Week 20: March 1-8, 2003

Sonny:I know you know where Brenda went, Tell ME!!!

Ned:She said she'd call you chill out!

Faith:Carly said to shoot you if you mentioned her name!But you and BRenda love each other thats obvious, if you leave now, you might could find her at the airport!

Author: Jessica

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Ok Ned, find Brenda and Bring her back to Port Charles! OR ELSE

Faith: Hey guys watch me do a magic trick! I can pull a gun out of Sonny's back!
Author: Lauren Scott

Ned: Ok Faith ... this is a little to kinky, even for me.
Author: Audrey

Week 19: February 15-28, 2003

Brenda: Thanks for making sure Carly saw me and Sonny on the docks, what did I tell ya, she'd go right to Jax, am I good or what?

Skye: No prob, so I can have Jax now?

Brenda: Be my guest, I only took him away to make Sonny jealous, and it worked!

Skye: Where are going now?

Brenda:Everyone thinks Europe, but really Puerto Rico, Sonny has me a house out there and when he goes on "buisness Trips" He's really out there to see me!
Author: jessica

Honorable Mentions

Brenda: And this is my leather bag jax gave me ... OH! and this is my charm braclet that he gave me!

Skye: Ok ok Bren!! Just get to the good stuff! The stuff sonny gave you!

Brenda :WILL YA SHUT UP! this is his mothers wedding ring. . . . . .But you know what, I don't have to list off the stuff sonny gave me to reasure myself that he loves me. I already know he does.

*Silent Moment*

Skye: Ok so do you want to hide a ding dong in Jax's house and see how long it takes him to find it?

Brenda: Don't be mean skye!

Skye: Oh I just thou . .

Brenda:Better make it a twinkie, have him more motived.
Author: Lisa

Skye: Brenda, What the he** are you doing?

Brenda: Loading this gun to shoot Carly...and maybe Jax Author: Kelly

Week 17: February 15-22, 2003

Brenda: *thinking* Oh My God, Why did it take him this long to kiss me, he knows i'm the only one for him!!

Sonny: *thinking* Oh My God, Why did it take me this long to kiss her? I've know shes the only one for me!

Carly: Eww, that fake tree is so 3 months ago! Oh My!!Look that cute couple, you can tell they really love eachother. I wonder where Sonny went?

Author: Lisa

Honorable Mentions

Carly:...20 mississippi,21 mississippi
Author: Bri

VM: Maurice, you've got me sooooo tingly I've totally forgotten the rest of my lines!

MB: That's ok Vanessa, me too! Just keep your eyes closed & maybe Tams will go away so we can roll around on the docks in private.

TB: Ah, so that's what they teach in "Chemistry & Deep-Kissing 101"...
Author: Kiki

Week 16: February 8 - 15, 2003

(Carly) Brenda, let me put it to you in the most simplest terms i can think of, Sonny doesn't want you, he has me; Jason can't stand you and doesn't want you, he has Courtney.

(Brenda) How old are you?? Why do you feel the need to attack me each and every time you lay eyes on me? Let me put THIS in the most simplest terms for you, SONNY and I have experienced a love that you can't and won't ever be able to comprehend - you know, with your maturity level and all and; Jason, well, let's just say, him going to bed with you just goes to show that his brain damage was worse than we thought.

Author: Carla

Honorable Mentions

Carly: Sonny is my husband he married me three times and he loves me.
Brenda: Well, that's not what he told me last night.
Jax(Thinking):She told me she had to work late last night..
Author: Rose

Brenda: Okay...Let me get this straight. You want Jax, and I want Sonny, how about we switch?

Carly: Sounds AOK with me!

Jax: Well, Hey! Don't I get a say in this?

Carly and Brenda: You get a twinkie.

Jax: ooh! Okay!
Author: Kelly

Week 15: February 1 - 8, 2003

Elton: I see a beautiful wedding....everything white..white candles, white flowers..

Jax: Mmm Hmmm

Elton: Oh yes...I can just see it now. Brenda in a designer dress-

Jax: Of course

Elton: And Sonny standing at the altar

Jax: No-Jax. Jax standing at the alter.

