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“GH’s Brenda tells Sonny She’ll be his Mistress”

Despite his best efforts to live up to his promise to be Lily’s faithful and loving husband, Sonny can no longer deny his true feelings for Brenda. This week on General Hospital, unable to stay away from each other, the two manage to steal some private, passionate moments that, as it turns out, are not all that private. The change in Sonny’s attitude means that Brenda is finally making significant headway in her obsessive plan to win him back. However, she makes one more move to ensure that they will be together: She tells Sonny she’s willing to be his mistress.

“Being with Lily is just like, in reality, being in a relationship where you don’t really love the person but you stick it out,” explains Maurice Benard (Sonny). “But there comes a point in your mind when you’re going ‘This is not right. This is wrong’ I think that’s where Sonny is at right now, and the more the person he loves comes around, the harder it is for him to fight it.”

The circumstances of his and Lily’s marriage make Sonny’s choice virtually impossible: He promised to Lily’s mob-boss father he’d marry her in order to stay out of jail. “He also feels like he owes it to Lily to stick it out,” Benard adds. “Maybe if Brenda wasn’t around, if they moved somewhere - but eventually the lack of love gets to you. You can’t run from your heart.”

Obviously, Brenda has no intention of being out of Sonny’s sight or mind. Benard says Sonny is genuinely touched by her offer to be his mistress, because it shows the depth of her feeling for him, but he doesn’t think taking her up on her offer is the best solution for their situation. “That’s what Sonny thinks,” he says with a laugh, “but in my mind, Maurice, I think she’s out of her mind. He could do that, but morally it’s not right. But he’s shown he doesn’t have any morals. He could do that, but then, because he’s married, under oath and all that, he’ll feel like that’s a big no-no. But he could lie through his teeth to people, which is not great, and he could have people almost die. Anything that has to do with business is what it is, but the family is this other part they live, and they honor this. Plus, if Sonny leaves Lily -- even if she gives him the out -- her father is going to kill him. Obviously, her father is bigger than Sonny, because if he wasn’t he’d be dead already. It’s very tricky.”