Vanessa Marcil Interview at Super Soap Weekend with Cindi Rhinehart

C: Cindi Rhinehart
V: Vanessa Marcil
A: Audience Members

C: Speaking of GH, Brenda is down in Florida at the 7th annual SSW, and earlier today we got a chance to speak with Vanessa Marcil and I asked her what we all wanted to know...How long you staying?

V: Oh, I canít tell

C: Oh, No!

V: Itís a big secret!

C: Alright, well hereís whatís going (interrupted)

V: I havenít decided.

C: Well thatís a good thing, I hope they write well enough...and I know they will to keep you there for a long time, because believe you me the ratings are showing because youíre there.

V: Thatís very sweet of you to say. Thank you.

V: Well letís go to the audience right away.

A: Hi Vanessa!

V: Hi

A: I was wondering how old your baby was and how Brian Austin Green was doing?

V: My baby is 7 months old, and heís sitting with me here right now

C: Oh, can we see?

V: No. I canít, Iím sorry.

C: Well, give him a big hug from all of us.

V: I will, and actually itís up to him whether or not I stay on the show for much longer, because Iím taking him to work with me everyday and I want to make sure he likes it there so

C: Well what a good mom you are

V: Ah .

(Another audience question)
A: After 4 years, what made the decision to come back to GH.

V: Well you know Iíve always wanted to, I ve always been pretty vocal about that, and I was just waiting for the timing to be right, and the timing was finally right, there was a lot of other things that I wanted to do, umm, most importantly, spend a lot of time with my family daytime is a really grueling schedule, so you got to really be ready to make a commitment

C: Was it hard to actually come back to daytime?

V: Hard?

C: Uh huh, to come back

V: No hard? No it was the best, it was like coming back home

C: It s a great group too. Another question

A: My questions is, when is Brenda going to find out sheís not dying?

V: Soon I hope soon I hope, and I want to stop look like Iím dying, there making me look like Iím getting sick and stuff, and I liked that to stop happening

A: I would like to know if Brenda and Jax are going to get back to together?

V: Um I hope so, they right now are kind of flirting with the idea, so if you keep watching youíll see something going on with between them very soon

(Audience Question)
A: Brenda, do you think you and Sonny with get back together?

V: Ah, yes, you know that Brenda needs many boyfriends (laughing) so she'll be getting back together with everybody at some point

A: Oh, youíre so gorgeous, and they just go together so well

C: Who, do you want her with? (asked audience)

V: I love working with Maurice Benard, heís always been a great inspiration to me as an actress

C: Who wants her with Jax, 1..2..3..4..5..6.. and with Sonny 1..2..3 boy is it a split

A: Hi, Vanessa I am one of your biggest fans, Iím so excited to talk to you

V: Well, Iím so excited to talk to you

A: My question is I really like you with Jason, that love/hate relationship, but, when is something going to happen with Jason, he is so cute

V: Well Iím glad to hear that, because I am having so much fun working with Steve Burton, heís going to be here with me, and weíve become pretty good friends, and were having a lot of fun working together, and I already told the producer that I need to have many boyfriends, so put me with all of them

C: Well, lets put one more in the mix, thereís the love/hate thing with Jason, but there also Alcazar, and Iím loving this guy is he going

V: Donít you love him

C: Yes

V: Heís great

C: Is he going to stick around, do you think?

V: Oh, I canít really say, thatís a tough one too, itís kind of secretive thing, but, Iíll tell you one thing, working with Ted has been so great, and, I thought we had great chemistry together, which I thought was a good thing, instead of playing the typical bad guy holding a girl against her will, these too people really had a kind of care for each other.

C: You know when you stop and think about Vanessa, look at the guys you get to work with, I mean for crying out loud youíre in the middle of mass men

V: And they pay me...

C: And they you to do that

V: And they pay me...

C: We wish you all the luck in the world, its good to talk you, tell the gang I said hello.

V: Am I not going to get to see íe not going to be here

C: Not this weekend

V: Ah

C: But itís the first time Iíve missed, but next time Iíll be there

C: Thanks Vanessa

V: Bye everybody, thanks for watching.