Couple of the Month-Dynamic Duos
Lusty Lovers Sonny and Brenda fing romance on General Hospital.

What can we say about the only couple on daytime with subtitles? General Hospital's Sonny and Brenda are so steamy, words are practicly immaterial to their passionate relationship.

For months, GH toyed with a Sonny and Brenda matchup; a glance here, an eyeroll there. Just when we thought we couldn't take the suspense anymore, flirtation turned to pure lust. "Tomorrow we'll still be who we are," purred a cool Sonny, "except without all the loneliness." Sonny and Brenda made love for the first time, and we were hooked.

The union of Sonny and Brenda has been turbulent. Brenda was constantly berated for her involvement with Sonny by upstanding citizens like Lila Quatermaine, who stressed the perils of a relationship with a man as connected to the underworld as Sonny Corinthos. Brenda's a risktaker-attracted to danger, not afraid of it. The warnings just made Brenda want her Brooklyn-born tough guy more. Hot-tempered Sonny has treasured Brenda, been fed up with Brenda and been jealous of the men who love Brenda. All the while, he's never taken his eyes off her. With Brenda's love and support, we have seen Sonny undergo a complete transformation. Steel-willed, iron-fisted Sonny has learned to express his feelings verbally rather than with violence. "I can 'blah blah blah' until hell freezes over." Sonny said recently to his beloved, "but in the end, all that matters is our feelings and how we treat each other." (Okay, so he's no Byron. It's a start.) Sonny's love for Brenda has allowed him to trust someone, possibly for the first time. Viewers are seeing a new, sensitive side of Sonny. And judging from the responses, they love it!