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OnlineHost: Vanessa Marcil plays the immensely popular Brenda Barrett on ABC-TV's GENERAL HOSPITAL. According to Ms. Marcil, Brenda "is the black sheep of the family. Brenda's really a sweetheart inside, but her older sister, Julia, was always their father's favorite daughter."

OnlineHost: Vanessa was born in San Diego, California, but her family soon moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where her father is credited with building the first earthquake-proof structure in the state. The youngest of four children, Vanessa and her family later returned to Palm Desert, California, where she began acting in local theater at age eight.

OnlineHost: After graduation from high school, Vanessa began to study law, before she made the decision to pursue an acting career. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions, including "Pygmalion," "Mamet's Women," and "Sweet Bird of Youth."

OnlineHost: Helping people is something Vanessa feels strongly about, and in her spare time she volunteers for various causes. Vanessa is also an active runner and body builder.

OnlineHost: GENERAL HOSPITAL is Vanessa's first television role. In fact, her popularity has made her a late-night favorite, too, and she is now the regular host for "ABC IN CONCERT," the fast-paced music program now in its fifth season. We will begin shortly.

StarABCDay: Hi everyone! This is Vanessa Marcil. I'm in New York today and I'm using the screen name

StarABCDay: StarABCDay!

Question: You and Maurice Benard do wonderful comedy. Will we see more?

StarABCDay: Maurice and I do have a lot of fun and I think we have a natural comedic quality that

StarABCDay: comes from our real relationship. I think that the writers see that and we will always

StarABCDay: have a little element of comedy in out relationship.

Question: To: Vanessa : How has it been hosting your own rock 'n roll show ("ABC In Concert")?

StarABCDay: It's been a lot of fun. I've always been very interested in music as well as acting.

Question: can you ask vanessa if she will be on any other shows today, saw regis & kathlee & loved it

StarABCDay: Yes - tomorrow I will be on Good Day New York. You can see it on FOX in the NY area!

Question: How did you get your start ?

StarABCDay: I started in theater and I was doing Cat On A Hot Tin Roof in LA.

StarABCDay: My manager swa me and signed me. One month later I signed with GH!

Question: Do you still keep in touch with Crystal Carson and Antonio Sabato?

StarABCDay: Yes I do still stay in close contact with them.

Question: What is a typical day like for the actors

StarABCDay: Theres no such thing as a typical day at GH.

However, all days have long hours!

Question: What are the fututre storylines with Brenda and Sonny?

StarABCDay: Many obstacles ahead for them - stay tuned!!!!

Question: You make a great "Brenda"! How far in advance are the shows taped?

StarABCDay: The shows are taped 3 weeks in advance.

StarABCDay: A lot of you have been asking me what it is like to work with Maurice Benard....

StarABCDay: Working with Maurice has been my best experince so far since I've started on GH.

StarABCDay: He is a brilliant actor and I learn a lot from him.

Question: Vanessa, who has your favorite leading man been?

StarABCDay: Maurice!

Question: are u a general user of aol?

StarABCDay: This is my first time in cyberspace and it's been a lot of fun -- so far!

Question: Do you get along with your co-stars as well as you do on-screen?

StarABCDay: Yes. We are like a big family on GH. We all get along very well.

Question: You use to be mean, lately you have mellowed out why?

StarABCDay: I think that Brenda has quite simply matured.

Question: Vanessa seems to have a true relationship with Rena Sofer. Are they close off-screen?

StarABCDay: Yes - we are good friends off screen.

Question: Do you do sit ups to keep that slim stomach? or is it natural?

Tips please on slimming

Question: my tummy

StarABCDay: I do about 300 sit ups every once in awhile!

Question: Do you have any upcoming tv shows, movies, plays etc?

StarABCDay: Yes - I'm hosting ABC IN CONCERT for the rest of the year and there are several movie

StarABCDay: projects on the horizon.

Question: What are you doing in New York?

StarABCDay: I'm on a promotional tour for ABC IN CONCERT & GH.

Question: Is is difficult to work on a soap, rather than other TV or plays?

StarABCDay: It's very long hours and it can difficult but it is definitley rewarding and well worth it

Question: Vanessa, I loved your long hair, but it seems as though GH had you wearing fake hair after

Question: you cut it. Why?

StarABCDay: Because they felt that Brenda's hair was important to the storyline that was going on at

StarABCDay: the time.

Question: Hi Vanassa...I love you as Brenda...Will you and Sonny be getting married?????????????

StarABCDay: I have no idea but Brenda would love to get engaged.

Question: Have you met Sonnys real family?

StarABCDay: I've met Maurice's beautiful wife and daughter.