Elton: Oh...whoops!

Jax: *sigh* Don't worry about it. Happens all the time.

Author: Lexie

Honorable Mentions

(Elton) "Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes...I never ever saw chemistry like I did with Sonny and Brenda, I am just so excited over their wedding, I can't believe they are getting married........oh this is just fabulous news, this is a dream come true...I can't wait to get started... what? oh you said YOUR wedding to Brenda, oh, oh...Ummm, I'm sorry I won't be available to help, I have loads of things to do, yeah Ummm, I'll be out of town, yeah that's it, a sick aunt I must visit..ok well good luck"
Author: Vee

Elton: "...and some lillies and OH lots of white candles everywhere! It will be an absolute sensation! Why I was just saying to Jeremey the other day..."

Jax : ...I wonder who cuts his hair?
Author: Audrey

Week 14: January 25 - February 1, 2003

Brenda: Sonny could you move your hand down a little farther and more towards the front.

Sonny: That's what I am doing, but I have to do it slow because I don't want Carly to notice how much I would rather be holding you then her. When they were passing out chests she must have been absent because she can't wear more than a training bra.

Author: nspiller

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: (whispering) Okay Brenda, Carly is behind me. Stare straight ahead and don't make ANY...Sudden...moves... so as not to through her into a psychotic rage. Courtrooms are generally where she does those best... I have my private-jet fueled and a flight-plan for paradise all mapped out... If you want to go just tap me VERY slowly with your right hand, but don't look back...... EXCELLENT! Meet you in five outside! Author: Marie

*silent thoughts*

Sonny: I couldn't stand it if I lost her again.

Brenda: How could I live without Sonny in my life?

Carly: I'm really starting to think that something is going on with those two.
Author: Melissa

Week 13: January 18-25, 2003

Jax: Take Carly away NOW and NEVER come back, or i will shoot you down.

Ric: No way, I would rather be dead than stay with her for one more day . . . Why do you care if carly is gone anyways?

Jax: Brenda orderd me to do this so . . .

Ric: So she and sonny could be together.

Jax: DOH!!!

Carly: Hey Jax, I hope you don't mind,I just ate that twinki that you were hiding in your pocket.

Jax: YOU DID WHAT!?!?!

Author: Lisa

Honorable Mentions

Jax: I am big macho man...I come to save Brender...I am better then Sonny!

Ric: You're not ignoring rule #9657 : Don't be Stupid
Author: Dee

(Carly) "Hewoo Wax, I know yur buzy,but I gued my wips togetder and I can't tawk"
Author: Vee

Week 12: January 11 - 18, 2003

Brenda: I see it so clearly now. The man I love is...

Jax (thinking): Jax. Jax. Jax. Jax. Jax. Just say Jax.

Brenda: Sonny.

Jax (thinking): That didn't sound anything like Jax. Hmph. Author: Heather

Honorable Mentions

Brenda: I see myself in a room, sonny comes in,and I smile, and start running twards him, just as im about to kiss him, he takes off a mask he's been wearing and it's jax . . . then I wake up, and I've had that dream for the past 4 years.

Jax:*silent thought* So that's why she always wakes up screaming!
Author: Lisa

BRENDA: I ran for my life, just like when we were in Puerto Rico.

JAX: I never took you to Puerto Rico.
Author: Melanie

Week 11: January 4 - 11, 2003

Sonny: Bad idea!! You know Brenda's in love with me.

Jax: Oh is that the reason why when where in bed she always shouts out your name?

Author: Rose Sangro

Honorable Mentions

Sonny: Brenda,bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla . . .

Brenda: *silent thought* God i don't know what he's saying but he sure looks sexy, I love the way he says my name.

Jax: *silent thought* God they want eachother so bad . . .Hey is that a twinkie over there?
Author: Lisa

Sonny: "hey Brenda how's it going?"

Brenda: "Great (help me), I'm doing great Sonny (get this stupid ass behind me away from me), How are you? (Please he's a leach, and won't go away) Hope all is good with you(he's like a nagging toothache) gotta go, bye"
Author: Vee

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