Week 40: July 26 - August 2, 2003

Sonny: Take off that "Faith" mask now, baby - I wanna see your gorgeous face.

Brenda: Ok - being undercover like in "Mission Impossible" was kinda fun, but I'd rather kiss you as myself!

Sonny: Worked like a charm though - no one suspected a thing...
Author: Kiki

Honorable Mentions

(Faith) "Did you see I willed the briefcase to move, just by thinking it"
(Sonny) "no you didn't"
(Faith) "yes I did"
(Sonny) "no you didn't"
(Faith) "yes I did"
(Sonny) "No you didn't"
(Faith) "etc...."
Author: Vee

Faith: So what are yo trying to tell me?

Sonny: I am trying to tell you that Carly is a slut, I only slept with her because I thought Brenda was dead, that lead to a whole bunch of problems, and then she threw the read headed kid in with it, seriously, her calls me daddy, do I look like his daddy, I am not a fire crotch!!

Faith: Sounds like you are under stress, can I help

Sonny: Yeah get Carly to sign the divorce papers, so Brenda nad I can make some babies that really do look like me, Carly is really pretty stupid to think Iwould stay married to her forever. What am I saying, I have been drunk since the day I slept with her, I am the stupid one!
Author: Kristy

Week 39: July 19-26, 2003

(Ric) "I don't care what you say, he did not in any way say Simon Says"

(Sonny) "He did, now let's finish playing"
Author: Vee

Honorable Mentions

Ric: How much longer should I keep her? I mean she still thinks that the kidnapping was all my idea and that I want her new born child.

Sonny: Sounds good to me and for an extra reward, i'll through in the little red head.

Ric: Sonny sounds like you are getting ready to pack up and move.

Sonny:Hell yeah! What did you think, you kidnapping Carly leaves me free to be with Brenda. Just make sure you get her to sign the papers and then after that finish her off.

Ric: Can I keep her club too?
Author: Rose

Ric: I DID NOT TAKE CARLY blah blah I LOVE MY WIFE blah blah blah....

Maurice:(not paying attention and half asleep) *thinking* God ever since Vanessa left this show is so freaken boring. This Sonny and Carly storyline is getting really old!!
Author: Lauren

Week 38: July 13 - 19, 2003

Sonny: So what do you think Jason....boxers or briefs?

Jason: From where I'm standing looks like a thong.

Scotty:Uh hello! I have some vital information about Carly right here, and your here debating over my underwear?
Author: Lisa

Honorable Mentions

Scott: Sonny, this is ridiculous. How many more times am I going to have to bring over new surveillance photos of Brenda before you follow through with your end of the deal with Faith?

Sonny: Shut up and keep them coming until I tell you to stop.

Jason: Which will be never. Now let me see that photo again just to make sure it is her.
Author: Heather

Scotty: This is your wife, and this picture was taken in PC.
Sonny: I never seen this picture, right Jason you did not see it either, right?
Jason: No, never seen it, the plane is fired up, ready?
Sonny: I have been waiting for this all my life, let's do it.
Scotty: Wait do you have a lead on Carly? Where are you heading off too?
Sonny: Carly? Nope, I am off to Europe, to bring Brenda HOME!! Keep searching for Carly, I need her to sign those divorce papers, thanks Baldwin!
Author: Kristy

Scotty: Look at this!

Sonny: Where did you get that picture of Brenda? It looks new!

Scotty: I will only tell you if I can have Carly.

Sonny: Have her? Hell, I'll pay you to take her.

Jason: (thinking) Man, I knew I shouldn't have divorced her.
Author: Dee

Week 37: July 5 - 13, 2003

Sonny: So Jason, you're married to Brenda in name only right??
Jason: For now, but Sonny she is hot.
Sonny: Promise me you won't consumate this marriage.
Jason: Are you crazy, I'm a man Sonny and did I mention Brenda was hot
Sonny: You're getting me mad Jason, I forbid you to sleep with Brenda.
Jason: Sonny man, this is the first time in years I'm so close to a little action, and did I hit the jackpot, Brenda is hot!!
Sonny: Take Carly if you want action, please take her. You know she's always wanted you, still does. I'll tell you what I'll throw in the red-headed kid and the penthouse to boot.

Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Jason:Thinking about brenda?
Sonny:uh huh.
Jason:I spoke to her,she is doing fine in europe.
Sonny:She is?
Jason:Yea,she's working on her modeling,she's even thinking about opening a business.She metioned wanting to come back to PC but isn't sure.
Sonny:Oh yea, im happy that she finally has her life together...i mean it seems she finally has everything she wanted.
Jason:(sighing)No not everything,you know that she will always have that emptiness.....which is you.
Sonny:(also sighing)yea,i know the feeling.
Author: Sara

Jason: Do you think infection is setting in?
Author: Lisa

Week 36: June 28 - July 5, 2003

Carly: (thinking) Well, that's not how Sonny does it. Maybe I can teach him to do that to me. Ooh maybe I can do that to him. Well, at least I can watch someone else get some, even if I am not. Sonny is probably off with Brenda. I wonder if he does that with her......

Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions


Sonny: Ric, can you just keep her a little longer? I'm sooo close to finding Brenda! Thanks, Bro.
Author: Renee

Carly: So this is why GH is the most popular daytime soap opera??
Author: Hannah

Carly: Damn!come on sonny what's taking u so long...if it was Brenda you would have found her already.Oooh!! who am i kidding, she is your soulmate and you'd find her anywhere without needing anythingelse except the bond that not even time has been able to brake...nor the love you say you have for me.
Author: Sara

Week 35: June 22-28, 2003

Carly: Come on, Rick. I'll use your head for batting practice.

Rick: You should not get the upset, you could hurt the baby.

Carly: I have to hurry back to Sonny before he runs off to be with Brenda.

Rick: You're right, it wouldn't take him long, would it?

Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions

Ric: Ok Carly, There is a Panic Room in your penthouse to... That's where Brenda is. Just open the desk drawer and serch for a button. But Please Please don't play baseball w/ me head again Carly... It hurts!!
Author: Jessica

Ric: Now hold on now Carly....


Ric: Who do you think ASKED me to do this?
Author: Lisa

(Ric) "Batter,Batter,Batter, Sawingggggg, Batter, Batter!!!"
Author: Vee

Week 34: June 15 - 22, 2003

Sonny: Tony you tried kissing Brenda, I'm going to kill you.
Jason: Sonny I ought to kill you. Why are you still so worried about Brenda, she's my wife? And in case you have forgotten, you're married to Carly.
Sonny: I'm trying to forget.
Tony: Hey, take it from another man who was involved with Carly, she ain't all she thinks she is.
Jason: I'll second that.
Sonny: Don't you think I know that, but she won't leave. I don't know what else to do.
Tony: But that Brenda, whoa!!
Sonny & Jason: We know, we know!!!

Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Jason: Sonny, he doesn't know anything about where she is.
Sonny: I know he knows where Brenda is, he was her doctor.
Tony: Even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you anyways, because I lover her, too!!!
Jason: We all love Brenda, but Sonny is the only one who can have her.
Author: Dee

All: Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga choo-choo!
Sonny:Jason, hands OFF my ass!
Author: Bri-Bri


Sonny: "Shake, shake, shake senora, shake your body line"

Jason: "Ok! I believe you!"

Tony: "For the love of GOD call security, they've finally snapped!"
Author: Audrey

Week 33: June 6 - 15, 2003

Carly: Sonny we're here on an intervention, you've been drinking too much.
Courtney: Whatever Carly says.
Jason: Whatever Courtney says.
Carly: I can't take it anymore, the liquor is making you say things you don't mean. I mean every time you take a drink, you call me Brenda, we make love you call me Brenda, and now you tell me if we have a girl, we have to name it Brenda. Sonny, you have to stop drinking. The liquor is making you say crazy things.
Courtney: Whatever Carly says.
Jason: Whatever Courtney says.
Sonny: Uh, Carly, it's ice tea. The last time two times I had liquor, I married you and then got you pregnant. Haven't touch the stuff since!

Author: April

Honorable Mentions

Carly: "Sonny,drinking some Vodka is not going to resolve any of our problems."
Sonny: "Oh,I know. But it helps me forget that I'm married to you and missing Brenda,my soulmate and only love."
Courtney: "What's a soulmate? Sounds romantic...
Jason, am I your soulmate!?"
Jason: "Emmm...Ammm...(thinking to himself)Robin...I still miss you."
Author: Lizzie

Carly: What do you mean you have to go to Puerto Rico, again?
Sonny: I have to attend to something.
Carly: What?
Sonny: Br.. um I mean business. Yeah business.
Author: Dee

Carly: Dr. Meadows says that drinking isn't good for the baby...
( Jason and Courtney laughing in the background)

Sonny: No Carly she means YOU drinking isn't good for the baby.... ( under his breath) " Blondes"
Author: Kristina

Week 32: May 24 - June 6, 2003

Sonny: How is Brenda going to be?
Monica: CARLY is going to be just fine.
Sonny: How is Brenda's baby?
Monica: Darn it Sonny! Would you just go find Brenda already?!?
Sonny: Find her? She stays in my warehouse--why do you think I always tell Carly I gotta go DO some "business"?

Author: Renee

Honorable Mentions

Monica: Congraulations Sonny you and the love of your life are gonna have a baby together!
Sonny:(excited) Oh my god, Me and Brenda are having a baby!!!!!
Monica: Umm no, not you and Brenda but you and...
Sonny: (sigh)Oh your talking about Carly. You really shouldnt get my hopes up like that
Author: Lauren

Sonny: Is Carly going to be more like Brenda after the lobodomy?

Monica: Sonny, we will do all that we can, really, but don't get your hopes up.

Sonny: I know, nobody will ever be able to be like Brenda. But, you can't blame a guy for tryin', right?
Author: Dee

Week 31: May 17-24, 2003

Courtney: Sonny, use this phone to call Brenda.

Sonny: Are you sure it's safe. I mean Carly has every other phone around town bugged.

Courtney: Yeah it's safe, she thinks I am her friend so she trusts me. But, true love will always prevail.

Sonny: What do you want in return?

Courtney: Your blessing to be with Jason.

Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: I want a better life for you!
Courtney:I love Jason! and I'm not running out on him like you did to Brenda.
Sonny: I wanted to protect her, the way Jason should!
Courtney: Oh, so I should live my life like you, married to someone, and wishing you never left!
Author: Ana

(Courtney) "I got something in my hand dammit, and I'm not afraid to use it"
(Sonny) "what is it?"
(Courtney) "I don't know, but I'll use it"
Author: Vee

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