Soap Opera News: GH'S One Last Sweet Kiss. (June, 1998)

When GH's Sonny Corinthos finally saw Brenda Barrett again after so many lonely months apart, he told his friend, Jason Morgan, "I'm going to love Brenda forever." We already knew that. When Sonny left Brenda at the altar last fall, it was with tears in his eyes and regret in his heart. We watched Brenda grieve, doubting all the love she'd felt since she was 18 years old, have a nervous breakdown, then slowly put her life back together. We didn't see Sonny, but knew he was out there somewhere, stoically moving on with his life.

When Sonny returned to PC, it was to warn Jason of impending danger, not to see Brenda. While he let the voice-mail machine pick up other phone calls, something made Sonny answer when Brenda called the penthouse to speak to Robin. Sonny didn't even say hello, but the connection that had always bound them together somehow told Brenda that the silence meant her lost love was on the other end. When Brenda arrived at the penthouse, there was a moment of pure electricity when the two locked eyes for the first time in so long. Brenda had come not just to make peace with Sonny, but peace with herself. After months of torture, she finally knew: Her life with Sonny was much more to him than just "a great ride." They reminisced about the good times, but also remembered the bad. They didn't deny their love, but also admitted that people can't always have who and want they want. Sonny told Brenda he'd left because he didn't want his mob ties to destroy her life as it had destroyed his first wife, Lily. And Brenda told Sonny that she finally realized she could live without him. Then they kissed a sweet kiss, and Brenda was the one who was able to say good-bye.

"We were so beautiful, weren't we?" Brenda asked Sonny that day. Yes, they were. They were one of the most beautiful couples daytime has ever seen, physically and emotionally, and they gave us a beautiful moment to remember when they brought closure to one chapter in their relationship.