Soap Opera Magazine: Rewind S&B's Reunion (July, 1998)

Sonny and Brenda's reunion of GH [Rewind] We haven't seen Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) sink her teeth into much solid story lately -- aside from her chasing jax. But that changed with one word: Sonny. Sparks flew the minute Sonny and Brenda saw each other for the first time since he left her at the altar. While Brenda knew in her heart that Sonny had left to protect her and had all but forgiven him for it, she needed face-to-face closure and arrived at the penthouse to get it. No words, just a single teardrop from Brenda's eye when Sonny wished her happiness was all we needed to once again be entranced by the couple's chemistry. After their lips met for a tender kiss goodbye, Brenda left the penthouse, and Marcil gave us the Brenda viewers love and miss -- in all her strength, dignity and poise. We know this was the "closure" Brenda supposedly needed, but it sure didn't look to us like it's over for this once- great couple.