Soap Opera Digest: Hot Spots (February 17, 1998)

Who was Hot-To-Trot: Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos.

Love Location: Seeking revenge for Lily's death, mob henchman Harry Silver trapped Sonny and Brenda in the catacombs, intending to bury them alive. Instead, Harry bit the bullet (Sonny shot him), then detonated explosives before he expired. In the now-collasped cavern, pill-addicted Brenda and claustrophobic Sonny turned to each other.

Move over, cupid: The sexual tension had long been simmering between these estranged lovebirds, and the chance to spend eternity in each other's arms (they believed they would suffocate in the trap) was just too hard to pass up. They made amends, then made love.

Was it good for you? While the actual act was allowed to be played out in all its pent up, uninterrupted glory, Sonny and Brenda's plans for spending eternity together got blown out of the water when Mac, Jac, et. al., showed up to rescue the twosome from their tomb.

After the Fact: Brenda went back to Jax, but she and Sonny still had a thang for each other. Brenda tried to tell Jax about her transgression, but he pulled a don't-ask-don't-tell and let her slide. Too bad Jax's vengeful ex, Miranda, couldn't do the same. She learned of Brenda's little tryst and spilled her guts to Jax. Brenda went on to reunite with Sonny, only to be jilted by him months later.

About Place: Though S&B cherished their catacomb clinch, they never revisited this special place. Falling stalactite can be such a turnoff.