What Would a Fan See If Allowed Backstage?

Soaps in Depth, May 2004

Fans would get a kick out of what they spied behind the scenes at General Hospital. "If they came to my dressing room," offers Maurice Benard, "they'd be surprised to see the crazy pictures plastered on my door." Such as? "Somebody put Tyler Christopher's (Nikolas) face on Tamara Braun (Carly), so it looks like I'm holding Tyler. And I just got a Polaroid of Lenny from wardrobe wearing a T-shirt with my face on it. It's crazy."

GH's dressing rooms are split into hallways named Compton and Beverly Hills. In Compton, Benard says, "I'm at the end, then there is Steve Burton (Jason), M'fundo Morrison (Justus), Scott Clifton (Dillion), Lindze Letherman (Georgie), Tyler Christopher and [acting coach] John Homa. Ours isn't as plus as the Beverly Hills aisle," Benard adds with a wink, "where you have Rick Hearst (Ric), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), Tamara Braun and all of those people. And sometimes the kids, Scott and Lindze, can get rambunctious, but we just tell them to keep it down."