Week 30: May 10-17, 2003

Sonny(laughing): You look like an idiot!!!! Why do you keep following me?

Taggert: You may be laughing now, Sonny, but I'll get you.

Sonny: What are you going to do, send your chariots of fire, Ben-hur?
Author: Dee

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Nice outfit, Taggy.

Taggart: Thanks, Sonny-boy. Where's yours?

Sonny: At the cleaners - Brenda asks me to wear it for her quite often, if ya know what I mean...UH, I MEAN, I ONLY WEAR IT WHEN CARLY & I TAKE MICHEAL OUT FOR HALLOWE'EN (thinking: I hope Brenda wears her little mermaid costume for me tonight!)
Author: Kiki

Taggert: Zeus, I have come to readth you thy rights!

Sonny: Hey, Camron!!! Some asistance here!
Author: Katie

~Do's and Do not's~
Clothing for the Daytime Emmy Awards
Author: Ann

Week 29: May 3-10, 2003

Jax (thinking): I gave Brenda the biggest diamond! Proof that I am better than Sonny! Mwuuhahahaha

Brenda (thinking): Yeah it's nice, but Sonny gave me a bigger one ... and I'm not just talking diamonds!

Lila: Lovely my dear! Just lovely! (thinking) Pfffft I've got bigger diamonds on my toothbrush!

Monica (thinking): Alan never gave me a diamond that big! How come Alan never gave me a diamond that big?

Reginald (thinking): Laugh it up while you can Candy Boy ... my day will come.

Author: Audrey

Honorable Mentions

Lila: Oh Brenda I'm so happy for you and Sonny.
Brenda: No Lila, it's Jax.
Lila: Jax, I thought he was married to Skye.
Jax: Lila Skye and I divorced. I'm marrying Brenda.
Lila: But what about that nice Corinthos boy.
Jax: Sonny is a bad man Lila
Lila: Oh, I see the good in everyone.
Jax: Sonny is married to Carly.
Lila: Carly, that coniving, lying, scheming twit!
Author: April

Lila: "I remember... when Edward and I were young, we were deeply in love as are the two of you. Brenda you belong with Sonny, and Sonny you belong with Brenda"

Jax *thinking* -Wait a minute... I'm not Sonny.
"Jax, you mean Jax belongs with Brenda."

Monica *thinking* -Oh no, either the old lady has really lost it, or she's just telling it like it is.

Brenda: "Amen to that. You tell it sister!"
Author: Vikaki

Week 28: April 26 - May 3, 2003

"Eenie- Meenie- Miney- Moe...." ok guys, whoever loses this round gets stuck with Carly.
Author: Vikaki

Honorable Mentions

Jason: Sonny, Ric is bad news. I'm warning you, he will wreck your life.

Ric: C'mon, Sonny, let me find Brenda for you. You know she is just waiting for you to come to her.

Sonny: Sorry, Jason. Ric, get busy.
Author: Dee

Jason: Damnit Sonny i told you, stay away from Brenda, you're only hurting Carleee..
Sonny: but Jason man... have you looked at her?!?! dude i mean come on! ..carly, brenda.. think about it jase.. plus ya know carly isn't near as good in the sack, you gotta remember that..
Jason: ok you have a point..
Ric: yeah he does have a point..
Author: ashley

Sonny; Brenda is my true love, you can't have her
Jason: She my wife, I deserve her
Ric: Guys Guys, don't you know that she will always love sonny and nobody else and she really look hot on that picture.
Sonny and Jason to Ric: Give me that picture
Author: Jennifer

Week 27: April 19 - 26, 2003

She may have a picture of u candy boy,but who did she come to for help....I guess this time she proved who she really
Author: sara

Honorable Mentions

Sonny, to himself: What do we have here, a portrait-size picture of ME? Who would want to always have my picture with them- and there looks to be lipstick stains on it. Hmm, this shade looks like one of Brenda's, I recognize it from having it on my own neck several times (wink, wink!) Finally, it's getting interesting for me... If this clue leads me to Brenda, then I can hardly wait for my reward- Her, in my arms again, where she belongs!
Author: Vikaki

Sonny: (looking at the picture of Jax) Wow he really got hit with the ugly stick.
Author: Rose

Week 26: April 12 - 19, 2003

Edward:Oh, my darlin!! welcome home.So tell me what are your plans in Port Charles?

Brenda:Well,coming here has been a rude awakening,it's made me realize all i've taken for granted and so i've decided to mend it,and if possible, regain it all back.

