Soap Opera News: 25 Happiest Moments (June, 1998)

Sonny tells Brenda he loves her.

Brenda Barrett was looking for those three little words,which Sonny Corinthos was so reluctant to say.Tired of running back and forth between Sonny's apartment and her home at the Quartermaine mansion,she suggested moving in with her paramour.Fearing Brenda would learn he was still involved with the mob.Sonny immediately said no but Brenda gave him an ultimatum:She would call off their relationship if he didn't commit.Sonny didn't like getting an ultimatum and Brenda finally realized he was scared to say those committing words.Nonetheless she was prepared to walk out of his life forever.Just as the one good thing Sonny ever had was about to leave,he told her that she could move in.That was enough for Brenda for the moment,but just when she least except it,she got the icing on the cake.Sonny looked in her eyes and surprised her with those three little words- "I love you". In the end,things didn't work out for the two but at the moment,happiness was all theirs.