Soap Opera Digest: ABC Gossip - Maurice Benard on Stunts: March 2, 2004

Last Action Hero

During his latest action scenes in the Towering Inferno story, Maurice Benard (Sonny) did his own stunts ... and his last, if he can help it. "Stunts are not my forte," he laughs. "Steve (Burton, Jason), Ted (King, Alcazar) and those other guys love doing that stuff, but I'd rather tacle a five page monologue." Benard jokingly blames the 1994 location shoot in Puerto Rico for his fear of stunts. "I had to jump on to the top of a moving train," he recalls. "[Then-Executive Producer] Wendy Riche talked me into doing it. I was petrified, and afterward I was almost crying. I told myself I should never have done that. What's funny is that viewers still remember that scene."