Week 10: December 28, 2002 - January 4, 2003

Felchia:Sonny what are you thinking about?

Sonny: Oh nothing just thinking about Brenda with her cute little peek a boo undies and her perfect body and the way she.... I MEAN CARLY! I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT CARLY

Author: Lauren

Honorable Mentions

(Felicia) "So tell me how long were you in a walking coma"

(Sonny) "Gee since about Ummmmm, 1998"
Author: Vee

Sonny: I'm thinking of growing a beard . . . do you think brenda would like it, or no?
Author: Lisa

Week 9: December 21-28, 2002

Ned: You'll regret ever crossing paths with me after I take the woman you love away from you!

Sonny: There is a lot I can overlook, but you will NOT take Brenda away from me! Never!

Carly (thinking): Why did he call me Brenda?

Author: Heather

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: "Pull my finger"

Ned : "NO, You pull MY finger"
Author: maddhip

Carly: Why the hell are they fighting?
Sonny:You kill her!
Ric: No you...she is YOUR wife!
Sonny: why the hell is she dancing by herself?
Author: Olivia

Week 8: December 14-21, 2002

Ric: Mmmmmmmm, lets see. Roger rabbit, OJ Simpson, Pee Wee Herman, .........Nope! No files on me!

Author: haley maddy

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: that basterd dresses so tacky.
*looks at his clothes*
Sonny: Sh*t he copied me! im tellin your mommy
Author: Olivia

Ric: what are naked pictures of Brenda doing in your file?
Sonny: What? Brenda naked? where?
Scotty (thinking): check out that jailers butt.
Author: Lisa

Weel 7: December 7-14, 2002

Scott "Look Carly, any idiot can see that Sonny and Brenda are still in love."

Carly "You're calling me an idiot? That's it, I'm telling my mother on you."
Author: Melissa

Honorable Mentions

Scott thinking: god sonny was right brenda is alot better than this thing

Scott to Carly: So,you think they are going to start making out in there soon?

Carly:Shut the hell up!

Week 6: November 24 - December 7, 2002

Carly: Do you love me? blah blah blah.. Do you love Brenda? blah blah blah...Do you love Brenda more than me? blah blah blah...

Sonny: Carly..Your my wife...blah blah blah, your my wife..blah blah blah...your my wife....

Carly: (blank stare)

Sonny: Nevermind, just stay here, I need to go see Bre... er, I mean ..Jason.
Author: LuvSonny01

Honorable Mentions:

(Sonny) "Yes, I love you, Yes you are my wife, I will never leave you, You're my soulmate, I never loved anyone else, How was that?

(Carly) " Hmmmmmmm, not bad, but next time say it like you mean it"

Author: Vee

Sonny: "Ok Carly I'm going to tell you one last time, I am not still in love with Brenda."

Carly thinking: "Yeah right"

Sonny thinking: "Yeah right"

Mystery man thinking: "I am sick of listening to them have the same converstation over and over and over again." Author: Melissa

Week 5: November 16-24, 2002

Carly: So...what happened between u and my husband while u were all alone together??

Brenda: Oh crap...i forgot to put my undies back on!!

Author: Dana

Honorable Mentions

Carly: Way to go Brenda, now I'll never get the chance to prove Sonny loves me more then you.

Brenda thinking: Woa, there's a gun over here. I wonder what I can do with it.
Author: Melissa

The following 4 were tied for 3rd place:

CARLY: (Preaching in the whiny Snarly voice)... Sonny loves me, Brenda, not you. I'm his wife and we have built a life together. All you've managed to do is put my "huzzband" in danger. The only reason he's helped you is because he feels sorry for you, not becasue he cares about you. So why don't you just leave us alone and get out of town for good you little twit! Okay Brenda... Brenda! Are you listening to me?
Author: Chrissy

Carly:Who do you think will get here first Brenda? Brenda:(thinking to herself) Like I care,Sonny had his tongue down my throat so all's good with the world now!
Author: Amy

-Silent thoughts-
Brenda: Damn it, I know that I'm dying anyway, but I'd rather go crazy than spend my last few minutes on Earth this woman. How can Sonny stand her?
Carly: Damn it. I'm going to die with the stuck up bitch. Oh, well, at least if we're both dead then she won't be able to get her claws into Sonny.
Author: Misha

Carly: Were those bubbles?...and what the hell's that smell?
Author: AnnAngel

Week 4: November 9-16, 2002

Carly:Jason,don't you think my hands are just prettier than Brenda's?