Question: you looked great on Regis and Kathie do you like New York?

StarABCDay: I love New York. I'd love to move here someday.

Question: I notice your wardrobe has become more "normal." Was that at your urging? Must have been

Question: hard to wear some of those things...

StarABCDay: I think that Brenda is moving more towards the business woman image.

Question: What is the significance of your tatoo?

StarABCDay: It is Egyptian tribal and it means love and peace in the universe.

Question: Not to be nosie or anything Vanessa,but how old are you?

StarABCDay: I'm 25!

Question: How did it feel being nominated for Best Couple at the Soap Opera Digest Awards?

StarABCDay: I was very honored to have been nominated.

Question: Was the chemistry between you and Maurice immediate or take time to develop?

StarABCDay: It was immediate from the moment we met!

Question: What's it like working with Rena? You two seem to have a genuine friendship.

StarABCDay: I have a lot of fun working with Rena. We get in giggling fits sometimes and the whole

StarABCDay: production stops!

Question: ANy plans on visiting Miami

StarABCDay: We just shot ABC IN CONCERT in Miami. Next week I will be doing ABC IN CINCERT in Orlando

Question: How is it working with one of your idol, Tony Geary?

StarABCDay: It's great!

Question: how was life like in Alaska

StarABCDay: I don't remember - I was too young!

Question: How open are the writers at "G.H." to input from the actors regarding storylines?

StarABCDay: The writers are very open to hearing our suggestions and to discussing story with us.

Question: What are your work hours like?

StarABCDay: From about 10 to 17 hours per day!

Question: What has been your most challenging roll you have played?

StarABCDay: The most challenging role was Maggie in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof.

Question: to vanessa :, live in the S.F. bay area, so you will not do any more national shows,

Question: why don' you go on the Conan O'Brian show, I love that show!!

StarABCDay: I am going to do the Conan O'Brian show but I'm not sure when yet.

Question: any plans to bring Kin Shriner back?

StarABCDay: I hope!

Question: How many shows do you film in a week? day?

StarABCDay: We tape five shows per week, one show per day.

Question: have you ever did any modeling StarABCDay: No, I've never modeled.

Question: Vanessa- do you ever lose your keys- I heard that even famous people lose their keys- I

Question: worry about this alot.

StarABCDay: Thank you for your concern I lose my keys about twice a week! Very intuitive of you!

Question: Who kisses better, Jagger or Sonny?

StarABCDay: Jagger.

Question: Hi Vanessa, do you miss playing a more mischievous Brenda?

StarABCDay: Yes - I think she will get mischievous again at some point.

Question: I saw your music videos with the artist formally know as Prince. What is he like?

StarABCDay: He is inspiring, kind, shy and the most hard working person I've ever met.

Question: To Vanessa: how long does it take to memorize your lines? Where do memorize line?

StarABCDay: I memorize my lines very quickly. It's the work underneath the lines that take a long

StarABCDay: time.

Question: are there any characters that you would like to have a storyline with?

StarABCDay: Yes. I would love to have a storyline with Reginald!

Question: We have a GH chat every Sunday night at 8 PM EST in the GH Chat

Room. Last night, many of

Question: the people present at the chat were happy to hear you were doing this today, but disappointed

Question: that they could not be here. They sent their highest regards.

StarABCDay: Thanks!

Question: The real question is.... who is taller? You or Maurice?

StarABCDay: Maurice.

Question: What is your favorite story line so far?

StarABCDay: The one we're involved now - Brenda moving in with Sonny and their relationship becoming

StarABCDay: more realistic.

Question: Have you worked on any other Soap Operas?

StarABCDay: No, GH is my first.

Question: Vanessa, whats your sign?

StarABCDay: I'm a Libra.

Question: I heard a rumor that you once dated Bryan Datillo from "Days". Is that true? If so, what

Question: was he like?

StarABCDay: We're just friends.

Question: Can you give us a sneek preview of what is up for Brenda and Sonny?

Y'all are great

Question: together by the way.

StarABCDay: Lots of turmoil ahead. Keep watching!

Question: what are your hobbies

StarABCDay: I like to read, work out and go snowboarding and studying the Big Book.

Question: I saw you on Regis & kathi lee this morn, you mentioned a dog, what kind?

StarABCDay: It's a Yorkie. Her name is Woof.

StarABCDay: We have time for one more question....

Question: What is your most memerable GH experiance?

StarABCDay: My most memorable GH experince was shooting the scenes with Maurice and having

StarABCDay: Shelley Curtis direct in Puerto Rico.

StarABCDay: Thanks for joing me today. It was lots of fun and I hope to make it back to cyberspace

StarABCDay: in the future!

StarABCDay: Thanks everyone!