Local Interview with Vanessa Marcil at Super Soap Weekend 2002

VM = Vanessa Marcil
FT = Frank Turner (WXYZ news anchor)

FT: Whatís going on there at Disneyworld this weekend? Super Soap Weekend, whatís that?

VM: Super Soap Weekend, there is lots of candy here, so thatís why Iím here. And there is lots of daytime stars. Iím actually here to get Susan Lucciís autograph for Maurice Benard, he plays Sonny.

FT: (Laughs)

VM: He couldnít be here with.

FT: There is going to be a lot of autograph signing going on, wonít there?

VM: Yes, there is, there is. And we are going to play games, we are going to be playing a Millionaire game. And we are going to hang out with the fans for the whole weekend.

FT: And what do you like about that? Is it fun to see the folks who watch you everyday?

VM: Yeah, it is really fun. Itís fun to get to hear what they think and to get to meet them and shake their hands and itís really exciting. Itís because of them that we get to do what we love to do. We are appreciative and we love meeting them.

FT: Now, do they sometimes have trouble separating you from the character you play? Do you expect you to be like you are when you are on the soap?

VM: I actually donít get that too much. They actually know way too much about my personal life. SoÖthey know the difference between me and Brenda.

FT: Thatís because they probably read the soap stars magazines, right? Well, tell us about your character on General Hospital.

VM: My character, she has evolved quite a bit. I came on when she was in high school and Steve Burton (Jason) and I went to the prom together. She was your typical bad girl. And now she has grown into a compassionate woman, she is kind of a spit fire. She doesnít really have a family, she has like five boyfriends, sheís great.

FT: You guys must go through a lot of breath mints on that show, donít you?

VM: You have no idea how many breath mints we go through. Some of us need more than others.

FT: (Laughs) Is there a rule, like no onions for lunch or anything like that?

VM: No, there should be a rule, but thereís not.

FT: Vanessa Marcil, hey, enjoy the weekend down there in Orlando.

VM: Thank you!