Soap Opera Digest: Emmy Coverage (Vanessa and Maurice) (May, 2003)

The crowd went wild anytime Lead Actor Maurice Benard's name was mentioned, especially when he won. "The fans are amazing," he remarked in the press room. "When they were yelling, I thought, 'Wow, man, I have got to win this thing.' And when I got up on the stage, it was a trip because I couldn't really get in everything I had to say, and it got me more nervous.'

Shock and Awe
"I was truly shocked to be nominated," confessed Supporting Actress winner Vanessa Marcil. "I really thought Robin Christopher (Skye, GH) deserved to win - she is a great actress, a great person to work with and had six months more work than I had. I probably looked like an idiot because I could not be more shocked that I won."