Soap Opera Weekly: Mailbag (June, 1998)

General Hospital again got the most mail, but instead of griping about Katherine's death, this week readers took issue with the show for Sonny's "anticlimactic" return. "I am so happy that Maurice Benard has returned to GH, but I am not at all happy with the way he has been underused," T. Taylor of Alabama writes. "Sonny and Brenda deserved more airtime. When he leaves, I will be checking back out of GH with him. But I love his new look and his new muscles. Maurice, you're looking good!" A reader from Chicago says, "The return of Sonny was a very anticipated event. Let me tell you what a disappointing comeback it has been! Last time I checked, when somebody does something to save someone's life, he is called a hero, not a coward or a 'sick and twisted' person. Sonny and Brenda's reunion was very cold."

E. Benard (no relation) adds, "if head writer Robert Guza Jr. thought he was putting an end to S&B, he has sorely misjudged the power of this duo. S&B will always have it over j&b; it's no contest. It's so obvious that Sonny and Brenda belong together, forever!"