Up Close and Personal: Maurice Benard

Soaps in Depth, May 2004

Boys will be Boys

It's an interesting irony that while GH's Sonny is the parent of two sons, his portrayer, Maurice Benard, has two gorgeous daughters who, when they visit him at the studio, will rush up and give him giant bear hugs and very happy greetings of, "Papa!" Benard of course, lights up at the mere sight of them. "I love kids," he says with sincerity. "Even when I was a kid, I loved kids. Now that I'm saying that, my wife wants another child. It's probably going to happen even though I tell her it's not," he adds with a laugh. Although daughters Cailey and Cassidy are the light of his life, having a son is something he thinks about. "I'd love to have a boy. Wow," he says, catching himself. "I do think about it. If I had a boy, I could play catch with him and take him out and throw a football around. Or maybe boxing. That would be the best!"