Edward:And what is that dear, if i may ask?


Author: Sara

Honorable Mentions

Edward: Oh dear Brenda I never understood why you kept going back to that thug Sonny until I saw you two kissing.

Brenda: You think thats magic, you should see us in bed!
Author: Rose

Edward: Brenda, is this how you & Sonny hug?

Brenda: Only when Carly's watching - otherwise we press up against each other real close, close our eyes and...uh, I gotta go find Sonny now, bye!
Author: Kiki

Week 25: April 5 - 12, 2003

Sonny: Sooo... you wanna go have sex?
Brenda: Sure

Author: Holli

Honorable Mentions

Brenda: Sonny, did you go through my lingerie drawer AGAIN?
Sonny: Uh, no...
Brenda: Then where's all my underwear?
Sonny: Ok, you caught me - they're over there across the hall. I stashed them in the desk I pretend to do work at.
Brenda: Well, as long as I'm going COMMANDO, come closer so I can 'punish' you, you bad bad boy!
Author: Kiki

Sonny:Come on baby,I have the limo waiting outside.Let's go.
Brenda:Did you get the champagne and strawberries...?
Author: Elizabeth

Week 24: March 30 - April 5, 2003

Jason: Sonny, WHO are you talking to???

Sonny: (whisper)Uh, I have to go now Brenda - I love you... (loudly)I MEAN, I LOVE MY WIFE & THAT IS WHY WE CAN'T BE TOGETHER... (whisper again)See you soon on the beach in Puerto Rico sweetheart!

Author: Kiki

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Ok Brenda, I know, I miss you to, Ok I'll be out there as soon as I can. I love you to, bye bye!

Jason: Why are you talking to my wife, when your married, and why didn't Brenda call me?

Sonny: First of all Jason, shes not your wife anymore, next, I love her she never loved you, and Carly would take Michael away from me if I got a divorce right now. So I have to wait for the right timeing. Brenda understands.
Author: Jessica

(Sonny) "I'm leaving on the first plane Brenda, I'll be there shortly"

(Jason) "No, No, can't leave me, I love you, Uhhhh, I mean Carly, Carly, you can't leave Carly, she loves you"
Author: Vee

Week 23: March 22-29, 2003

Skye: Brenda, it's not funny! Was it always that small??

Brenda: I'm afraid so, why do you think I couldn't forget Sonny!

Author: Stella

Honorable Mentions

Brenda: Yikes! Skye I am SO sorry you walked in on Sonny & I getting it on in our secret room between the 2 penthouse suites - I am SO embarrassed...

Skye: (dropped her glass of vodka) Don't be. After seeing passion like that I won't need vodka for awhile - I'll be having fantasies for days!
Author: Kiki

Sonny(in another room): Brenda! I can't find the whipped cream nor the condoms!

Brenda:Yesh! I guess our secrets out huh? Please go and tell his wife!

Skye: Whipped cream huh? I never would have guess that Sonny was the type.
Author: Dee

Week 22: March 15-22, 2003

Sonny:*whispering* Brenda . . .look behind me, is carly gone?

Brenda: For goodness sake sonny! Like carly doesn't already know that we're sleeping together!

Author: Lisa

Honorable Mentions

Brenda: Oh my God, Sonny. What are we going to do? I want us to be together NOW. I love you and I can't deny it anymore.

Sonny: I know, Baby. I love you and want you, too, but that crazy woman accross the hall is not going to let me go easily.

Brenda: Yeah, same goes for Jax. Okay, let's just leave. Tell Carly you've got out of town business and we'll figure it out from there.

Sonny: I like the way you think, Sweetheart. I do have a few things to tie up in Puerto Rico.*wink*
Author: Robin

Sonny: Brenda if you walk away from me, I'll run after you so fast!!
Author: Stella

Week 21: March 8-15, 2003

Edward: You know you really should start listening to me more. I told you that Sonny and Brenda will always love eachother and that in the end your just gonna look like an idiot.

Jax: It's funny, I just heard the same thing from Brenda.

Author: Rose

Honorable Mentions

Jax: Hmmm, so THAT'S why Lila's stayed with you for so long!
Author: Audrey

Edward: After what you did to poor Brenda, Sonny should make sure you swim with the fishes. Although it may be better for her, being away from you. We all know Sonny and Brenda are still so much in love. You were just a way to get over Sonny and his dangerous life. Which is just a big lie because we all know Brenda will NEVER be over Sonny.
Author: Jessica (Visit her website!)

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