Soap Opera Digest: Party of Three (January 16, 1996)

Digest: Even though Sonny is currently with Lily, Sonny and Brenda seem like they belong together.
Head Writer Claire Labine: Of course, Sonny and Brenda belong together.
We're not stupid. It's our job to get them back together again, and it's [the audience's] job to watch us do it.
Digest: How are you going to do it?
Head Writer Claire Labine: Sonny and Brenda have been very close to a reconciliation, but Sonny made a deal with [Lily's father] Rivera. Sonny tells Brenda, "I will never love anyone else the way I have loved you, but it may not be possible for us to be together." Brenda doesn't get it, but she'll figure it out. Sonny and Lily are not married yet.
Digest: Was Lily brought in to break up Sonny and Brenda?
Head Writer Claire Labine: No. But Sonny and Lily have a lot in common.
They are both Spanish. Lily knows not to ask questions [because her father is in the mob]. And she knows how to be graceful under trying circumstances, so she was a heavy contrast to Brenda in that respect. Sonny admired that a lot.
Digest: Who are you rooting for?
Head Writer Claire Labine: I root for whomever I'm writing for at the moment. But I do believe Sonny and Brenda belong together.
Digest: How long should a good triangle last?
Head Writer Claire Labine: Forever, if you do it right.
Digest: Are there any other characters on GH who could join this triangle if one of the current members were to leave?
Head Writer Claire Labine: Not without twisting everyone into a pretzel!