent him from leaving me for Brenda...."Sonny look it's our baby."

Sonny(thinking): I wonder if i can pay AJ to push her down the stairs again..."What...Oh yeah."
Author: Rose

Week 47: September 13 - 20, 2003

Scotty: I never thought I'd see the day. Proof that Port Charles residents actually own cars.

Faith: Told you so!

Sonny: I don't. Limos are the way to go. Plenty of room for Brenda and myself to get comfortable...
Author: Heather

Honorable Mentions

(Scotty) "Sorry, but I have such gas"
Author: Vee

Sonny: Now I thought I told you Scottie IM the only one that can have pictures of Brenda on my underwear!

Faith: Wow! She looks great even on underwear... what the heck was sonny thinking? To go from her to Carly

Bending over: Here Sonny get a closer look at what you missed out on.... Sonny:DAMN she looks good
Author: Lauren

Week 46: September 6 - 13, 2003

Jason: Sonny, don't you think it is wrong to invade Brenda's privacy by having her place in Europe bugged?

Sonny: Shh... She's talking about me right now.She's saying how much she misses me and never wanted to stop kissing me that night.

Jason: You want me to "take care of Carly?"

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, but make sure the kid lives and gets what he wants.
Author: Rose

Honorable Mentions

Technician (Voice): It's all set, sir.

Sonny: Thank you. Oh, I can hear her singing to herself. God, Brenda's voice is so beautiful.

Technician (Voice): How long should I keep this line open, sir? We're supposed to be listening to Mr. Lansing's house for evidence of your wife.

Sonny: Huh? Who? Ohhh, Brenda's listening to Crazy Love. That's our least one of them...they're all our songs, you know.

Technician (Voice): Sir? We could be wasting valuable surveillance time.

Sonny: Aaaah, I remember when we danced to Crazy Love...the night before our wedding...I never should have left her...God, I love her

Technician: Sir? *Thinking* Forget it, he's gone. He should just go to Brenda right now.
Author: Robin

(Sonny singing) "Don't be fooled by the Rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the Block"
Author: Vee

Week 45: August 30 - September 6, 2003

Jason: TAKE IT!
Enzo: What the heck is in here anyway?
Jason: Something that'll make Sonny forget all about his wife...
Enzo: Ahhhh, nude pictures of Brenda - gimme!
Henchman: Hey, I haven't gotten any in awhile - hand 'em over!
Author: Kiki

Honorable Mentions

Bodyguard to Jason: "Put the box down slowly.
Jason to guard: No way! No one messes with Carly.
Alcazar to Jason: You fool! There's an encrypted message inside from Sonny's only real love to meet her in Las Vegas.
Author: Mary

(Steve) "Quick Ted take it and run, before Guza's men shoot us for writing a better storyline"
Author: Vee

Week 44: August 23 - 30, 2003

Lorenzo: I should just kill you now! Brenda promised to give me all of Luis' money if I could help her get some alone time with Sonny. You just couldn't keep Carly away, could you?!?

Ric: I tried to keep Carly locked up! Who know that Elizabeth would see her?!?

Lorenzo: You idiot! Now I'm going to have to take matters in my own hands. I'll grab Carly and make it look like she's with me willingly. Then, Brenda can "catch up" with Sonny without interruptions. I really need that money, damn it!

Ric: Sorry for the screw-up. Please don't kill me. I'll help you get my brother back to his one true love any way I can! He needs her!
Author: Robin

Honorable Mentions

Ted King: Ric man you called me, you told me to come back to this show. You promised me there would be a better storyline. I took it to mean I would be working with Vanessa again. But no, I'm stuck with this twit, who can't act, whines constantly and thinks she's an award winning actress.

Ric Heartst: Ted man come one. I needed to work with someone who can actually act. I was desperate. I can't carry this show all by myself.

Ted: I feel your pain, but this is agony. I rather be on the unemployment line then work one more day on this travesty they call a show. Now you listen to me, you have to get Vanessa back. I don't care how you do it, I don't care if you have to beg or tell her you'll give her your pay check and play nanny to her son. Just do it. No more excuses, no more games. If she's not back by the end of the month. I'm out of here.
Author: April

(Ric) "Now wait here just a second Mr. Alcazar, there is no way I'm letting you stick that there! so just turn around and walk away!
Author: Vee

Week 43: August 16 - 23, 2003

Maurice: Vanessa, please come back to GH. Even if it's just one day out of the week. Please?

Ron: Maurice, that's the fifth time you've left her a message today. And it's not even lunch time yet.
Author: Heather

Honorable Mentions

Sonny-Brenda...can you hear me now? Good.
Mike-(sighs)Michael that's the 15th time you've said that.
Author: Shorty

(Maurice, Sobbing:) "Please Bob...PLEASEEEEEEEE, I can't work with her anymore"

(Ron) "Poor Guy, I feel his pain"
Author: Vee

Week 42: August 9 - 16, 2003

Sonny: Give me the map to find Brenda!!

Ric: No, she is mine! You married Snarly and gave up the most beautiful woman in the world.

Sonny: Damnit Ric, don't make me find a staircase....
Author: Gina

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Damn you Ric, everything was going perfect. You had Carly, my twit of a sister was taking care of her son and Jason was just running in circles. One more day and I would have been home free with Brenda. But no, now that Alcazar has her and everyone knows that he does I have to pretend that I care and go play Indiana Jones with Jason and try and rescue her.

Ric: Sorry Bro, I didn't realize how hard you had it until I had to spend all that time with Carly. All she does is whine, whine, whine. How did you put up with her for so long?

Sonny: Ric, my man, it's called alcohol. I was so sloshed my mid-day that Carly could have been singing Yankee Doodle Dandy naked and I wouldn't know the difference. It's the only way to go with Carly. Look at AJ, how do you think he put up with her, he became an alcoholic. Jason puts up with her, because he lost half of his brain. Her own mother went MIA and hasn't been seen since. Author: April

(Rick) "so than it goes on to say that we save carly"

(Maurice) "no it don't it says here that she dies"

(Rick) "maurice I know how bad you'd like it to say that, but if you would just move your fingers it says we save her"

(Maurice) "Damn it"!

Author: Vee

Week 41: August 2 - 9, 2003

Brenda (from upstairs): Baby, isn't it nice that your ex & my ex's twin are getting to know each other now that we've declared our undying love & are back together?

Sonny: Stop spying & come back to bed - we've got lots of catching up to do (wink wink)!
Author: Kiki

Honorable Mentions

Alcazar- I hope the game helped you forget, how unhappy you are.

Carly- Why can't he forget "Brenda" WHY!!!

Alcazar- Brenda is the women sonny wants and loves and you can't change that. I'm sorry, but I know what it feels to loose the one person you love most.

Carly- That's how sonny feels about not having brenda here with him.
Author: Ana

(viewers thinking): Wow, Carly and Alkihottie have more chemistry playing baggaman than Sonny and Carly have had in three years doing love scenes...
Author: Gina

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