Jason:Sure,but when it comes to Sonny chosing Brenda it is not the hands you have to compete with!!!

Author: Sara VanHoosier

Honorable Mentions

Carly: You see Jason? I've got Sonny eating out of the palm of this hand right here.

Jason (thinking): Oh Please.. why don't you wrap that hand around my....oops...I mean, "I am loyal to Sonny, I am loyal to Sonny, I am loyal to Sonny".

Author: LuvSonny01

Carly: "...and this is how you pat the tortilla..."

Jason: "Wait, where did you get the dough???"

Author: Maddhip

Week 3: November 2-9, 2002

Brenda: OK guys! I'm taking a poll. How hot do I look in this little back tee and my low-slung jeans with peekaboo undies.

Men: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Author: Natalie

Honorable Mentions

BRENDA: God I want him right now!!! Why are the damn writers making me act like I don't!!!!

SONNY: She wants me. OK, here's my master plan to get Brenda back:
1.) Dangle a Hostess cupcake in front Jax to distract him... NOTE TO SELF: This might take some time so I better make sure to order a couple truck loads.
2.) Give good old Jimmy "the tulip" Tudeski a call to take care of Penguin boy here. I'll tell Jimmy that Al loves mayonaisse on his burger! (Whole 9 yards reference)
3.) Carly. What to do to keep Carly busy? Hmmmm... Got it! Buy her one of those super-duper vibrators for Chrismas... Perfect!
4.) Seduce Brenda (for like the billionth time). Put on vampire costume and reinact Brenda's vampire fantasy for her. What woman could resist??
And the magic of S&B continues...

Author: Chrissy

Sonny: Man she looks sexy- wish we were alone right now and i could rip her clothes off.
Brenda: my hero, to the rescue- wonder if he is wearing boxers or briefs
Alcazar: she still loves him look at the looks they are giving each other. I never got those looks. Man!!
Author: Mandy

Week 2: October 26 - November 1, 2002

SONNY: DAMN!...This could really screw up my shot at gettin in her pants again!

CARLY: YUCK!...But hey, this could really screw up Sonny's shot at gettin in her pants again!
Author: LuvSonny01

Honorable Mentions:

SILENT THOUGHTS: BRENDA: Wow! Making Sonny jealous while simultaneously pissing Carly off... it's pretty hard to top a moment like this. Wonder what Sonny will do if I kiss Jason right now??
JASON: OK, I know I did this for a reason... trying to remember what... it... is?? Oh yeah, to help Sonny & Carly (and to avoid my feelings for Courtney and Liz.)
CARLY: What the hell does Jason think he's doing! Now she's going to be living across the hall from us! Maybe it will look like an accident if she falls down the elevator shaft!
SONNY: God, Brenda's hair smells good... I wonder if she's using a new shampoo? Oops, I mean I LOVE CARLY. I LOVE CARLY. I LOVE CARLY. I LOVE BRENDA. DOH!!! I MEAN I LOVE CARLY. I LOVE CARLY...
Author: Chrissy

Brenda: We're married!!
Sonny: Can I kiss the bride?
Carly: Can you what the who?!
Jason: I had a reason for doing this...I really did...can't...remember...
Author: Heather

Week 1: October 19-26, 2002

Sonny: (Thinking to himself) I wonder if I can slip out to meet Brenda without these two twits noticing.
Author: Suha (

Honorable Mentions:

Snarly: Grrrrr Arrrrrgh, see how intimidating I am when I cross my arms? Tell her Sonny! Tell her how scary I can be!

Alexis: Cower before me puny blonde one, I shall squash you like a bug! Isn't that right Sonny? Tell your wife how dominating I really am!

Sonny: thinking ...I wonder What Brenda's doing right now?
Author: Audrey

I go from Brenda to THESE TWO. What the hell was I thinking?
Author: Stephanie

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